Stories From Around The Globe – May 20, 2020

Join us with  Christ Kennedy, Shweta Agarwal and Muthu Krishnan, authors from all around the globe.

Christ Kennedy, author of “Paladin: An Origin Story” -The plot twists and characters clash in this tension filled origin story of Paladin, a future aged Super-Hero. As Henry, a disinherited homeless embarrassment to his family, with no regrets for the mysterious past that alienated him from his life of entitlement, is threatened by the political ambitions of his own brother, a computer genius drifting through university, an EMT with a gambling problem, an aging Russian gymnast and a zealous religious believer are forced together by unexpected circumstances while a cognizant artificial intelligence in control of an apocalyptic pleomorphic weapon looms in the background in search for a reason not to destroy the globe.

Shweta Agarwal, author of “Why Should I Be Good?” – A young Anthropologist is on a research mission in the Andaman Islands of India. A tribal boy is there, who becomes his friend. This boy shows him to the haven of a strange creature that was sighted.
The scientist is in for a shock as he prepares to wind up the next day. The same creature appears and establishes a relationship with him. Join the scientist who is as baffled as you are to unravel this mystery.

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Muthu Krishnan, author of “Scidime: Volume 1” – is a Science Fiction Mystery story series which revolves around the aspects of scientific treatments, technologies, inventions and Innovations led by well-known future Scientist come CEO John Christopher, the founder of PerlMark Incorporation, along with his wife Eirin Christopher, in search of unanswered or unsolved questions, which lead to how it affects the nature.

Genre: Scifi, Mystery, Mild Romance
What happens to Earth when John Christopher holds the whole universe time frame. After the invention of his unique time travelling machine, his acts were completely different. He was very keen to find something, which haven’t got an answer till date for us. Still there are lots of studies happening around the globe. But he was striving to improve his machine and kept on forward for finding the unsolved mystery. But this is not going to be that easy. His wife Eirin tries to bring him to be normal. Everything depends on his never ending decision.
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