An On-The-Air Book Launch – June 3, 2020

Join us with authors George Marzocchi for his exciting book launch,  Janet Metz Walter and Lonna  Hardin.


George Marzocchi, launching his book “Stained Glass”  – Oceanview, a quiet Hamlet on Long Island with white picket fences, manicured lawns, and little league. On the surface it appears that Oceanview is the idyllic American town. Beautiful sunrises, sunsets and ocean vistas, but like the ocean there’s an undercurrent. An undercurrent of murder, drugs and bribery.

Meet Detective Rodriguez, a DEA agent from Las Vegas. Some call him a loose cannon who walks a fine line between right and wrong. Detective Rodriguez is thrown into this ocean of organized crime, drug cartels and crooked cops. Will this ocean overwhelm him and pull him under or will he walk that fine line?  Will he use his wits and instinct to solve the case of his career or will he succumb to the forces against him?

When viewed through Stained Glass things aren’t always what they seem. The lines between right and wrong are blurred. Truth and lies merge into one and shatter your sense of what’s real.


Janet Metz Walter, author of “The 2 Carrot Ring and Other Fascinating Jewelry Stories” – It doesn’t often occur to people that jewelry has stories until you admire a piece of jewelry that someone else is wearing, and suddenly there is a story behind the jewelry. On the pages of this book are a lot of slices of life. You will get involved in the stories. They will make you laugh and they will make you cry. You will travel the world and travel back in history. And you might realize that you have some fascinating jewelry stories of your own!



Lonna Hardin, author of “Melody’s Song and The City of the Voice Snatchers” 

In this fantasy chapter books for kids, a fierce and feisty little girl sets out on a colorful adventure to find her true voice, save her city and overcome the evil Voice Snatchers. Fantasy books for kids age 5-7, fantasy books for kids age 8-10, and fantasy books for kids age 11-14 can be a great way to get kids innovative imaginations going.

The story teaches children how to find their voice, live their song, identify their passion and defeat the voice snatchers in their lives using music, message, and motivation. The book also teaches a valuable lesson about black history for kids.

Black history books for kids are missing one thing… current black history for kids. Children need to see books with black characters for kids that look like them still making history! A Black History Reader can get inspired through this culturally relevant, culturally responsive literature created to motivate children to become history makers and world changers! Black History Books or Black History Gifts For Kids will add even more value and meaning to your black history literature collection.

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