A “Scary” Good Time – October 30, 2019

Join us with authors Nicole Christensen, Jacqueline Grey, and Melissa Kuch.

Nicole Christensen, author of “From Crisis to Calm: A Patient Advocate’s Take on Healthcare Coordination”, #1 New Release on Amazon in Medical Homecare Books.

Are you overwhelmed and underprepared? Feeling confused or even guilty? Concerned that you could miss something? Don’t have all the answers? Stop, Breathe and Browse these pages for insights and information on navigating the healthcare journey for yourself or your loved one. Most of us are, were or will be a caregiver. This fact does not make it easier but this book will help you understand how to put care plans in place, guide you to health care options, equip you to potentially prevent healthcare errors, and help you access the peace of mind you need Caregiving is a journey that can be both beautiful and frustrating (sometimes at the same time). The truth is it is devastating seeing someone you love sick, hurt or facing declining health. Care Coordination and patient advocacy is the guidance you need for the journey. Read and discover how to bring calm into your caregiving journey.

Jacqueline Grey, author of “Ghost House” 

One night in a haunted house thrusts Andrew Hollenbeck into the center of a sixty-year-old curse. In his dreams, he meets a mysterious stranger named Caius. With each recurring dream, the connection between them grows. But it is one thing to fall for someone you cannot have, it is something else entirely to fall for a person who doesn’t exist. Or does he?

Details from Andrew’s dreams are seeping into reality, in the form of books he’s never seen before and a terrifying creature called the Snake. He wants to believe that Caius could be real too, but waking Caius with a kiss would only be the beginning of their story.

Caius is a sorcerer who cursed people in the past, and he’s been trapped in the dream as punishment for his crimes. Andrew doesn’t think Caius is evil, but if he were to awaken, would he be the charming man Andrew knows? Or a villain in disguise?


Melissa Kuch, author of “The Hypothesis of Giants Series”

From Book 1: For the past fifteen years no one questioned the Sacred Hour in the town of Candlewick. Until one night a mysterious conch shell sounds throughout the Sacred Hour, only to be heard by two young teenagers. Aurora Alvarez is a misfit amongst her peers, desperately trying to fit in but failing to live up to the expectations of her parents and society. She unexpectedly discovers she is fated to ally herself with none other than rebellious Boreas Stockington, who allegedly escaped from the impenetrable Candlewick Prison. These two young teenagers must embark on a perilous adventure where they need to help Otus, a thirty-foot giant, prevent a cataclysmic event from occurring—the Geometric Storm. The journey will take them far from the safety of Wishbone Avenue and into the depths of the unknown and the secrets of the past. However, nothing could prepare these unlikely heroes for facing their own inner demons and the realization that Aurora and Boreas are on this quest together, whether they want to be or not.





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