Hello Fall! – October 4, 2023

Please join me with authors Lâle Davidson, Catherine Manett, and Rick Bobrick.

Lâle Davidson, author of “Beyond Sight”In scenic Saratoga Springs, where the past and present collide, dark secrets awaken, and the ghosts of capitalism wreak havoc on the young. Julie Sykes, a young woman with long-repressed supernatural powers, is inexplicably drawn to the enigmatic Damian Quinn, but when a malignant spirit possesses him, she must unlock her powers to save him. It all begins innocently enough when Julie and Damian explore an abandoned Victorian house built by a wealthy black farming family during the Gilded Age. Now slated for suburban renewal, the house mysteriously resists demolition. Little do Julie and Damian know that their actions will awaken vengeful spirits and set off a chain of events with dire consequences. As they fight for survival using a blend of energy work and quantum mechanics, they unwittingly unleash the powers of Henry Hilton, a dead white millionaire who came into his fortune by sinister means and scandalized the country when he banned Jews from his Grand Union Hotel in 1877 in Saratoga. Meanwhile, no one will tell Julie how her father died or why she can’t find any pictures of him. Will Julie succeed in saving Damian before he kills someone? Will she discover the cause of her father’s death? Or will they both be consumed by the relentless forces that haunt them? Luminous and heart-poundingly suspenseful, Beyond Sight traces how the ongoing struggle between the privileged and the marginalized haunts us to this day on both the physical and the spiritual planes.


Catherine Manett, author of “Runaway Home: Tempered – Peter and Hayley are two young adults who’re set to age out of Long Island’s foster care system together. It’s an exciting time for the two, and life should be fun without rules and the watchful eye of a foster parent. However, with the news of their foster mother’s terminal illness, Peter has decided to adopt Danny, a thirteen-year-old boy also in her care. Now, Peter’s life isn’t the same. The three must continue to live together in a new apartment. Peter hopes he has created the perfect family, despite their differences. He soon learns what a tremendous burden he’s taken on at the young age of twenty-one. Being the sole breadwinner and a new parent means giving up the opportunity to live a carefree life with Hayley. As she continues to struggle with addiction, Hayley competes with Danny for Peter’s attention and affection. When that seems to fail, she turns to her new boyfriend and opioid dealer, Tristian, to fill that void. Peter and Tristian clash immediately. With the prospect of his plans for a perfect family falling apart, Peter begins to hallucinate and flashback to a past he fled on a Scottish Island many years ago.


Rick Bobrick, author of “Anything You Want!” illustrated by Lauren SullivanAnything You Want! is a modern-day fable that features Davy Crockett and his furry frenemy, the greedy grizzly bear. A battle of wits quickly unfolds when these two rivals are granted three wishes – with no compromise in sight. A break in the fourth wall invites children to be a part of a story that explores the wonder of words and the wisdom of wishing, while providing a simple reminder that there is magic all around us – but only if we believe.


Join us for a fabulous episode of Between The Covers TV – July 26, 2023

Please join me with authors Lindsey Kinsella and Carren Strock.

Lindsey Kinsella, author of “The Heart of Pangaea” – Robyn has a vivid imagination, even for a twelve-year-old. Vivid enough to create herself a companion—but Ed isn’t your ordinary imaginary friend. Ed is a Dimetrodon, an ancient beast from a forgotten age. When her mother falls ill, Robyn and Ed delve into her subconscious, to the prehistoric kingdom of Pangaea, in search of a cure. But in a world of dinosaurs, pirates, and ancient magic, can they find what they seek? Can they even save themselves from the creatures which inhabit this mysterious land? The Heart of Pangaea brings the wonders of palaeontology to a vivid and magical fantasy setting. In this novel, the reader will dig up scientific discoveries and be gripped by a story rich with the meaning of friendship, family, and love.


Carren Strock, author of “Married Women Who Love Women”This accessible book offers support and advice for women in heterosexual marriages who discover, or are coming to terms with, their lesbianism or bisexuality. It also offers guidance for the single lovers of married women. In sharing the author’s personal story, as well as the descriptive experiences of others, this book provides validation and empowerment to multitudes of women in their search for their true identities. In this third edition of Married Women Who Love Women, the author gives women ways in which to structure and restructure their lives and their families after they realize their same-gender sexuality. Chapters consider questions such as how women make this discovery, reactions from loved ones, and the outcomes for marriages and families. Updated throughout with contemporary understandings of sexuality and gender, this book includes a wealth of information, fresh narratives, and stories offering insight into women’s experiences across the country. This is an essential read for women and their partners who are discovering their true identity, as well as therapists, helping professionals, and students of women’s studies, gender studies, sexuality studies, and LGBTQ studies programs.


Welcome to the Launch Pad: Countdown to Marketing Your Book – July 19, 2023

Meet Erika Lance, author of “The Author’s Accountability Planner” and Annie McDonnell, author of “Annie’s Song: Dandelions, Dreams, and Dogs.”

Erika Lance, author ofThe Author’s Accountability Partner – Erika Lance is a writer of horror, suspense, Sci-fi, and a little fantasy. She has been many things in this life, but she is most proud of being a nerd before it was cool. Growing up in the ’80s and ’90s, she will tell you, finding another female D&D player was rare. She is also the CEO of 4 Horsemen Publications, Inc., Accomplishing Innovations Press, and The Little Horsemen. She is the host of Drinking with Authors podcast and co-host of the Eerie Travels podcast. Erika fell in love with horror while watching Elvira and Dr. Paul Bearer on Saturday afternoon TV and was hooked. She believes that life is an adventure and it is built on the things you do, the people you surround yourself with, and most of all, the things you create. She loves to create worlds and stories, finding that not all stories have happy endings.


Annie McDonnell, author of “Annie’s Song: Dandelions, Dreams, and Dogs “ – Annie McDonnell’s thoughtful book reviews won a regular spot with Elle magazine in 2006. She soon launched her blog, The Write Review. After she was declared permanently disabled in 2014, she devoted herself full-time to the literary community and became known as one of its best book reviewers. Annie has written articles and endorsements for authors; conducted author interviews; and consulted with authors on promotions and events. She continues to do so as her health allows. In addition, she administers the Write Review and World of the Write Review on Facebook. What makes her debut memoir Annie’s Song: Dandelions, Dreams and Dogs even more remarkable is that much of it was written since Annie was told in January 2020 that she must go into hospice and was given last rites. An advocate for literacy, animal rescue, and those with disabilities, Annie is donating the proceeds from her cross-genre memoir—which hit top spots on Amazon’s Hot How to Get More Book Reviews New Releases charts in Biographies/Memoirs of People with Disabilities, Poetry/Grief, Death and Bereavement, and Books by Irish Authors, among others—to nonprofits that serve those causes.


Welcome to the Launch Pad – The Countdown to Publishing Your Book – May 31, 2023

Meet Bette Lee Crosby, author of “Beyond Betrayal,” Robb Grindstaff, author of “Slade,” and Wilnona Marie, author of “A Thoughtful Collection” – all contributors for “LaunchPad – The Countdown to Publishing Your Book.”


Bette Lee Crosby, author of “Beyond Betrayal” – Bette Lee Crosby is the USA Today bestselling author of twenty-four novels and recipient of numerous literary awards. Often hailed as a masterful storyteller, her novel Baby Girl was named Best Chick Lit of 2016 by Huffington Post, and her 2019 release Emily, Gone won the International Book Award for Women’s Fiction. Her most recent release is The Fault Between Us, a historical novel based on a true story. Crosby, a lover of dogs and all things Southern, laughingly admits to being a night owl whose guilty pleasure is late-night chats with fans and friends on social media.





Robb Grindstaff, author of “Slade”In addition to a career as a journalist, newspaper editor, publisher and media executive, Robb Grindstaff has written fiction most of his life. The newspaper biz has taken him and his family from Phoenix, Arizona, to small towns in North Carolina, Texas, and Wisconsin, from seven years in Washington, DC, to five years in Asia. Born and raised a small-town kid, he’s as comfortable in Tokyo or Tuna, Texas. The variety of places he’s lived serve as settings for the characters who invade his head. He has four novels published with Evolved Publishing – SladeTurning TrixieHannah’s Voice, and Carry Me Away. His novels are best classified as contemporary Southern lit. In 2022, Evolved also launched June Bug Gothic: Tales from the South, a collection of Robb’s short stories. Robb is also a sought-after fiction editor, with editing clients from around the world, including agented, traditionally published, and best-selling independent authors. His articles on the craft of writing fiction have appeared in various writer magazines and websites. He also has taught writing courses for the Romance Writers of America (even though he’s not a romance writer), and Romance Writers of Australia (even though he’s not Australian), and is an instructor at the Novel-in-Progress Book Camp. Robb now resides in the Ozarks of Missouri, where he writes and edits full-time.


Wilnona Marie, author of “A Thoughtful Collection” – Wilnona is an, are awarded poet and member of The And I Thought Ladies. The And I Thought Ladies also have novels in romance, women’s fiction, and noire mystery.  She is a co-founder of 25 Hottest Authors Magazine & The And I Thought Literary Magazine, as well as the Thoughtful Book Festival. In early 2020 they served as judges on the scholastics writing and arts award. The pair have turned their writing career into a media empire.  Ranging from the written word to starring a reality show about authors which aired on channel 18 in four markets, as well as Amazon. They are principals in the Documentary.  Create, Aspire, and Inspire as well as How to Become a Lady? These shows share a place under the AITL umbrella alongside the four podcasts and the Inspirational Women in Literature Media and Journalism Awards.


Join Us For a Thrilling Episode – May 26, 2023

Join us with authors M.A. Beasley, Janet Rudolph, and J.P. Quinn

M.A. Beasley, author of “The Warrior Angel” – Gracie and her eight-year-old son Lucas are out doing some last-minute Christmas shopping when a nasty car wreck interrupts their night. Lucas nearly dies when Gracie’s mother, Teresa, arrives at the hospital with a too-good-to-be-true suggestion. Say this prayer, and I promise your son will live. Her mother has always been very religious and quite superstitious about things. Gracie says the blessing is mainly to get her mom to drop it and be there for her and her son. The prayer works. It’s ten years later, and Gracie is haunted by something. She learns that the “prayer” she said wasn’t one at all. She had unknowingly made a bargain with a demon. In return for saving her son, Gracie now owes him a soul. Either she offers one, or he will take Lucas. The closer the deal’s anniversary, the scarier things get for Gracie and Lucas. Affiliations with this demon go back even further than she knew. Family secrets are coming out. She doesn’t know if she wants to know. This demon will stop at nothing to get what he is owed. How far will a mother go to save her son?


Janet Rudolph, author of “Desperately Seeking Persephone”Desperately Seeking Persephone is a thrilling autobiography that includes explorations of mythic worlds, fantastic adventures, encounters with extraordinary people, and the visitation of an archangel. It begins as Rudolph sets out on a quest for healing after a childhood of abuse and sexual assault. Her travels reveal a vision of what’s possible when seeking out the mysteries inherent in the world. This is the tale that could have been told if Indiana Jones had met Joseph Campbell. Rudolph forges her own pathway out of trauma and depression by using the Greek Goddess Persephone’s mythic trip to the Underworld as a map. Along the way, Rudolph earns two shamanic initiations, described in vivid detail. The shamanic journey is ultimately about discovering wholeness and harmony; wholeness of self, of relationships, of interacting with the natural world. Through the craft of storytelling, Rudolph reveals esoteric spiritual tools and processes that form a primer of shaman-craft. This is a journey that is personal, global, and accessible to all. Desperately Seeking Persephone is a humorous, engaging heroic journey with surprising twists and universal appeal. The adventures, themselves, offer a template of healing for anyone looking for their own pathway out of darkness and suffering.


J.P. Quinn, author of “When The Fans Go Home”Whether you are from the Ricky Bobby era of, “if you ain’t first you’re last,” or from the more recent decades of the “participation trophy kids,” When the Fans Go Home takes an easy-to-understand evidenced-based approach to healthy competition. This book is relatable to the most elite athlete as well as the casual fan of sports. It’s a guide to understanding healthy ways to compete and accepting loss as not only inevitable but a way to grow and get better for upcoming competitions. The second part of the book talks about my own personal experience as an aging adult competing with fans of baseball at a Dreamweek Camp with the Baltimore Orioles in Florida, which I now call home. So come, share this adventure with me, and find out how one of my most significant losses would emerge into one of my greatest wins and inspire the birth of a book.



An Insightful Episode – May 17, 2023

Please join us with authors M.M. De Voe, Maureen McNeil, and Robb Grindstaff.

M.M. De Voe, author of “A Flash of Darkness” – The dark, challenging stories of A Flash of Darkness represent some of M.M. De Voe’s best stories written from 2005 to the present. De Voe juggles literary fiction with fables, science fiction with horror, pagan satire with the fantastical. But what shines through is intelligence and daring. She leaves you wondering what is real and what is unreal. Dive into the haunted atmosphere of  “Shutter,” lingering on the outskirts of horror past or horror-to-be. “Tastemakers” satirizes a modern obsession with life as performance art. “The Mayor of Flashback” is pure literary fiction that intertwines memories of 9/11 in Manhattan and the elastic bonds of marriage. “Cake” is a frightening peek into a domestic world; where keeping an eye on the children may not necessarily be for their safety. “A Rose” delivers a knockout punch of shifting fables and narrators that shows in a single story what this author’s imagination can accomplish. M.M. De Voe is the founder of the literary nonprofit Pen Parentis, a process described in her memoir/productivity guidebook for writers who are parents, Book & Baby.


Maureen McNeil, author of “Anna Magdalena”Performance artist Anna Magdalena splays her audience open and leaves them begging for more. More life. More freedom. More imagination. By redefining family, history, myth, time, and identity, she prompts readers to take action and forge a life of extraordinary beauty.  Anna Magdalena is a contemporary novel about the power of art, love, and imagination in its many forms. Reade Bordeaux, a forty-year-old Seattle plumber, married to Sgt. Becky Smith is smitten with Anna Magdalena, a New York City performance artist who retreated to Willapa, a forgotten Victorian town on the Washington coast. With a snap of her fingers, they land in the New York art world with her acquired family: Saxton, her ex-lover; Lulu, his mother; and Lulu’s partner, Kermit Fleur, an old master dealer who takes Reade under his wing. Honey Dearborn and her son Frank, Reade’s prickly neighbor in Willapa, drive the story with mischief, mystery, and good fortune even after their death. But Sgt. Becky Smith has some tricks of her own. While Anna Magdalena provokes audiences with disappearing acts, vows, secrets, and outrageous art pieces that take place on NYC rooftops and beds, Becky pulls a fast one. The whole family rallies around Reade and he is awed as Anna Magdalena clicks her heels.


Robb Grindstaff, author of “Turning Trixie” –  Trixie Burnett, a 23-year-old single mom and the only prostitute in the small northeast Texas town of Pineywoods, knows the winning lottery ticket in her purse is about to change things forever. Trixie retires from the world’s oldest profession and seeks a new life for herself and her eight-year-old son, Tyler. Trouble starts when she decides the rest of the town needs changing too. But reputations and attitudes don’t change as easily as bank accounts or hairstyles. Seems everyone in town has something to hide, and movers and shakers don’t give up their positions easily. Some will stop at nothing to protect their power, especially from a hooker-turned-philanthropist who knows their most intimate, embarrassing secrets and now dares to enter their sanctuaries.


A Poignant Journey – May 10, 2023

Join us with authors Eric Friedmann, JD Ruffin, and Paul Joseph.

Eric Friedmann, author of “It’s Forever Strictly Personal: A Final Nostalgic Movie Memoir of 1992-1999”It’s Forever Strictly Personal concludes Eric Friedmann’s journey through the movies during the eight-year period of 1992 to 1999. While he and the rest of the world embraced blockbuster motion pictures like Jurassic Park, Mission: Impossible, Independence Day, Titanic, and The Matrix, it was also alternative films like A River Runs Through It, Like Water For Chocolate, Pulp Fiction, The Usual Suspects and Life Is Beautiful that captured the attention of his adulthood, and forever reminded him of the endless possibilities of cinema. Eric’s personal story about the movies is forever told with great memory and affection, for those who still remember when movies changed us, helped us to grow, and evolved into deep-rooted memories for all of us who loved sitting in front of the big screen and waited for the magic to unfold.



J.D. Ruffin, author of “Heir of Magic” As citizens begin to vanish, Guardsman investigator Keelan races to save those torn from their homes and discovers a sinister pattern: Only those with magic are being taken, but to what end? In a distant kingdom, the nation is rocked when the Crown Princess vanishes. Rumors of distant kidnappings fuel anger and speculation. Blame is laid on their neighbor. The King’s Council calls for war. Time is running out.




Paul Joseph, author of “Precious Cargo” – At the end of the 19th century, Mark Twain, wife, Livy, and Clara, one of his daughters, traveled around the world for a year. Twain was on a lecture tour, and his experiences were later captured in Following the Equator. One hundred years later, Paul Joseph spent an academic sabbatical in New Zealand while also traveling in Fiji, Australia, and Indonesia with his wife, Linda, and three children, Ian, Sara, and Danny. Drawing upon Twain’s notebooks and letters, his children’s journals, intense experiences, contrasting sets of photographs, cross-cultural encounters, and a quirky sense of humor, Precious Cargo compares the geographic and emotional journeys of the two families as they move through the same places a century apart.





Join Us For an Enlightening Episode – April 26, 2023

Please join me with authors Robert Loewen and Nicolette Elsie.

Robert Loewen, author of “The Lioness of Leiden”When the Germans invade the Netherlands, Leiden University student Hetty’s boyfriend goes missing. But she has little time to grieve when she volunteers as a courier for the Dutch resistance, joined by her roommate, the beautiful Mimi, and seventeen-year-old Maria, the daughter of a slain resistance fighter. At great personal risk, the three women carry documents, secret messages, and cash to protect Jews, downed pilots, and others hiding from the Nazis. During five years of war, Hetty is challenged by a gauntlet of spies and betrayal. She heroically fights back as she and her friends accept increasingly dangerous assignments. All the while, Hetty worries about her family. She tries to forbid her younger brother from volunteering for combat in the resistance and argues with her father about becoming too cozy with the Nazis. As the Gestapo closes in, can Hetty and her family and friends make it through the war, free to live and love again? Inspired by true events, Robert Loewen’s debut novel pays tribute to the heroism of his mother-in-law, who served as a courier in the Dutch resistance during World War II.


nicolette elsie, author of “seasons to bloom”a collection of poems, designed from a journey of anxiety, fear, grief, and seeking validation. nicolette elsie (she/hers) is a modern poet, creator, and hr professional. in everything she does she brings soft creative expression, compassion, and thoughtfulness for the subtle beauties in life. through her purposeful work of sharing ways to express, free and heal herself, she hopes to inspire others to find themselves. she aims to create visionary designs and poems around mental health, spirituality and expression in a society that’s trained us to prioritize others, stay small and not break the mold.


Uncovering Secrets – April 5, 2023

Please join me with Stephen Reger, author of “Storm Front: Book One of The Stormstrong Trilogy” and Brian Vukadinovich, author of “Rogues in Black Robes”


Stephen Reger, author of “Storm Front: Book One of The Stormstrong Trilogy”The year is 1618, and the Christian world stands, once again, on a knife’s edge. The once great Holy Roman Empire, like most of the rest of Europe, is divided along religious, political, and economic lines – pitting Catholics against Protestants, princes against monarchs, and the rich against the poor. And a war unlike anything Europe has ever seen is growing increasingly inevitable. Destined to be caught up in the coming conflict are two very beautiful but very different women. Lasy Atlantis Vanessa von Stormsong is the only child of a wealthy Catholic Archduke, while poor Sarlatová is a Protestant thief who knows practically nothing of her past. These two strangers share a strong faith in the same God, but their respective attempts to find peace in a world dominated by violent and powerful men will lead them straight into the abyss of a war that will tear Europe apart for the next thirty years.



Brian Vukadinovich, author of “Rogues in Black Robes” – In Rogues in Black Robes Brian Vukadinovich exposes the severity of corruption within the highest levels of the federal judiciary in how a federal court of appeals judge from the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit in Chicago, Michael S. Kanne, used his influence to have a decision fixed regarding an appeal that Brian Vukadinovich had filed against rogue police in Valparaiso, Indiana, who had tormented him for years. In Rogues in Black Robes, you will read how a former judge of the United States Court of Appeals in Chicago, Richard A. Posner, after retiring from the federal bench, decided to come clean and disclose how he allowed himself to be manipulated by Judge Michael S. Kanne into throwing the decision of the appeal of the police case, as a favor to Judge Kanne, even though he, Judge Posner, knew that the appellate decision should have gone in favor of Brian Vukadinovich and against the Valparaiso police. In Rogues in Black Robes, you will read how the chief judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, Diane S. Sykes, and other members of that court, covered up the case-fixing activities, and you will also read how the Administrative Office of the United States Courts, Chief Justice John Roberts, and Attorney General Merrick Garland, turned a blind eye to the case fixing activities and swept the judges’ nefarious acts under the rug in order that the public would not know about the degree of judicial corruption that has permeated the federal judiciary. In Rogues in Black Robes, you will read about mechanisms that are put in place to protect corrupt judges from accountability when they breach their sworn oaths of office and even violate the laws of the United States.

Brian is a speaker with the All American Speakers Bureau and available for speaking engagements to organizations, schools, colleges, clubs, etc. Below is the booking agent information by the All American Speakers Bureau

Book Brian Vukadinovich | Speakers Bureau | Booking Agent Info (


Welcome to The Launch Pad – March 29, 2023

Please join us for an exciting Part 3 episode of “Launch Pad: The Countdown To Writing Your Book” with authors Emma Dhesi, Grace Sammon, and Mary Helen Sheriff.

The Launch Pad Book Series

We are so excited to announce our upcoming “Launch Pad Book Series” including:

LAUNCH PAD… The Countdown to Writing Your Book

If you’re intimidated at the thought of outlining your novel or creating rich and complex characters, writing a great scene, or adding just the right amount of conflict, you’ll want to read this book. With 12 focused chapters it brings authors and would-be-authors closer to finishing their novel.

Led by Scotland-based, author and writing coach, Emma Dhesi, and Grace Sammon, author, educator and radio host – Launching on February 28, 2023

LAUNCH PAD… The Countdown to Publishing Your Book

You’ve written – or you’re writing – your book, and the goal is publication. This book, filled with practical insights and guidance from industry experts with a combined xx years worth of experience, brings you closer to that dream.

Led by Stephanie Larkin, publisher, author, TV host and teacher, and Grace Sammon, author, educator and radio host – Launching on April 25, 2023

LAUNCH PAD… The Countdown to Marketing Your Book

Hooray! Your book is written, and published, and it’s time to embrace a marketing plan that will help your book soar. This book engages you in a process that will raise your marketing IQ, build your skill set, and set you on a path for a successful book launch and marketing plan.Led by author, author marketing coach, Mary Helen Sheriff, and Grace Sammon, author, educator and radio host – Launching on June 20, 2023

Emma Dhesi, author of “More Than Enough”Emma Dhesi is a book coach and author mentor who specialises in helping beginner authors write their first novel.  Through her 1:1 Emma guides you through story development, character evolution and provides written feedback on your work. She will navigate you through the emotional rollercoaster of finishing your first novel.  For more hands-off help, Emma hosts the podcast Turning Readers Into Writers and offers weekly support via her Facebook Page. Emma lives in Edinburgh, Scotland with her husband, 3 children and 3 cats.

“More Than Enough” – A façade of perfection. A hidden well of demons. When it all tumbles out of control, can she salvage anything from her wrecked world? Scotland. Karen Elliot’s best friend is booze. Convinced she’s coping just fine despite nipping on the clock, the experienced schoolteacher is shocked when she receives an official warning about lecturing intoxicated instead of a promotion. And when she falls over dead-drunk at the school Christmas dance, she sobers up to discover she’s been summarily sacked. With her husband fighting for his own job, Karen resolves to walk the straight and narrow. But when she falls off the wagon at a friend’s wedding and flirts with another man, she faces an ultimatum at home: Get clean or leave. Can Karen admit she’s an alcoholic in time to find help or has she ruined her life forever? More Than Enough is an inspiring contemporary women’s fiction novel. If you like flawed heroines, page-turning drama, and authentic stories about addiction, then you’ll love Emma Dhesi’s path toward serenity.

Grace Sammon, author of “The Eves” – Grace Sammon is an author, radio host, entrepreneur, and educator. Recognized in “Who’s Who in Education” and “Who’s Who in Literature,” Grace utilized skills built up over decades to re-invent herself with her award-winning fourth book and debut novel – The Eves.  Always committed to creative collaborations, Grace is the founder of Author Talk Network; a member of the Women’s Fiction Writers’ Association (WFWA) and the Women’s National Book Association (WNBA); and she is the Director of Membership for one of the fastest growing reader/writer on-line communities “Bookish Road Trip.”  She currently lives on Florida’s west coast with her husband and a small herd of imaginary llamas.

“The Eves” – The Eves is a multi-generational novel portraying lives lived well and lives in transition. Filled with poignancy and humor, The Eves captures the conversations we wish we had had with our parents, if we had taken the opportunity, and the lessons we would want to impart to our children, if they were ready to listen. Told through the voice of the psychologically complex Jessica Barnet, this is her story. As the primary witness in a messy trial she has been torn from the foundation of her existence—her connection to her children. With a partially finished doctoral degree, and incomplete renovations on her Washington, DC row house, she has let go of her ambitions and her appearance, but not her vodka or her sense of loss and guilt. When Jessica meets five diverse, determined, and sometimes ditzy old women living in a sustainable community everything and everybody changes. Through plot twists and turns that cover three continents, we learn the truth of Jessica’s life and lies just as we fall in love with the vividly drawn characters and the vibrantly described settings.


Mary Helen Sheriff, author of “Boop and Eve’s Road Trip” – Mary Helen Sheriff is the author of the award-winning southern women’s fiction, Boop and Eve’s Road Trip. She serves as an Author Marketing Coach, host of Growing Up Bookish, and the CEO of Bookish Road Trip. She has 14 years of teaching experience in elementary school, middle school, college, and professionals. She earned an MFA in Children’s Literature from Hollins University.


“Boop and Eve’s Road Trip”Eve Prince is done—with college, with her mom, with guys, and with her dream of fashion design. But when her best friend goes MIA, Eve must gather together the broken threads of her life in order to search for her.
 When Eve’s grandmother, Boop, a retiree dripping with Southern charm, finds out about the trip, she—desperate to see her sister, and also hoping to alleviate Eve’s growing depression—hijacks her granddaughter’s road trip. Boop knows from experience that healing Eve will require more than flirting lessons and a Garlic Festival makeover. Nevertheless, Boop is frustrated when her feeble efforts yield the same failure that her sulfur-laced sip from the Fountain of Youth wrought on her age. She knows that sharing the secret that’s haunted her for sixty years might be the one thing that will lessen Eve’s growing depression—but she also fears that if she reveals it, she’ll lose her family and her own hard-won happiness. Boop and Eve’s journey through the heart of Dixie is an unforgettable love story between a grandmother and her granddaughter.