Donna Cariello

“Ambassadors of HOPE” is the light that today’s world needs – a spotlight on those who choose everyday to be ambassadors for all that they believe in.

Within each story, the reader will learn to:

Step Up To The Plate

find a cause or mission to make a difference

Listen With Your Heart

understand your purpose in the big picture

Spark A Call To Action

help others, allowing those good deeds to spill over into your own life

Be A Role Model

talk the talk and walk the walk, as actions speak louder than words

Pay It Forward

use your time, talent, money and resources to impact others in a positive way

Every person has a journey…Every journey tells a story…

Years ago I heard an inner voice telling me to write a book about the people that have crossed my path and who have made a difference. Here are those real-life stories of amazing people who will share their life experience, which was sparked by unseen strength. This book inspires, raises awareness and spreads goodness in your commUNITY.

Together We Can Spark The HOPE Movement!

* * *

This book is a compilation of inspiring stories that demonstrate how being empathetic to the needs of others through volunteerism can enrich your life. I strongly recommend this book to those looking to improve their life and the lives of others.

Ellen Bambrick

Licensed Clinical Social Worker