Fall Into Reading – October 23, 2019

Join us with authors Daniel Braum, Jane Vassil, and Joanne Angel Barry Colon.

Between the Covers – 10/23/19

Between the Covers – 10/23/19. Between the Covers is aired live before a studio audience on Strong Island Television from Paradise Studios, Long Island New York. www.ParadiseStudiosNY.com

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Daniel Braum, author of “The Serpent’s Shadow”

In Cancun 1986, Mayans and Mexicans are fighting each other using strange powers they do not understand. A young American, alive with his first taste of star-crossed love, finds himself caught in the crossfire. Who is the mysterious and deadly White Lady murdering tourists? What strange, otherworldly things wait in the jungle? Will our young hero beware or heed Saint Death’s call?

Spirits Unwrapped



Daniel Braum





Jane Vassil, author of “Martha And Me”

Six-year-old Martha is smart, sassy, and speaks differently than those around her. She does not think anything is wrong with her, but unfortunately, the world does. During the day, her classmates tease her about the way she talks. At night, Martha retreats into her imagination and finds happiness in her pretend play as a teacher who loves all her handicapped students.

Martha has real dreams. She is a good child who helps her mother with chores around the house and loves listening to her babysitter, Rosa, tell fairytales. But when Martha’s teacher asks her to read her paper in front of the class one day, all the other students laugh and bully her. Martha is naturally devastated. She must learn to overcome her challenges, believe in herself, and practice kindness. But will she ever be able to find a friend who accepts her just as she is?

Martha and Me shares the touching story of a sweet little girl’s journey as she finds her purpose in life and teaches the world that being physically challenged does not define her, but instead makes her special.


Joanne Angel Barry Colon, author of “Creative Cash Flow”

Creative Cash Flow is a fun book designed to help the reader surrender resistance and negative thinking surrounding money. Cover to cover, the reader will learn powerful tools to help attract and manifest easy cash flow into one’s life by applying intention, meditation, visualization, journaling, and so much more. Rev Joanne Angel Barry Colon has 30+ years in the health, fitness and wellness industry. She is the owner of Wholistic Fitness, formerly known as Fitness “”R”” Us, certified personal trainer, holistic nutrition coach, reiki master/teacher, intuitive healer, natural body builder, host of Joanne’s Healing Within T.V Show featured on Strong Island Television and the creator of Chakra Balance Numerology Cosmic Energy Forecast Deck. Joanne has helped, educated and healed over 20,000 people, transforming their mind, body and spirit with movement, nutrition and meditation.

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