An On-The-Air Book Launch – June 3, 2020

Join us with authors George Marzocchi for his exciting book launch,  Janet Metz Walter and Lonna  Hardin.


George Marzocchi, launching his book “Stained Glass”  – Oceanview, a quiet Hamlet on Long Island with white picket fences, manicured lawns, and little league. On the surface it appears that Oceanview is the idyllic American town. Beautiful sunrises, sunsets and ocean vistas, but like the ocean there’s an undercurrent. An undercurrent of murder, drugs and bribery.

Meet Detective Rodriguez, a DEA agent from Las Vegas. Some call him a loose cannon who walks a fine line between right and wrong. Detective Rodriguez is thrown into this ocean of organized crime, drug cartels and crooked cops. Will this ocean overwhelm him and pull him under or will he walk that fine line?  Will he use his wits and instinct to solve the case of his career or will he succumb to the forces against him?

When viewed through Stained Glass things aren’t always what they seem. The lines between right and wrong are blurred. Truth and lies merge into one and shatter your sense of what’s real.


Janet Metz Walter, author of “The 2 Carrot Ring and Other Fascinating Jewelry Stories” – It doesn’t often occur to people that jewelry has stories until you admire a piece of jewelry that someone else is wearing, and suddenly there is a story behind the jewelry. On the pages of this book are a lot of slices of life. You will get involved in the stories. They will make you laugh and they will make you cry. You will travel the world and travel back in history. And you might realize that you have some fascinating jewelry stories of your own!



Lonna Hardin, author of “Melody’s Song and The City of the Voice Snatchers” 

In this fantasy chapter books for kids, a fierce and feisty little girl sets out on a colorful adventure to find her true voice, save her city and overcome the evil Voice Snatchers. Fantasy books for kids age 5-7, fantasy books for kids age 8-10, and fantasy books for kids age 11-14 can be a great way to get kids innovative imaginations going.

The story teaches children how to find their voice, live their song, identify their passion and defeat the voice snatchers in their lives using music, message, and motivation. The book also teaches a valuable lesson about black history for kids.

Black history books for kids are missing one thing… current black history for kids. Children need to see books with black characters for kids that look like them still making history! A Black History Reader can get inspired through this culturally relevant, culturally responsive literature created to motivate children to become history makers and world changers! Black History Books or Black History Gifts For Kids will add even more value and meaning to your black history literature collection.

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The Resiliency of Love – May 27, 2020

Join us with authors Sparkle Riley and Pauli Rose Libsohn.

Sparkle Riley, author of “Ice Kissed 2! The Clarke’s Edition” -Derek, a gambler arrives at his ex-girlfriend ‘s doorstep in desperate need of food and shelter. Thirteen years ago, that was them. Ivy knows how it is because she was homeless herself once upon a time. Digging in trashcans and sleeping in gutters and dark alleys! Now living in the Mountains with her Husband Brett, they appeared to be the perfect little family! But as Derek finds out, what goes on behind closed doors, it’s a fight for his survival. He’s isolated in the middle of nowhere, eating Snake Soup and Deers. When he realizes that the Clarke’s are sinister and disturbed, what can he do? There’s no way out! The nearest town is miles away……



Pauli Rose Libsohn, author of “What Is Love”  who will also be discussing her mother Mitzi Libsohn’s book “Immortal Kisses: Confession of a Poet”, the romantic poetry written by her mother, which prompted “What is Love”, her biography, and resulted in her 5 other  books – For the first time, to my knowledge, my mother was able to put into English, the components of what is love. It was her uncommon brilliance that produced “Immortal Kisses – Confessions Of a Poet,” and its companion “Songs Of You – A Postscript,” books of poetic jewels that I refer to as “written gold.” Penned by her loving hand, she wrote with passion, and a depth of emotion that could only have evolved from my mother’s extraordinary thought process, naturally evolving from her inordinate intellect into an accomplished work of art. Sparked by her imagination, and fueled by her unquenchable desire to write, my mother’s creative powers advanced to extraordinary heights. But not only did she write, she was also telling the story of her love affair with my father from the moment they met, until the day of the inevitable.

Throughout the years, my mother never once divulged the meanings behind her poems – and I always believed them to be “just” gorgeous and romantic – poetry that swept me away. I never realized that there were stories behind them and meanings beneath them. Eventually in her own way, my mother revealed to me the various people in her life who left indelible marks, and about some of whom she wrote.

Additionally, her wondrous romance with nature developed and grew into a finely tuned visual tapestry at our extraordinary home in Brookville, Long Island. It was here, along with my father, she considered to be the center of her heart – reminiscent of “The Weirs,” – my parents’ famed, fairytale cottage on New Hampshire’s Lake Winnipesaukee, where they spent the first week of their sixty year marriage. And so this, our magical and resplendent home, became my mother’s “Paradise,” having a life-time effect on her psyche – identical to that oft-mentioned and fabled honeymoon, producing her love affair with all of nature’s bounty.

In view of all of this, I knew I had to sit down and write a memoir about my mother’s life, as I recall her telling me, so that her poetry would be explained, along with her motivation behind her writing – that was love, and that love was my father David. He was her “raison d’etre.”



Stories From Around The Globe – May 20, 2020

Join us with  Christ Kennedy, Shweta Agarwal and Muthu Krishnan, authors from all around the globe.

Christ Kennedy, author of “Paladin: An Origin Story” -The plot twists and characters clash in this tension filled origin story of Paladin, a future aged Super-Hero. As Henry, a disinherited homeless embarrassment to his family, with no regrets for the mysterious past that alienated him from his life of entitlement, is threatened by the political ambitions of his own brother, a computer genius drifting through university, an EMT with a gambling problem, an aging Russian gymnast and a zealous religious believer are forced together by unexpected circumstances while a cognizant artificial intelligence in control of an apocalyptic pleomorphic weapon looms in the background in search for a reason not to destroy the globe.

Shweta Agarwal, author of “Why Should I Be Good?” – A young Anthropologist is on a research mission in the Andaman Islands of India. A tribal boy is there, who becomes his friend. This boy shows him to the haven of a strange creature that was sighted.
The scientist is in for a shock as he prepares to wind up the next day. The same creature appears and establishes a relationship with him. Join the scientist who is as baffled as you are to unravel this mystery.

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Muthu Krishnan, author of “Scidime: Volume 1” – is a Science Fiction Mystery story series which revolves around the aspects of scientific treatments, technologies, inventions and Innovations led by well-known future Scientist come CEO John Christopher, the founder of PerlMark Incorporation, along with his wife Eirin Christopher, in search of unanswered or unsolved questions, which lead to how it affects the nature.

Genre: Scifi, Mystery, Mild Romance
What happens to Earth when John Christopher holds the whole universe time frame. After the invention of his unique time travelling machine, his acts were completely different. He was very keen to find something, which haven’t got an answer till date for us. Still there are lots of studies happening around the globe. But he was striving to improve his machine and kept on forward for finding the unsolved mystery. But this is not going to be that easy. His wife Eirin tries to bring him to be normal. Everything depends on his never ending decision.
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Mystery and Intrigue Surround Us – May 13, 2020

Join us for an episode filled with mystery and intrigue with authors Jack King and Thomas Davis.

Jack King, author of “Beyond Blood” – When Detective Cliff Husto investigates the deaths of a well-respected couple in Houston, the meager evidence points to a murder/suicide fueled by jealous rage. But Husto’s instinct tells him otherwise. He’d just stumbled onto the invisible trail of a fiendishly clever mass killer. A homicidal maniac who leaves no physical trace and no hint at a possible motive. As several employees of the iconic advertising agency Mathis & Oliver suddenly begin piling up dead, Husto begins a tangled cross-country search that ultimately leads to a horribly depraved family past, and a gruesomely executed present. But time is running out to catch this Madman. Because Cliff Husto, his lovely wife, their two young sons, and Irish setter Reagan are next on the killer’s agenda.

Thomas Davis, author of  “In the Unsettled Homeland of Dreams” – “… we were going to West Harbor to hear Negro Bennett preach in 1854 … Bennett was about sixty years old at the time. I think the largest negro settlement in the county, if not the state, was at West Harbor in the early fifties.” [From Jesse Miner, 1937. History and Anecdotes of Washington Island: Duo Van Publishing Company]Washington Island, Wisconsin in the 1850s was about as remote from the slave-holding southern states as it was possible to get in the United States. Before the passage of the second Fugitive Slave Act, which made it legal for bounty hunters to capture any black person they claimed was an escaped slave in the abolitionist states, a number of black families established a fishing community on the island.This is the tale of those slaves who escaped from the boot of Missouri and eventually made it, under the leadership of the charismatic black preacher Tom Bennett, and with the invaluable help of the Underground Railroad, to a new life in freedom ~ and what happened then.



Love… Intrigue… and Learning… Something For Everyone! – May 6, 2020

Join us with authors Medusa Stone, Anthony Sciarratta and Christine Reidhead.

Between the Covers – worldwide!

Watch "Between the Covers TV" with Anthony Sciarratta, author of new release “The Letter”, Medusa Stone, author of “Captive: Book 1 of 3 of the Accord Series” and Christine Reidhead, author of “Get That Job” – a truly worldwide show with authors from across the globe!

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Medusa Stone, author of “Captive: Book 1 of 3 of the Accord Series” – Liam, a young man without a family and with a difficult past, escapes to Chicago to start a new life. When everything seems to have reached a level of routine and normality, Liam is arrested by two corrupt agents, Rolan and Morgan, and charged with a crime he has not committed. Forced to accept a deal that seems to benefit everyone, Liam is taken captive and locked in Rolan’s basement, where he will suffer both men’s cruelty in the false hope of achieving their compassion with his obedience and submission.



Anthony Sciarratta, author of new release “The Letter” – When famous writer Victor Esposito falls into a coma, the memories of a ten-year-old love affair come roaring back to Eva Abram’s mind, uprooting her quiet Long Island life. Victor Esposito mysteriously dedicates every novel he’s ever written to one woman. His trademark protagonist fits the description of Eva Abrams, the bright-eyed and blonde Long Island housewife. Tragedy suddenly strikes Victor’s life when a courageous act leaves him in a coma. Hearing the news from a television broadcast, Eva finds herself suddenly overcome with the memories of a love affair she’d left behind a decade ago. In a captivating story of forbidden love, The Letter reminds us how two soulmates can always find their way back to each other.





Christine Reidhead, author of “Get That Job” – Are you interested in uncovering the tricks and techniques that will set you above the crowd and make you stand out to employers? Do you want to nail your interview and get your dream job? Or are you looking for a breakdown of the interview process and the most commonly asked questions? Then it’s time to try this book! Job interviews are an essential part of the hiring process – but far too many people struggle to navigate them. When your dream job and future income rely on standing above the crowd, it’s vital you learn to navigate this often-confusing event. Now, this handy guidebook breaks down how you can ace your job interview with ease. Covering the three stages of an interview and how you can best approach them, the 12 most common questions (and how to answer them), as well as the top 10 mistakes to avoid, this guidebook is your ticket to the job you’ve always dreamed of.





COVID-19 Information with author William J. McGee – April 22, 2020

Don’t miss “Between the Covers TV” on Wednesday at 7pm as I am joined by William J. McGee, author and consumer advocate for aviation, as he shares important information about navigating COVID-19 travel cancellations with our viewers. William will also be speaking to a very different issue – child custody in the face of this pandemic – as his novel “Half The Child” has thrust him into the spotlight as a champion in child custody issues.

Don't miss "this week's episode as I am joined by William J. McGee, author and consumer advocate for aviation, as he shares important information about navigating COVID-19 travel cancellations with our viewers. William will also be speaking to a very different issue – child custody in the face of this pandemic – as his novel "Half The Child" has thrust him into the spotlight as a champion in child custody issues.

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Hope in Adversity – April 1, 2020

Join us with authors Fran Hathaway and her daughter Julia Hathaway with “Climate Chains” and LaWanda Lewis Burrell, author of “Stand Up, Speak Up, Because Your Time’s Up: Restoring Hope in the Time of Adversity”

Tonight’s episode is titled “Hope in Adversity”, with guest authors Fran Hathaway, Julia Healthway, and LaWanda Lewis Burrell.

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Climate Chains by [Hathaway, Fran, Hathaway, Julia]

The future of the planet — and all of us on it — is in peril due to climate change. But what can any of us do about it? “Climate Chains” is more than a play on words. It’s the uplifting story of how one family faced this frightening threat and broke the chains that bind us to damaging ways of living.
Clifford is a a retired university professor, an expert in climate change. He lives with his daughter Caroline, who teaches English at a small local college. Her husband Chuck is a down-to earth guy who owns several car dealerships and worries that the trend toward clean energy will be bad for his business.
John is Caroline’s brother, a financial analyst in painful grief after his wife Emma was killed in a curious automobile accident. Jason is his teenaged son, and Sarah, who reveres Cliff and his command of environmental knowledge, is his girlfriend. Sarah’s dad was involved in a secret affair with Emma and suffers silently after her fiery death on the way to meet him.
Robert is a university graduate student who becomes Cliff’s partner in an important series of community seminars about the risks of climate change.
They’re all good people, facing life’s ups and downs, hopes and fears, disease and death with courage and resolve. At a time when the world can look dark, they show the way to a brighter, more fulfilling future.

Ananda was a shy, small town girl from Alabama, but had some big city dreams. She was the younger sister and always leaned on her big sister for guidance and support. When she got older she realized her sister, who she loved dearly wasn’t always going to be around, and had to learn how to allow her voice to be heard and become independent. She was raised with a good upbringing from her parents, and sheltered from the evils of the world, but after persuading her parents to work during her teenage years, she experienced discrimination on her very first job, which truly scared her heart. This motivated her to do well in school, graduate from college, look for job opportunities, and move far away. Ananda soon realized after she moved that ignorant people lives everywhere. Her life is an emotional rollercoaster as she experiences childhood bullying, death of loved ones, lasting friendships, happiness, infidelity, forgiveness, health and safety, hardships, finding true love, harassment in the workplace and cherishing marriage and family. As she gets older she realizes that the ups and downs of life can be exhausting and sometimes a little ME time may be just what the doctor ordered. Ananda discovers that the power of prayer and having a voice to speak up is essential to her everyday life’s journey, as she takes control of her destiny.


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The Best Laid Plans… March 25, 2020

Join us with authors, Michael O’Keefe and Diane Curley.

Posted by Stephanie Sands Larkin on Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Michael O’Keefe, author of “A Reckoning in Brooklyn” – Bushwick Brooklyn in the 1970s is a cesspool of drugs, violence, and depravity. Every aspect of life in the blighted neighborhood has been contaminated by the Mafia. Butchie Bucciogrosso is an Italian cop who detests the Mob. A survivor of the streets, he returns from Vietnam only to find Bushwick in ruin. His partner, Fast Eddie Curran, had to kill his way out of Belfast. They are the only cops with the courage to take on the Mob, becoming a deadly nuisance trying to win back their streets. Only the Mafia, their own dirty Department, and a corrupt federal justice system stand in their way. With themselves and their loved ones squarely in the crosshairs, can they destroy the Mob’s criminal empire before they are killed? Can they outwit a crooked Department of Justice before they are framed and imprisoned? The clock is ticking with Bushwick’s survival in the balance. A reckoning in Brooklyn is the new historical crime thriller from Detective Michael O’Keefe, the author of the breakout novel, Shot to Pieces.

Diane Curley, author, and creator of “Celebrating Women Planner & Journal 2020” – Maximum organization created, curated, designed, & published by women, for women! The Celebrating Women Planner & Journal is the perfect strategic partner to stay organized and inspired! Let’s root for each other & celebrate as we grow… because EVERY woman is a role model!!