So Much to be Thankful For – November 27, 2019

Join us with authors William John Rostron, Kieran Larkin, and LaToya Guy Harris via Skype.

Between the Covers – 11/27/19

Between the Covers – 11/27/19. Between the Covers is aired live before a studio audience on Strong Island Television from Paradise Studios, Long Island New York.

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William John Rostron, author of “The Band in the Wind” and “Sound of Redemption” series   1990 – On a moonlit evening in Key West, Florida, the “Journal of Johnny Cipp” is found on a secluded beach. It has been more than twenty-three years since the author disappeared from his home 1500 miles away. His opening journal entry is cryptic in its message.
“Unlike the lyrics to the rock classic, ‘The Summer of ‘69,’ the Jimmy in my band didn’t quit, and my Joey didn’t get married. In my life, they died. In fact, except for me, they all died . . . and I have never before told our story.” Thus begins the saga of the lone survivor of a series of tragic events decades earlier.

1967 – Southeast Queens, New York is in turmoil. Amid the escalating chaos, five young men form a band in hopes of escaping the mounting violence, poverty, and drugs surrounding them. Johnny Cipp, the driving force behind the group, wants to lead them to fame and fortune. Instead, he takes them down a path where one misstep can result in destruction.
It is said that if you remember the 1960’s you were not really there. However, this was not a time of peace and love for everyone. In Johnny Cipp’s neighborhood, it is a time of violent upheaval – and he remembers every moment of it. His journal weaves an intricate tale of five young men who attempt to escape their chaotic situation with their only available weapons—their love and loyalty for each other . . . and their music. As the band bonds both musically and personally, they come to realize what success means to each of them. To one, it will be a release from the abusive beatings of his father. For another, it will be a chance to be with the girl of his dreams. A third member’s goal is a secret. For all of them, their music holds the promise of a brighter future. With each motivated to escape their present situation, they push toward establishing themselves as a professional band.

In June of 1967, they got their big break, and it was the beginning of the end.

Band in the Wind takes place during the mounting racial tensions of the decade, in a time when New York City’s identity is under transformation. At its heart, this is a story about the turbulence of adolescence unfolding during an equally turbulent period in America’s history.
Steeped in 1960s rock and roll atmosphere, and outfitted with a killer soundtrack, this novel will be perfect for fans of A Bronx Tale, Not Fade Away, Stand by Me (“The Body”), The Commitments, and Eddie and the Cruisers.

Nicholas Shatarah, author of “Silent Words: Poetry and Prose” – Nicholas Shatarah is a writer, poet from Long Island, New York. Silent Words is Nicholas 3rd installment, following his books Today Tomorrow & Everyday and “us”. Silent Words is more than poetry, it’s affirmations, stories and quotes. Nicholas hopes you can relate to his stories as one of your own.

LaToya Guy Harris, author of “Cleave: A Christian Woman’s Journey Toward Rebuilding Her Marriage” – No marriage is perfect right? Although we may portray it to be from the outside looking in, it’s always helpful to know that someone else may have gone through a similar experience. CLEAVE is a memoir that details how Guy overcame some of the many obstacles we all deal with, not only through marriage, but also through relationships!!!! As women we sometimes withhold our inner thoughts from our significant other that can lead to causing a war, sometimes even creating an addiction….. Does this make the author an expert, not at all, but through faith and family she survived and thrived and you can too!!!!

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