And The Groundhog says… We Have an On-The-Air-Book Launch Celebration! – February 5, 2020

Join us with authors Margreit Maitland for her book launch, Skype guests Allen Stanfill and Sophia Henry.

Between the Covers – "And The Groundhog Says… We Have An On-The-Air Book Celebration"

Between the Covers – "And The Groundhog Says… We Have An On-The-Air Book Celebration" February 5th, 2020. Between the Covers is aired live before a studio audience on Strong Island Television from Paradise Studios, Long Island New York.

Posted by Strong Island Television on Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Celebrating the Book Launch with Margreit Maitland, author of “Runaway at Sea” –  A naïve plan to run away and cruel misfortune puts twelve-year-old Robert and his best friend Michael on a British naval vessel. When the boys are found huddling at the bottom of a lifeboat, they are forced into service and their hopes for an easy passage are crushed. Now they must figure out how to survive in this harsh maritime world and find a way out, without getting shot as deserters. Horrible squalls, a mysterious initiation at the Equator, and an untimely death during a perilous rounding of Cape Horn fill the months with adventure. An unexpected opportunity to escape suddenly presents itself and the boys muster the courage to desert. Immediately, they are lost in a dense and dangerous jungle and must learn a new way to stay alive.

Allen Stanfill, author of “Children of the Cursed” – In a kingdom in turmoil, people only care for riches and power. As a war breaks out between countries, a godly power is awakening. Two boys train at the Academy to become Knights of Valor. Best friends, one is filled with light while the other leans towards darkness. They both have the power to change the world – or destroy it – in their battle for what they believe is right.

Sophia Henry, author of “Saints (Saints and Sinners Duet Book 1)” – Moscow 1989…Food shelves are empty. Streets are lawless. And a ruthless Russian Mafia leader offers to keep me safe…for a price. When my twin brother defects from Moscow to play hockey in America, a ruthless Russian gang sets their sights on me as part of an extortion plot. The leader of a rival operation offers to keep me safe…for a price. In exchange for their protection, he wants my body. And as badly as I want to say no, body over life seems like a better deal. But as I slip deeper into his world, the rival gang’s leader demands more from me. Now he wants the only thing I’m unwilling to give him…my heart.

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