Words To Inspire You – December 4, 2019

Join us with authors Janet Rudolph, Elaine Donadio, and Nicholas Shatarah with “Words to Inspire”.

Janet Rudolph, author of “When Moses Was a Shaman, When Eve Was a Goddess: A Shamanic View of the Bible, and One Gods: The Mystic Pagan’s Guide to the Bible” – The Bible is full of awe-inspiring magic while also serving to record some of history’s most human stories. Its roots are steeped in the quintessential riddles surrounding life’s origins and mysteries. When Moses Was a Shaman delves into Moses’s most famous legends to unlock hidden shamanic knowledge. This book explores how the stories of Moses’s life have had an indelible influence on modern-day human experience. Come to discover a radically new and inspiring take on some of the oldest tales of the Bible. Take a deep dive into some of the most breathtaking moments of Moses’s life including: The hidden mysteries of his early years. His mystical discovery of the Burning Bush. His thrilling life journeys across esoteric, otherworldly thresholds. The dramatic parting of the Sea of Reeds . His personal interactions with divinity. His connections with fire, serpents, seeds, Venus, and the moon.

Elaine Donadio, author of “The Ocean’s Way (The Montgomery Kids Series)” – What begins as a light-hearted adventure ends as a commitment, when eleven-year-old New York City girl Holly, uses her passion for poetry to win a grant writing contest to study marine life in Florida during Christmas vacation with her best friend, Jasmine. Holly looks forward to leaving the gray, winter skies of New York City behind. She imagines a carefree, fun in the sun adventure, but her optimism is short-lived. Her fear of public speaking is highlighted as Holly learns she must present her findings at a school assembly program. Jasmine’s family problems and her fear of flying and swimming create obstacles to Holly’s idyllic expectations. The contrast between the girls is heightened by revelations of their family lives and their different approaches to the world around them. Holly, the gentle poet, overcomes her fear of public speaking as she continues to grieve her father’s death. Jasmine, the seemingly self-assured realist, battles her fears while dealing with the consequences of her alcoholic mother’s neglect. Their friendship grows stronger as the girls accept each other’s differences and limitations. Environmental issues are understood and an appreciation of the balance of nature and the interaction between the animal world and the environment is gained, with visits to biomes and ecosystems, as they interact with dolphins, alligators, swamp wetlands and manatees. Holly vows to raise money to help stranded marine mammals as they participate in the heart-wrenching rescue of stranded pilot whales on Florida’s Gulf Coast. Throughout the story, questions are asked and answered in detail, as well-researched facts are embedded in the dialogue and action. Since Holly writes poetry, some facts are written in unrhymed verse. Holly is particularly drawn to this world and expresses interest in returning someday. She realizes the difference one person can make and hopes to be a catalyst for awareness and positive action. The girls accept awards for their multi-media presentation at their school assembly. When Holly is asked to make closing remarks, she walks on stage with confidence. She recites her poem, “The Ocean’s Way” which makes an analogy between the ebb and flow of the tide and the questions and answers churning in her head. She overcomes fears and personal disappointments to reach her goals. Holly now understands how keeping the environment in balance ensures the continuity of all species.

Nicholas Shatarah, author of “Silent Words: Poetry and Prose” – Nicholas Shatarah is a writer, poet from Long Island, New York. Silent Words is Nicholas 3rd installment, following his books Today Tomorrow & Everyday and “us”. Silent Words is more than poetry, it’s affirmations, stories, and quotes. Nicholas hopes you can relate to his stories as one of your own.

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