Reinventing Ourselves – June 24, 2020

Join us with authors Harold “Hal” Spielman, Kay Renz, Dr. Cyrina Bullard, and cover artist, Tucker Eason.

Harold “Hal” Spielman and Kay Renz, authors of “Suddenly Sexual” 

Considering a new relationship? After loss or divorce, it can be really complicated, especially when you are over 50! Suddenly Sexual shares true stories of 25 couples “first a long time.” Funny, poignant, silly and raw, this book tackles real issues that affect mature relationships.

Written by the author of Suddenly Solo, which was featured on The Today Show, AARP, The New York Times and many other media outlets.

I remember standing there looking at her naked body as she lay on my bed. I knew what was coming. At least I hoped. But all the excitement and anticipation did not diminish a low voice inside my head. This isn’t my wife.

I cannot describe the emotion floating through me as guilt. My wife passed away over two years ago. But there was a flinching moment when I wondered if I was doing something wrong. As I undressed more thoughts:

How do I look?

What if I do something wrong?

What would my kids say?

Can I still perform?

Do I need a condom?

How do I start?

I was nudged from my self-centered thoughts by hands touching me in a new and very stimulating fashion. As I started to give in to the sensation, my head flooded again with a thought that almost deflated me. What if things don’t go perfectly? What if I don’t …

Thankfully, she sensed my concerns and whispered how much she wanted to be close. From there on I relaxed and went forward with my first time … in a long time.


Dr. Cyrina Bullard, author, and Tucker Eason, cover artist of “C3 Creating Conscious Connections” – How to live a life of design not one of default…Throughout our life, we all have different challenges, how can we allow these obstacles to facilitate growth and expansion, not contraction or fear? Cyrina Bullard Pharm.D., the author, will take you on a journey that begins with a lightning strike, jolting her to the ground. This was the first of the trilogy of nearly fatal episodes in her life. Personally revealing, authentic, and vulnerable, Cyrina shares some challenging details of her life, with the intention of inspiring you to enjoy your moments. She wants you to know that you are not a statistic and that you have the power to rise above your challenges and circumstances. Intentionally, Dr. Bullard weaves science throughout her interesting journey with the desire to help the world learn tools to be present for and to enjoy your life. In C3 Creating Conscious Connections, Cyrina shares resources, and tools to help you:-Become more resilient -Catch Happiness-Be present-Have Gratitude-and to Know without a doubt you have-P3: Purpose, Passion, and endless Possibilities. C3 Creating Conscious Connections inspires us to learn and implement scientifically proven tools to help optimize this gift called life!

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