Mysteries Among Us – September 29, 2021

Please join us with authors Marie Wishert, Beth Roose, and Rony Kessler.


Marie Wishert, author of “Ignite” – What good is a finish line if you never experience the route along the way? That’s the question plaguing Ruby Carlson, an impulsive young woman chronicling her premature existential crisis. A runner through and through, Ruby spent her formative years sprinting toward the proverbial finish line of financial independence and the promise of the free-spirited woman she longed to become. But when an unexpected pregnancy results in her transition to the role of mother and provider, Ruby has to stifle her non-traditional self to play the role of a stable, Midwestern family wife. The years melt away, and on the outside, it appears Ruby is settled and happy. Yet behind the façade is a woman still clinging to that promise of true freedom. When confronted by a dire longing for the passion and dreams she shed to fortify her family’s way of life, what will she do to survive?



Beth Roose, author of “White House Code: Forest Guardian Chronicles” – When the fate of humanity hangs in the balance, clearly desperate times call for desperate measures! This is where King Arthur’s wizard advisor Merlin and his friend Morgan enter the picture. Merlin needs all of his attributes as a Bigfoot, shapeshifter and immortal to enlist the aid of his friend Morgan to bring the Planetary Protection System online as the star Betelgeuse in the Orion system faces an imminent supernova. Using clues found in the White House china patterns, Morgan must decipher the proper activation sequence by following the prompts that lead him to the pyramids at Giza in Egypt and Teotihuacan in Mexico as well as the Siberian Valley of Death Cauldrons. This is a race against the clock that must be won to prevent the extinction of humanity – and the clock is ticking faster every second!


Rony Kessler, author of “The Mystery of the Bedouin Girl: And Rachel’s Gifts” – Rachel, the heroine introduced in “The Mysterious Animal Soup and Rachel’s Gifts”, returns in this story of suspense, friendship and discovery. Rachel’s Friend Samira, a Bedouin girl, is struggling in a strict and hard life. Rachel and her family become an important part of her life. Rony Kessler returns to his birth Country Israel for this chapter of Rachel’s story, which makes “The Mysterious of the Bedouin Girl and Rachel’s Gifts” a compelling story of two teenagers’ lives and their families.



Self Reflection – August 25, 2021

Please join us with authors Tanaya Kollipara, Ellis Goodman, and Debbie Roppolo.

Tanaya Kollipara, author of “Stigma: Breaking the Asian American Silence on Mental Health” – Suicide is the leading cause of death among Asian Americans ages fifteen to twenty-four. But most would never guess this due to mainstream representations, which portray Asian American and Pacific Islander groups as “model minorities” in health, wealth, and mannerisms. Stigma: Breaking the Asian American Silence on Mental Health is both a narrative account and an informative look into the world of AAPI mental health. Exposing harmful narratives, while uplifting their voices and experiences, Tanaya Kollipara sets out to bring to light how the Asian/Pacific Islander identity impacts the stigma experienced and barriers faced by those with mental illness. Weaving together stories with research and professional advice, Stigma dispels the myths and reveals the truths about mental health and mental illness within the AAPI community. Tanaya shows what happens when fear and cultural stigmas obstruct your ability to care for yourself— and, more importantly, what’s waiting on the other side, when you take that step towards mental wellness. 


Ellis Goodman, author of “Bookends: Short Stories from a Long Life” – A collection of ten international stories covering a period of sixty years from the mid-twentieth century that explore human behavior in the face of remarkably unexpected circumstances. The subjects of each story find themselves faced with obstacles ranging from bearing witness to murder to the complications of greed and class superiority. Every day, normal events can quickly turn to loss, love, grief, or even relief, but it is our responses to such changes that allow us to embrace the humanity within us all.


Debbie Roppolo, author of “If a Chicken Could Shop” – If chickens could shop, would they buy a cute top? Perhaps they’d be content with a broom or a mop. Step into imagination and take a shopping trip with a chicken. Learn interesting facts as your imagination strolls through the pages of the book and wonder “What IF a chicken could shop?”






True Identity – August 11, 2021

Meet authors Raymond Klein, author of “Interstellar Police Force, Book One: The Historic Mission” and Mark Stallings, author of “The Elements: The Silver Coin Saga”


Raymond Klein, author of “The Interstellar Police Force, Book One: The Historic Mission” – When the frantic communication from the Prison Transfer vehicle 964 came into the Interstellar Police Force headquarters on the planet Ashlar, they knew that Prodor Moffit was making his break. By the time they got to the last known position of the transfer vehicle, Moffit and the other prisoners on board the commandeered 964 were long gone into that black vacuum of space. The search went on for months until they stumbled upon their destination. A little-known world called Earth. The mission to recapture the prisoners was by no means a simple one. The two IPF agents given this task must travel to the distant world and land unbeknownst to the humans. And being that they are alien in appearance, they have to replicate themselves to appear human, so they can blend in. The commander’s replication succeeds, but due to a computer glitch, his partner is replicated into a Doberman Pinscher. With help from a young Earth girl who unwittingly discovers their true identities, the mission to re-capture Prodor Moffit and the other prisoners is on.


Mark Stallings, author of “The Elements: The Silver Coin Saga” – Xan always assumed he would be apprenticed to an herbalist in the sleepy village of Mogu and follow the Path of Peace, just like his father before him. It is the way—has always been the way. But when his village is sacked by a raiding force of vicious monsters, corrupted by dark Qi, life as Xan knows it is over. Family dead. Villagers slain. His home burnt to ash. Now, all Xan wants to do is figure out why his people were targeted and get revenge on the merciless creatures sweeping across the continent like a plague of locusts. Spreading their vile corruption. His only hope at salvation and retribution lies in the Valley of the Moon, at the fabled Xing Yi School of Martial Magic. If he is to succeed, he will need to learn to cultivate the energy of the elements, hone his martial and crafting skills, and complete the school’s harsh tests and trials. It will take more than a passing grade at this school, though, and not all that fail survive the experience.







Raymond Klein, author of “The Interstellar Police Force”

Mark Stallings, author of “The Animals”


Raising Awareness – August 4, 2021

Meet Joel Salomon and Mollie Singh, authors of “Infinite Love and Money: Find Balance, Love, and Financial Freedom with this Practical Guide for Couples,” John Foster, author of “Rooster” and Ellen Gottlieb, author of “How to Raise a Parent.”

Joel Salomon and Mollie Singh, authors of “Infinite Love and Money: Find Balance, Love, and Financial Freedom with this Practical Guide for Couples” – Infinite Love and Money is a guide for couples to connect with love, and together create a path for financial freedom. Mollie and Joel bring their expertise of love and money respectively, to help lovers connect at a deeper level. Reading this book will help you understand each other’s financial backgrounds and money personality types. It will dive deep into the emotions surrounding money and finances as well as your dreams and desires. This coupled with some pragmatic ideas on how to handle your finances, celebrate your differences and recover from your conflicts makes this the perfect guide for any couple at any point in their financial journey.



John Foster, author of “Rooster” – John Gallo is a professional hitman with a history that’s spattered in blood and littered with bodies. Known in the criminal underworld as Rooster, Gallo is an assassin suffering from mental illness and constantly battling the black dog of depression that stalks him. When able to crawl out of his downward spiral and throw himself into the job, he’s a proficient, stealthy, and unforgiving killer. A relentless wheeler-dealer in the game of death. But now he finds there’s a price on his head. A vendetta that could have been placed by anyone in the gangland underground. And everyone wants to collect. From two-bit street punks to the highest echelons of organized crime. The Mafia. Yakuza. Russians. Chinese. Every crime syndicate that’s ever been on the bullet-end of his gun is now taking aim at him, intent on ending the reign of the Rooster. After making a fast break from New York with a young actress rescued from certain death at the hands of the Chinese mob, Rooster is on the run and headed to his native Boston and promised refuge with his on-again, off-again criminal associate Grace. He quickly learns Beantown’s dark underbelly is only interested in welcoming Rooster home so thugs and gangsters can line up to seize the prize that is his head.


Ellen Gottlieb, author of “How to Raise a Parent: Becoming a Conscious Parent in an Unconscious World” – Author and founder of Enlightened Parenting, Ellen Gottlieb, has written a practical, easy-to-read guide to conscious parenting. This book will help you heighten your awareness so that you can raise your children to be self-confident, successful, and joyful. Through clear principles, instructive vignettes, and useful tools, you will learn how to parent your children with greater ease, connection, and authenticity. By reading this book, you will learn to raise yourself first, become aware of your emotional landscape, and clear the path for your child to thrive. 






Good Vs. Evil – July 21, 2021

Join us with authors Glen Dahlgren and C.T. Phipps.

Glen Dahlgren, author of “The Child of Chaos” – An irresistible longing drags young Galen to an ancient vault where, long ago, the gods of Order locked Chaos away. Chaos promises power to the one destined to liberate it, but Galen’s dreams warn of dark consequences. He isn’t the only one racing to the vault, however. Horace, the bully who lives to torment Galen, is determined to unleash Chaos–and he might know how to do it. Galen’s imagination always got him into trouble, but now it may be the only thing that can prevent Horace from unraveling the world.



C.T. Phipps, author of “The Tournament of Supervillainy” – Gary Karkofsky a.k.a Merciless the Supervillain without MercyTM is presently the most disliked supervillain in the world. Superheroes don’t want to just throw him in jail, they want to deliver an epic beat down for ending their golden age by killing Merciful the Superhero with MercyTM. His fellow supervillains aren’t much better, either jealous of his success or loathing him for all the other baddies he’s killed. Also, what’s up with his wife Mandy? She’s been acting extra-strange since getting her soul back (long story). That’s when Gary receives an invitation to the Primal Fighting Tournament—an interdimensional contest involving all the universe’s greatest warriors. The prize? A wish with no limitations. Gary can finally get on that world domination thing he’s been putting off. Unfortunately, Gary is competing against good and evil way above his league. Not only Gabrielle Anders a.k.a Ultragoddess, his former fiancé but Entropicus the Space God of Evil. Thankfully, Gary has allies from unexpected sources including Jane Doe, the protagonist of I was a Teenage Weredeer, G from Agent G, and Cassius Mass from Lucifer’s Star.




Life Is An Adventure – July 14, 2021

Join us with authors Diana Paul and Margreit Maitland.

Diana Paul, author of “Things Unsaid” – Inspired by a true story about mothers, daughters, and impossible choices—Jules Foster, a child psychologist, upon hearing news of her estranged, narcissistic mother’s terminal diagnosis, chooses to care for her mother over her own daughter, only to find out she has been betrayed all along. Things Unsaid asks us to consider what children owe their aging parents and siblings.

Bookclub Favorite Winner of New Adult Fiction—Beverly Hills Book Awards for 2016 Winner of the 2016 SILVER Medal for Best Fiction in Drama from Readers Favorites Finalist USA Best Books Awards 2016 in Literary Fiction and in New Fiction




Margreit Maitland, author of “The Runaway at Sea Series” – Thrilling twists and turns surround Robert and Michael as they continue their adventures around the world’s oceans. Aboard a whaling vessel with their family of shipmates, a perilous hunt causes the death of a beloved friend and it is the catalyst for the boys renewing their vow to get to America. On a remote exotic island, the boys hunt for wild boar and become immersed in the exotic life of the natives and missionaries. Robert falls for a beautiful young girl and his heart breaks when he has to leave. A raging storm puts the whaler in jeopardy and the boys barely escape. The fate of the ship is unknown but they are rescued and soon find out they are on their way to war. A battle ensues and Robert is gravely injured. Unexpected events make his long-sought-after destiny uncertain and he has no idea how or if he will ever be able to find America.




Matters of the Heart – July 7, 2021

Join us with authors Barbara Spinelli, Eileen Resta, and Ellis Goodman.

Barbara Spinelli, author of “The Letters: Memoir of Love, Loss and Restoration” – The Letters is much more than a compelling love story. It is an intimate view into a woman’s mind and heart and a soldier’s life through his correspondence during the Vietnam War. The author believes she has securely put aside her grief from the loss of a man she was to marry so long ago, only to have it re-emerge as a result of a chance meeting linking her to the past. Retrieving the letters takes her back to the beginning, uncovering the layers of love, pain, and insight resulting from rediscovering a love so potent that it has lasted a lifetime and beyond. It upholds the belief that life exists outside of our physical being, that deep love never dies and although there are circumstances we may not understand, there is a cosmic thread running through our lives.


Eileen Resta, author of “I’ll Wait For You: An Adoption Memoir” – A search … a phone call … a journey home. Join author Eileen Mary Coyne Resta—née Marie Monique Comtois—as she discovers the family she never knew, and the mother who never gave up hope.


Melissa Face, author of “I Love You More Than Coffee” – Are you trying to balance raising a family with maintaining your own identity? Have you ever been so exhausted that you showed up to a meeting carrying your baby’s diaper bag instead of your briefcase? In her debut collection, I Love You More Than Coffee, Melissa Face writes about the emotions we all experience as parents: anticipation, joy, fear, guilt, and worry. Whether you are a new or seasoned parent, you will find common ground in Melissa’s heartfelt, humorous, and authentic stories of her life with two young children. If you love coffee a lot and your kids (a little) more, this book is for you. Fill your mug with your favorite brew and settle in with I Love You More Than Coffee. A portion of proceeds will be donated to Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU.



Finding Resilience – June 30, 2021

Please join us with authors Zachary Pieper, Suvendu Tripathy, and Robert Williscroft.

Zachary Pieper, author of “The Garden of Lies” – Some lives are defined by a single choice. Selected at a young age to be trained as a warrior for an Empire he detests, Dalj, a wolf shifter, must rally his pack against heavy odds in the Festival of the Hunt. As Dalj plans his path to victory, he must navigate an unsteady alliance with a rival pack led by Amnis Lupine, the eldest daughter of a noble house; while also seeking to expose the foul play of his lifelong enemy, Aryan Anathema. To win the hunt, Dalj must take down the Behemoth of the plains, the Mighty Kerrapane before either of the other packs, or else he will never be awarded entry into the legendary Trial of War. However… Little does Dalj know, that while he hunts for glory, a rebellion plots in the shadows to overthrow the Shaman Empire; and they want Dalj’s help to do it. Approached for help by a mysterious girl named Angel, Dalj is asked to join The Forgotten, a rebellion of people immune to the mental manipulation of the shaman, who seek to expose the grand conspiracy the shaman have fed to the populace. They must find a way to awaken the brainwashed masses, and overcome the shaman’s godlike powers before they are eradicated. Will Dalj join them? Or will he succumb to darkness and mindlessly serve evil?

Suvendu Tripathy, author of “The Crepe Jasmines” – An exploration of the lives of people on the edge of society, their dreams, and their desires. A poor brahmin man from a remote village in Odisha treads the world of rural India as his academic pursuits lead him through the greatly changing times of the 1970s and 80s. From the life of the son of a small farmer to the fast-paced, big city life of a college student, Partha Sarathi Panda comes face to face with the judgments of his religion, his economic status, and, eventually, of the society at large.



Robert Williscroft, author of “Slingshot: Building the Largest Machine in Human History (The Starchild Trilogy Book 1) – The setting is the day-after-tomorrow. Technology has advanced, the web is more pervasive than ever, but human ambition and greed remain unchanged. In Slingshot Alex Regent, Margo Jackson, and Klaus Blumenfeld reach for the stars as they blend their skills to create the world’s first space launch loop, backed by major software money. Environmental fanatic Lars Watson with his team of young eco-terrorists is funded by opposing international interests, who will go to any length to halt the project. Reporter Lori Kutcher indiscriminately applies her own personal skills to ensure it is she who reports the unfolding events to a watching world. With a cast of 69, Slingshot takes you from Seattle’s world financial district to the ocean bottom at 5,000 feet off Baker Island, to the edge of space 80 km above. You play with dolphins and battle sharks. You fly and sail and dive, you work and play and love across the vast panorama of an Equatorial Pacific being put to leash to serve humanity’s surge into outer space. While its accurate science and precise engineering will appeal to hard science-fiction buffs, Slingshot’s major focus is the grand journey, the opening of outer space to the common person by men and women who loom larger than life as they work, play, and love.





New Beginnings – June 23, 2021

Join us with authors Christina Hoag, Patrick LeClerc, and Grace Sammon.

Christina Hoag, author of “Skin of Tattoos” – When Cyco Lokos gang member Magdaleno (Mags) Argueta comes home to Los Angeles after serving prison time for a robbery, he wants nothing more than to start a new life. However, there’s one obstacle he has to overcome first…his old life. Mags tries to let go of his bitterness—he was framed by Rico, the new leader of the Cyco Lokos—and stay out of gang life for the sake of his Salvadoran immigrant family and his girlfriend Paloma, but trying to integrate into society after a stint in prison doesn’t come easily. Faced with low job prospects and Rico’s demands to help the Cyco Lokos make money, a broke and disillusioned Mags makes the only choice he can. However, Mags soon discovers that loyalties have shifted, including his, and being a part of the Cyco Lokos with Rico in charge is far more dangerous and uncertain than it used to be. With his sister pregnant by a rival gang member and his own relationship with Paloma, his best friend’s sister, a violation of gang code, Mags becomes caught in a web of secrets, revenge, lies, and murder that might ultimately cost him everything.


Patrick LeClerc, author of “Broken Crossroads: Knights of The Shadows Book 1” – The city of Laimrig, once a mighty hub of commerce and a seat of power sinks into corruption and decay. Slavers, crime lords, and corrupt officials hold sway while the ruling nobility wallows in decadence. War rages beyond the borders, while within rebellion simmers and sinister plots unfold. Trilisean is an acrobat-turned burglar. Conn is a jaded former mercenary. Against the background of deadly blades, subtle schemes, glittering treasures, dark sorceries and fell servants of forgotten gods, fate has thrown them together. Fate has a sense of humor. Broken Crossroads is a fast-paced, witty, swashbuckling modern pulp fantasy adventure in the tradition of Fritz Leiber and Robert E Howard.


Grace Sammon, author of “The Eves” – A multi-generational novel portraying lives lived well and lives in transition. Filled with poignancy and humor, The Eves captures the conversations we wish we had had with our parents, if we had taken the opportunity, and the lessons we would want to impart to our children if they were ready to listen. Told through the voice of the psychologically complex Jessica Barnet, this is her story. As the primary witness in a messy trial, she has been torn from the foundation of her existence–her connection to her children. With a partially finished doctoral degree, and incomplete renovations on her Washington, DC row house, she has let go of her ambitions and her appearance, but not her vodka or her sense of loss and guilt. When Jessica meets five diverse, determined, and sometimes ditzy old women living in a sustainable community everything and everybody changes. Through plot twists and turns that cover three continents, we learn the truth of Jessica’s life and lies just as we fall in love with the vividly drawn characters and the vibrantly described settings.



Dangers Lurking – June 16, 2021

Please join us with authors John Coon, and Katharine Wibell.

John Coon, author of “Alien People: Alien People Chronicles Book 1” – Calandra Menankar dreams of becoming her planet’s top astronomer. So when a probe from a place called Earth rockets into her solar system, she’s determined to uncover its secrets. And when the foreign craft transmits a message of peace, Calandra secures permission to voyage to the unknown orb despite brittle bones that could make space travel fatal. Teaming up with her boyfriend pilot, Xttra Oogan, the two cross the stars towards the mysterious blue-green globe unaware one of their crew hides a sinister agenda. And when they translate the Earthian communications, Calandra and Xttra fear the probe may have led them into a deathtrap far from home. Will traversing the Milky Way to a dangerous, new planet make both explorers wish they never left home?



Katharine Wibell, author of “The Twelve Tasks” – The precarious balance between two opposing forces has begun to shift and threatens the very existence of life throughout the universe. Only the Djed—the prophesied savior—has a chance of thwarting a catastrophe that could destroy the cosmos. And the next Djed is predicted to be a child of Earth. Katie awakens on a world far from her own, a world bound in magic, one of twelve that hosts entities of vast power and might. She is suspected to be that savior. However, to be acclaimed Djed, difficult and dangerous tasks, one on each of the magicked worlds, must be completed. Katie and a menagerie of misfit companions—a precocious witch, a half-blood elf, and a humanoid pup—work together to discover her fate. If proven true, a terrible burden will be placed upon her, one that will link her destiny with war, a war led by a thirteen-year-old girl.