Facing Crossroads – September 16, 2020

Join us with authors Poppy Kuroki – author of “A Bard’s Lament” , Izzy Hodder – author of “Someone Like You” and Moe S.D. – author of “Ksneia and the World of Inspiration”.

Poppy Kuroki – author of “A Bard’s Lament” – The town of Veilig is burdened with a terrible secret. Ella is a bard, her sister a prostitute, working in a tavern to pay off their late mother’s debt. But Ella has a secret of her own. Her music carries codes for spies to decipher, working to undo Veilig’s horrific crimes. Then her sister is taken captive. Can Ella save them both, or will their tale end in darkness?



Izzy Hodder – author of “Someone Like You” – What do you do when you’re 17 and you find out you’re pregnant? How do you tell your friends, your family? How do you decide what to do? Meet Amy. Amy is your neighbour, your friend, your cousin, Amy is just like someone you know. When Amy is 17, she finds out she is pregnant. This turns her seemingly average life upside down. In her final year of school and trying to figure out where to go next with her life, Amy must make a decision that, no matter what, will stay with her forever.



Moe S.D. – author of “Ksneia and the World of Inspiration”- Ksenia and the World of Inspiration is the first book in the Bird with Blue Blood series and is based on the author’s real-life journey into the world of inspiration in a dream several years ago, after he was compelled to bring it to the real world. Each book is the product of a dream followed by years of thought, pain, discovery, and travel that has morphed into a story with tangible characters and art with definite colors and shapes. The city of Alyssum is a place plagued by fear and sadness, living in the shadow of a House of Agony until, one day, the music of a flute inherited by a girl named Ksenia brings joy and happiness to all that hear it. As much as she loves to play it, Ksenia soon discovers that the flute carries with it a myriad of secrets and the key to a whole new world outside her reality. Based on the life-changing vision of the author and placed uniquely where art meets literature, Ksenia and the World of Inspiration is the story of one girl’s foray into mystery, fantasy, and breathtaking beauty in pursuit of one thing-the enigmatic bird with blue blood.





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