Overcoming Obstacles – March 10, 2021

Join us with authors Christiane Joy Allison and Susan Menchell.

Christiane Joy Allison, author of “Infinitus: The Infinitus Saga Book 1” – The Global Fellowship rescued the Earth from the chaos of hundreds of nations at war. Now, united in peace, all Community citizens have free access to food, housing, education, and medical care. In return, for a few hours a day, they contribute their brainpower to the worldwide computer system known as the GRID. Those who don’t contribute are the disconnected, shirkers who live destitutely and on the edge of starvation in a world where GRIDcoin is beyond their reach. Gina Mallorey is a young freedom-loving tech dealer living in the Dregs on her own terms, hiding her disability from the Community. When an explosion forces her into the GRID, powerful forces make her a target. The Community operative sent after her hides a genetic secret of his own, but only time will tell if he’ll choose to befriend or foe.



Susan Menchell, author of “Lucky the Starfish” – As a sister to a mentally retarded older brother I felt different from other kids. This book comes out of my resolutions that differences aren’t always a bad thing. Lucky The Starfish finds that his differences are a good thing.Living in New York and having worked for 36 years as a registered nurse, I have experienced countless events in my life and career, making house calls to the elderly, working in shut-in environments, and caring for people after surgery.


The Battle of Good Against Evil – March 3, 2021

Join us with authors William David Ellis, PD Alleva, and Patricia Simpson.

William David Ellis, author of “Sherlock Holmes Series: Angels, Saints & Sinners” – Sherlock Holmes has entered the door of the supernatural. His associates are paranormal. He and Dr. Watson have braved ancient worlds and found them pleasant, and dangerous, and as always full of mysteries and evil that draws him. It will take every gift he has, all his deductive powers, and more to survive the evil that has targeted him. In the process his new friends will become family and the forces that oppose him will find themselves caught in the crosshairs of those who protect the great sleuth and that fit right well with London’s most famous detective.


PD Alleva, author of “The Rose Vol. 1: A Dystopian Science Fiction Thriller” – Sandy Cox believed WW3 was over. But for those Alien Vampires, war has just begun. Forty-eight hours after a World War 3 treaty is signed Sandy Cox awakens in an underground compound unable to move. Tied to machines, she screams for help but no one answers. At least no one human.  And they’ve taken her unborn child. Phil is a rebel freedom fighter who has had more than his share of Alien Vampires. Armed with The Blades, a sacred alien martial arts weapon, he enters the compound on a mission to find Sandy. But as he battles through the compound, Phil discovers Sandy has her own agenda. Finding her stolen child is all that matters.  But the Vampires have their own plan and Sandy’s baby is at the heart of their diabolical plot.  Joined by a crew of rogue soldiers, they must navigate the underground compound, combating genetically mutated humans, aliens, and monsters.  When battling Alien Vampires, one thing is certain…Get Ready To Bleed!


Patricia Simpson, author of “Apothecary: The Londo Chronicles Book 1” – In this riveting gothic romance, Joanna’s vow to protect her wayward sister leads to a hellish secret and a man who will shatter her world. Joanna Wilder’s vow to protect her younger sister is put to the test when Eva vanishes five days before her government-arranged marriage. She is afraid that Eva has run away with her forbidden lover—or worse—has disappeared into the darkness of Londo City, never to be seen again. Joanna ventures into the night, violating curfew and risking everything to search for her sister. Pressed into insurrection by the upcoming wedding, Eva’s boyfriend decides to blow up the Central Compound of Londo City. The explosion rocks Londo, and the ensuing rioters trample Joanna in the street. She drags herself to the clinic of Dr. Gabriel Stone—the only man who can save her life and the last person to see her sister alive. What Gabriel does to keep Joanna from dying is something he can never reveal without breaking his own vow, made to his powerful brother, the leader of Londo City. But the more Gabriel learns of courageous Joanna Wilder, the more he longs to tell her everything. As Londo City descends into chaos for the first time in 500 years, Joanna and Gabriel discover their long-held loyalties shifting—in ways that will transform them forever.





Seeking the Truth – February 24, 2021

Please join us with authors Erin Hatzikostas, Tanya Ross, and Rev Joanne Angel Barry Colon.

Erin Hatzikostas, author of “You Do You(ish): Unleash Your Authentic Superpowers to Get the Career You Deserve” – You got the best grades, you’re never afraid of a challenge, and you work your frickin’ a$$ off at work. But… Something just isn’t right. The pressure, the politics, and the PowerPoints have left you perplexed, paralyzed, and maybe even panicked…“Is it actually possible to have the career I want and deserve?!” Former corporate CEO turned Professional Pot-Stirrer, Erin Hatzikostas is on a hell-bent mission to help you have the big career you deserve, without compromising everything else. You Do You(ish) hurls aside the crusty, decades-old career advice you’ve likely heard for way too long: lean in, executive presence, network, blah, blah, blah. Instead, this book will help you see that there’s a better way to have success and get great results. You succeed, you don’t sell out. You Do You(ish) will take you on a roller-coaster ride that will have you go deep, say “aha”, and possibly tinkle a little while laughing. The book is whimsical and inspiring, yet also grounded in Erin’s proprietary H.U.M.A.N.S. framework – Six Principles of Strategic Authenticity.


TEDx Talk, “Why you don’t have to compromise for your career


Tanya Ross, author of “Rising Up” – Sixteen-year-old empath Ember Vinata is devastated by her mother’s mysterious death. But in a disease-free domed metropolis where happiness is electronically monitored and enforced, expressing her grief means exile to The Outside. The only person who can help her is a smoking-hot government agent. When strange prophetic dreams compel her to investigate, and she discovers the source of the fatal illness, Ember is stunned to discover the perfect city in which she lives is nothing like it seems.  And when her new boyfriend appears to be torn between seeking justice and remaining loyal to his oaths, she fears there is no one she can trust…Or would her world be rocked by a criminal from The Outside? Ember’s quest for the truth could set her free – or make her a captive pawn.



Rev Joanne Angel Barry Colon, author of “Healing With Numbers” – A fun and empowering book that offers a different way of looking at numbers. Did you know that every number has a meaning, vibration, and frequency and your birth date can give you insight into all your life events while healing relationships, health, career, money and so much more.



Survival Instincts – February 17, 2021

Join us with authors Margot Martin, Nikki Nelson-Hicks, and Scott Kimak.

Margot Martin, author of “Human Resources” – Set in the worlds of TV broadcasting and pro baseball in the ’80s and early ’90s in NYC and LA. As a 30-year leadership executive in broadcast, Margot Martin knows her world. In the vein of The Firm which exposed how legal firms operate and Wolf of Wall Street that exposed the vagaries of the big brokerages, the majority of this carefully crafted novel delves into the reality of life inside a major market TV station in LA during 1994. The story is about a manipulative and controlling boss who has zero boundaries in his quest for dominance of all in his domain. At the center of this blistering indictment of power gone awry is a spinning out of control love triangle between a black LA Dodger All-Star center fielder, a stunning white female reporter who is his fiancée, and the handsome late news anchor who falls madly in love with her and risks everything to have her. As their relationship becomes public the fury of the general manager knows no bounds. Lives are lost. Lives are ruined. And nothing will ever be the same again. This novel is not only a wild and very emotional rollercoaster of a ride but a character study of the abuse of power and ivory tower racism and sexism that still exists today. Very relevant to all going on in our world today.


Nikki Nelson- Hicks, author of “The Jake Istenhegyi Series” – WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF JAKE ISTENHEGYI, THE ACCIDENTAL DETECTIVE. In this volume, you’ll be immersed in a world where ghosts are real, an undead Voodoo Queen wants you dead and the swamp holds friends and foes. Oh, and zombie chickens.

Book 1: A Chick a Dick and a Witch Walk into a Barn –
An envelope of money and a case to find a love lost scion leads Bear Gunn to a shack in the swamp where he disappears. Jake Istenhegyi, landlord and Bear’s part-time partner in crime must find out what happened before the bodies pile up.

Book 2: Golems, Goons, and Stone Cold Bitches
A beautiful dame lies dead at the foot of the stairs and a mysterious package that everyone is willing to shed blood over. A typical day at the Barrington Gunn Detective Agency. With a twist. Not everyone is human.

Book 3: Boodaddies, Bogs and a Dead Man’s Booty
A chance to get out of debt to the shady owners of the Odyssey Shop offers freedom to Jake Istenhegyi. If he can survive.


Scott Kimak, author of “I Call Him HIM: A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Thriller” – In a post-apocalyptic world, a warrior and his family are driven underground, fighting for their very survival. When they do emerge, the futuristic planet they discover is very different from the one they left behind. Ruled by an evil presence that dominates and controls what is left of mankind, Earth has been reduced to a violent place of darkness, grief, and destruction. “I call him HIM” follows the journey of this unnamed warrior as he loses both his family and his mind. As he hits rock bottom, all he can think of is his insatiable yearning for revenge until he meets a young girl called Angelica who shows him the true power of faith. Her youth, innocence, and strength of character remind him of everything he has lost and the things which really matter. But as the armies of the world rise up for the ultimate battle of good versus evil, can Angelica help him regain his sanity and rediscover himself before it is too late?



Special Edition February 12, 2021 – “Between the Covers” – Larry Bloom and His Theatre Group Finish Reading of “Fierce Resistance”

Join us on this Special Edition of “Between the Covers”! In the 1930s and 1940s Jewish men and women served as a “fierce resistance” fighting the British government that had mandated Palestine. These resistance fighters fought for a cause in which they truly believed: a free and independent Israel at peace. This novel salutes those “fierce” resistance fighters and their indomitable spirit. Join us as Larry and his theatrical troupe finish the reading of “Fierce Resistance” and hear the thrilling tale come to a conclusion! Listen now on Captivate! https://player.captivate.fm/episode/18f0cd3b-ff7d-4eec-a0fc-f343732829f4 You can buy Larry Bloom’s novel “Fierce Resistance” on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Fierce-Resistance-Lawrence-Bloom/dp/195285911


Finding Peace – February 10, 2021

Please join us with authors Debra O’Fee, Gloria Drewitz, and William Schumpert.

Debra O’Fee, author of “I’m Sorry Jimmy Muscle: Why My Son With Autism Wanders” – When we first received my son’s autism diagnosis we were trying to settle into our new lives. Most important was looking into all the therapies that would help him learn how to communicate with us. It was such a new scary world. It was the first time we were being introduced to our school district and we were instantly put in a position to work closely with them on a subject that we knew nothing about but had just become the most important focus of our lives. A lot of children with autism have a lot of sensory issues; my son was one of them. We had many upsetting experiences, in the beginning, helping him cope with them. Many meltdowns and embarrassing scenes in public. Dealing with the judgmental stares of non-understanding people. Just when I felt so overwhelmed, exhausted, and not able to handle another thing, my son went missing for a short period of time. We figured out he is an eloper (48% of children with autism are). My son who seemed to be disinterested and not able to focus on most things was calculating and strategizing in one area: removing himself from situations he did not feel comfortable in. If I thought things were hard before, his eloping would have us not even able to get sleep at night. The theme of our lives had become trying to keep one step ahead of his beautiful creative mind. This is our story.


Gloria Drewitz, author of “Restora Hypnosis: A Faith-Based Journey for Spiritual Wholeness” – This book will reconnect you to divine truth, and provide a solid foundation for finding peace, wholeness, and fulfillment in a world of uncertainty and chaos. The book takes you through a spiritual and psychological inner healing process that will resonate with your being’s deepest core. The ultimate self-help book if you’re seeking freedom from self-deception. This book will be your companion on the road to the life that God intended for you. The book gives you access to real power and a new blueprint for rebuilding your life.  If you’re seeking the courage to face a new chapter in your life or trying to gain a fresh perspective on life itself, this book will give you specific guidance from ancient wisdom that has become relatively obscure in modern society. It will plant the seeds and provide the framework for the transformation of both soul and spirit.

William Schumpert, author of “The Lakeside” – Matt was always fond of River Falls after leaving to live in the city. Eager to visit the countryside he grew up in he drove in anticipation to his old home by the lake, yet he finds that his old home is not what it used to be. Haunted by a bizarre atmosphere and mysterious creatures in the very bellows of Hell, all while a child’s life hangs on the balance of intricate madness- “But that shadow- that foreboding presence… As hard as I tried I could not ignore its presence… there had to be an end to it! For God’s sake, there must be an end to this menacing chaos!”




A Journey of Discovery – February 3, 2021

Please join us with authors Elaine Donadio, Paul DiSclafani, and Samantha Evans.

Elaine Donadio, author of “March of the Blue Moon” – Eleven-year-old New York City boy Nestor Ramirez reunites with his father in Alaska on a journey of discovery, adventure, self-realization, and goal setting. With his good friend Kwan Min Park in tow, the boys visit the sites as they learn about the balance of nature and its precarious effects on the environment. Nestor finds role models to help him focus on GOALS – Go Out And Learn Something. In the end, Nestor’s self-esteem is raised to the point where even he likes himself.



Paul DiSclafani, author of “Burning Through the West Coast” –  Paul (Disco) DiSclafani, his cousin Sal (The Catman) and their friend Bruce (Mr. B) as he transports you back to those carefree days in the late ‘70’s, recalling a zany but true trip as they burned their way through Southern California and Arizona.

  • Stand next to them on the line as they use their New York attitudes to resolve car rental SNAFU’s, lost luggage, and useless hotel room vouchers.
  • Be part of The Tonight Show audience as Johnny burns them on National TV.
  • Spend a couple of foggy days in Arizona for a visit with their crazy friends, Felix and Kozshekka, as a flood of biblical proportions strands them across the street from the airport.
  • Travel down Arizona’s Salt River with our inebriated heroes as they hold on for dear life when their lazy float turns into a white-water disaster.
  • Experience the miracle of finding a bag of weed when they arrive in LA
  • Participate along with them in the “Pause that refreshes” every time they hear a Bruce Springsteen song

Burning Through the West Coast is a lighthearted romp, with original photographs from the trip and chapter illustrations by John Colquhoun, which will make you smile every time you turn the page. 6,000 Miles, 576 Beers, 4 states, 3 Guys from the East Coast, and a bag of weed. What could possibly go wrong?


Samantha Evans, author of “Ella” – Prince Liam of Derzeli believes differently in what honor means. King Breen, Liam’s father, and Cullen, Liam’s brother, believe that real greatness is achieved once they slay a dragon. Liam thinks that dragons are majestic and do not deserve to die. King Breen, Liam’s father, brings Liam along on an expedition to slay a dragon. On one of the nights of the journey, Liam rescued a dragon’s egg. Liam decides to care for it, and it hatches on Liam’s birthday. Tragedy strikes, which leads to Liam having to leave Derzeli, and Liam goes on the run with the help of Ella, the dragon. Ella helps him escape and runs to a barren wasteland, where he saw himself to becoming a hermit for the rest of his life. But due to an event happening with the help of a new friend and a childhood friend, Liam has no choice but to return home. He has to decide to run away from his destiny, or embrace it, the chance of a king.




Overcoming Obstacles – January 27, 2021

Please join us with authors Danielle Meggoe, Jasmine Tritten, and Greg Fields.

Danielle Meggoe,  author of “Female Minority Report” – The world is dancing to a different vibration. The mass awakening has begun, technology is excelling yet the social stigmas continue to brew. Where do we see ourselves fifty years from now? Have we created a world free of racism, sexism, and judgment? Or have we simply patched an illness that continues to infect our viral nation? This report details the journey and hardships of being a minority woman in corporate America. An in-depth view of how people of color are limited and stifled in their careers and day to day life. It uncovers the true experience of low representation and lack of support in the industries. Examples of how we should respect and treat our fellow staff regardless of our belief systems are planted throughout each chapter. As you dive deeper you will find ways that you can unlock doors of new opportunities and better communication. This book will challenge you to self-evaluate and expand your level of understanding as it relates to various cultures of the world. Allow this information to push you in a direction of recognizing the beauty of variety, accepting change, and addressing some of our embarrassing truths about race relations.


Jasmine Tritten, author of “On the Nile with a Dancing Dane” An adventurous travel memoir by award-winning author Jasmine Tritten, exploring the land of the pharaohs, overcoming challenges and obstacles while following her love for dance and the Egyptian culture. Filled with mystery and surprises. Original artwork and photos by the author.

Greg Fields, author of “Through the Waters and the Wild” – Haunted by lost loves and limping through a lifeless career, Conor Finnegan’s discontent mirrors the restlessness of his grandfather Liam, caught as a young man in the crossfire of the Irish Civil War. Drawing from Liam’s wisdom and courage, Conor seeks to reinvent his character and reclaim passions made numb by neglect and loss. Through the Waters and the Wild addresses the timeless questions, “Where shall I go now? What shall I do?”