An Adventure Awaits – June 17, 2020

Join us with authors Ann Patras and Sola Togun-Butler, Ph.d.

Join us for a fun and eye-opening visit with our authors to Africa … and back!

Posted by Red Penguin Productions on Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Ann Patras, author of the series “Into Africa”“More Into Africa”, “Much More Into Africa”  – When Ann and Ziggy Patras uproot from England in 1980 and head off with their three young children to live and work in deepest Africa, they have no idea what they are letting themselves in for. While prepared for sunshine and storms 13º south of the equator, the Patras family are ill-equipped for much else. Interspersed with snippets from Ann’s letters home, this crazy story describes encounters ranging from lizards to lions, servants to shopping shortages, and cockroaches to curfews.


Sola Togun-Butler Ph.d, author of “Where Do You Keep The Lions? An African Girl’s First Day of School in America” – Kemi an 8-year-old African immigrant girl is super excited about her first day of school in America! She has been dreaming about this day for weeks and can’t wait to meet her teacher and new classmates. However, her first day of school does not go as planned, when her classmates start asking her hurtful questions about Africa. Kemi is confused and doesn’t understand why her classmates have such negative questions and comments about the continent. With the help of her father, she understands the origin of those questions and decides to show her classmates a different side of her culture. This book is a perfect way to expose kids to cultural diversity and sensitivity by encouraging them to ask polite questions when curious about other cultures.


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