On-The-Air Book Launch Celebration! – September 18, 2019

Join us with authors Linda Springer for her book launch, Jacqueline Grey, Thomas Duffy, and Joe Satriano.

Between the Covers – "Celebrating Books" 09/18/19

Between the Covers – "Celebrating Books" 09/18/19. Between the Covers is aired live before a studio audience on Strong Island Television from Paradise Studios, Long Island New York. www.ParadiseStudiosNY.com

Posted by Strong Island Television on Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Celebrating the Book Launch with Linda Springer, author of “There’s Always Hope: A Mother’s Her-Story of Multiple Chemical and Electromagnetic Sensitivities”

“Linda, what’s going on with your son’s health?” was the question I would hear from friends and family back in 2010.

I would give them a small tidbit, a small factoid about what was going on, but few knew all of the horrible details of my son’s bizarre illness, which came upon him suddenly and unexpectedly with a plethora of strange symptoms seemingly out of nowhere.

“When I write my book, you will know all of the details” was my typical answer to the question of Bret’s health.

There’s Always Hope, A Mother’s Her-story of Multiple Chemical and Electromagnetic Sensitivities is that book!

It’s a Mother’s story of her son’s illness, the despair and helplessness of not knowing how to treat her child when conventional doctors have no answers. It’s finding those answers, working towards a physical healing, and then going on a spiritual journey of hope and enlightenment.

Jacqueline Grey, author of “Ghost House: A Fairy Tale”

One night in a haunted house thrusts Andrew Hollenbeck into the center of a sixty-year-old curse. In his dreams, he meets a mysterious stranger named Caius. With each recurring dream, the connection between them grows. But it is one thing to fall for someone you cannot have, it is something else entirely to fall for a person who doesn’t exist. Or does he?

Details from Andrew’s dreams are seeping into reality, in the form of books he’s never seen before and a terrifying creature called the Snake. He wants to believe that Caius could be real too, but waking Caius with a kiss would only be the beginning of their story.

Caius is a sorcerer who cursed people in the past, and he’s been trapped in the dream as punishment for his crimes. Andrew doesn’t think Caius is evil, but if he were to awaken, would he be the charming man Andrew knows? Or a villain in disguise?

Thomas Duffy, author of “The Separation”

In the distant future, there is a separation of the sexes at birth for the good of society. Financial needs, above all else, have led to such drastic measures. The Separation is the story of the life of a male named Finn. The book traces his life at birth and continues past his “education” as well as beyond the time when he ultimately learns of the opposite sex. What will result from the revelation of a female society? Finn may wish he never found out. This is a story of the consequences of needs, desires and answers to questions that sometimes should not be asked.

Joe Satriano, author of “In Sickness and In Health” and founder of The Susan Satriano Memorial Scholarship Foundation will discuss a fantastic upcoming fundraiser that you won’t want to miss!

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