Hope in Adversity – April 1, 2020

Join us with authors Fran Hathaway and her daughter Julia Hathaway with “Climate Chains” and LaWanda Lewis Burrell, author of “Stand Up, Speak Up, Because Your Time’s Up: Restoring Hope in the Time of Adversity”

Tonight’s episode is titled “Hope in Adversity”, with guest authors Fran Hathaway, Julia Healthway, and LaWanda Lewis Burrell.

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Climate Chains by [Hathaway, Fran, Hathaway, Julia]


The future of the planet — and all of us on it — is in peril due to climate change. But what can any of us do about it? “Climate Chains” is more than a play on words. It’s the uplifting story of how one family faced this frightening threat and broke the chains that bind us to damaging ways of living.
Clifford is a a retired university professor, an expert in climate change. He lives with his daughter Caroline, who teaches English at a small local college. Her husband Chuck is a down-to earth guy who owns several car dealerships and worries that the trend toward clean energy will be bad for his business.
John is Caroline’s brother, a financial analyst in painful grief after his wife Emma was killed in a curious automobile accident. Jason is his teenaged son, and Sarah, who reveres Cliff and his command of environmental knowledge, is his girlfriend. Sarah’s dad was involved in a secret affair with Emma and suffers silently after her fiery death on the way to meet him.
Robert is a university graduate student who becomes Cliff’s partner in an important series of community seminars about the risks of climate change.
They’re all good people, facing life’s ups and downs, hopes and fears, disease and death with courage and resolve. At a time when the world can look dark, they show the way to a brighter, more fulfilling future.

Ananda was a shy, small town girl from Alabama, but had some big city dreams. She was the younger sister and always leaned on her big sister for guidance and support. When she got older she realized her sister, who she loved dearly wasn’t always going to be around, and had to learn how to allow her voice to be heard and become independent. She was raised with a good upbringing from her parents, and sheltered from the evils of the world, but after persuading her parents to work during her teenage years, she experienced discrimination on her very first job, which truly scared her heart. This motivated her to do well in school, graduate from college, look for job opportunities, and move far away. Ananda soon realized after she moved that ignorant people lives everywhere. Her life is an emotional rollercoaster as she experiences childhood bullying, death of loved ones, lasting friendships, happiness, infidelity, forgiveness, health and safety, hardships, finding true love, harassment in the workplace and cherishing marriage and family. As she gets older she realizes that the ups and downs of life can be exhausting and sometimes a little ME time may be just what the doctor ordered. Ananda discovers that the power of prayer and having a voice to speak up is essential to her everyday life’s journey, as she takes control of her destiny.


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