Welcome to the Launch Pad: Countdown to Marketing Your Book – July 19, 2023

Meet Erika Lance, author of “The Author’s Accountability Planner” and Annie McDonnell, author of “Annie’s Song: Dandelions, Dreams, and Dogs.”

Erika Lance, author ofThe Author’s Accountability Partner – Erika Lance is a writer of horror, suspense, Sci-fi, and a little fantasy. She has been many things in this life, but she is most proud of being a nerd before it was cool. Growing up in the ’80s and ’90s, she will tell you, finding another female D&D player was rare. She is also the CEO of 4 Horsemen Publications, Inc., Accomplishing Innovations Press, and The Little Horsemen. She is the host of Drinking with Authors podcast and co-host of the Eerie Travels podcast. Erika fell in love with horror while watching Elvira and Dr. Paul Bearer on Saturday afternoon TV and was hooked. She believes that life is an adventure and it is built on the things you do, the people you surround yourself with, and most of all, the things you create. She loves to create worlds and stories, finding that not all stories have happy endings.



Annie McDonnell, author of “Annie’s Song: Dandelions, Dreams, and Dogs “ – Annie McDonnell’s thoughtful book reviews won a regular spot with Elle magazine in 2006. She soon launched her blog, The Write Review. After she was declared permanently disabled in 2014, she devoted herself full-time to the literary community and became known as one of its best book reviewers. Annie has written articles and endorsements for authors; conducted author interviews; and consulted with authors on promotions and events. She continues to do so as her health allows. In addition, she administers the Write Review and World of the Write Review on Facebook. What makes her debut memoir Annie’s Song: Dandelions, Dreams and Dogs even more remarkable is that much of it was written since Annie was told in January 2020 that she must go into hospice and was given last rites. An advocate for literacy, animal rescue, and those with disabilities, Annie is donating the proceeds from her cross-genre memoir—which hit top spots on Amazon’s Hot How to Get More Book Reviews New Releases charts in Biographies/Memoirs of People with Disabilities, Poetry/Grief, Death and Bereavement, and Books by Irish Authors, among others—to nonprofits that serve those causes.



Happy Valentine’s Day! – February 15, 2023

Please join us with authors Michael Vecchione, C.M. Alongi, and J.W. Webb.

Michael Vecchione, author of “Fallen Angel”When a priest in the Vatican’s Office of Exorcisms in New York noticed the upheaval that was occurring in American cities after perpetrators of particularly heinous and insidious crimes had been acquitted after trial, something struck him about the dates of those crimes. His research revealed that the crimes all preceded satanic exorcisms he had witnessed or performed and struck at the very fabric of society. After additional research revealed eerily similar instances had occurred around the world, being an exorcist with a thorough knowledge of the Devil and his works, the priest concluded that Satan was directly responsible for the crimes and the chaos. In America, the Devil had been winning because crimes like those studied by the priest, resulting in criminal trials, were being lost by the prosecution. The reasons for the losses varied from Jurisdiction to jurisdiction. But a closer examination revealed that the Devil had used his wiles to affect the investigations and trials, thus ensuring the desired outcome would be achieved. Once Brooklyn became ground zero for the Evil One, a local prosecutor with the skill, personality, strength, and tenacity to take on Satan, to withstand his counterattacks and beat him, was recruited. Michael Gioca, Chief of the Rackets Division in the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office, was handpicked by a secret government agency to be that warrior. With crimes that had actually taken place in Brooklyn and investigated and prosecuted by the author as the backdrop, Fallen Angel, A True Crime Fantasy, is the story of Gioca’s war with Satan.


C.M. Alongi, author of “To Kill a Necromancer” – In a world of greed, gods, and monsters, paladins are chosen to do what no mortal human can. Granted divine attributes of their chosen deity, they protect the broken fragments of human civilization from any and all threats, often from necromancers, those born with the ability to speak with and raise the dead. Such a power inevitably corrupts and turns each and every necromancer evil. Right? Jinua has just received her first assignment as a paladin: to execute a necromancer terrorizing a small town with an undead army. But what should be a straightforward mission turns complicated when another necromancer reveals himself as an ally, flying in the face of everything Jinua’s ever heard about his kind. Can she trust him to help her on her quest, or is he an even greater threat?



J.W. Webb, author of “Dreamslayers: A Legends of Ansu Fantasy”Arraleen Caze’s rage knows no bounds. Quick to feed enemies to her pet panthers, the wealthy spymaster’s daughter is appalled when fools call for the destruction of her missing father’s land and the deaths of their people. So when her parent reappears, the arrogant assassin whisks him away from the impending carnage to plan their bloody revenge. Gujun the Slayer’s options are rapidly shrinking. On the run after offing the vile emperor that hired him, the killers on his trail leave little room for rest. And with his hopes of an easy retirement now well out of reach, he has no qualms about accepting a bounty for the infamous spymaster’s decapitation. Escaping into neutral territory with her father in tow, Arraleen is incensed when they are double-crossed and given up to a powerful sorcerer. And the closer Gujun draws to his quarry, the more he wonders if he’s on the side of good or evil. As fate dooms the two to fight blade-to-blade, will either emerge unscathed? Dreamslayers is the action-packed first book in the Slayer epic fantasy series. If you like sharp-tongued characters, gritty landscapes, and pure vengeance, you’ll love J.W. Webb’s whirlwind grimdark tale.



Join us for an Enlightening Episode – December 7, 2022

Meet Hannah-Louise Smith, author of “Awakening: Mythics and Mortals Book 1” and Linda Trott-Dickman, author of “Catching the Light.”

Hannah-Louise Smith, author of “Awakening: Mythics and Mortals Book 1” – Christina Jones had always thought that she was normal, just your typical unlucky woman. But this all changes on her twenty-first birthday when she falls, quite literally, headfirst into a world that was thought only to exist in Ancient Greek mythology. With her new friends, Sophie Romain and Lucas Teravin, by her side, Christina has to fight, not only to control her developing powers and remember who she is, but also to fight the demon that hunts her for a mysterious figure called The Master.





Linda Trott-Dickman, author of “Catching the Light”Catching the Light is for all of you would be, could be, already are poets. Whether in the classroom, community center, or home school community, this little book will guide you through some of poetry’s basic forms.   This fun volume not only provides poetry prompts, but a helpful resource area in the back that will guide the leader through many unanswered questions that they might have. Come on, catch the light!



Happy Thanksgiving! November 23, 2022

Meet Steve Heiman, author of “Greetings, Planet Earth!” and Wayne Turmel, author of “Johnny Lycan & The Vegas Berserker.”

Steve Heiman, author of “Greetings, Planet Earth!”Book One of the Jack Gripper Series. Aliens are here, and they want our chocolate. It’s up to Jack to save the planet and stop a galactic war! Jack Gripper loves playing pranks and eating pizza. But when he’s tasked with selecting an alien species to mentor Earth for the next one hundred years, he’d better make the right call, or the Earth is doomed. Can he overcome obstacles and diabolical plots to pick the right alien? And, just as important…can chocolate and pizza survive the alien encounter?



Wayne Turmel, author of “Johnny Lycan & The Vegas Berserker” – America’s favorite werewolf P.I. is off to Las Vegas. What could go wrong? Life’s good for Johnny Lupul. He has a steady gig and a growing reputation as a guy who gets things done. He’s even learning to keep his Lycan side under control—most. But when he’s sent to Sin City on a simple retrieval job, things go sideways. He bumps up against a coven of unconventional witches, a psychic pawn broker, and a mysterious enemy with a secret darker and more violent than his own. Take a bite out of the exciting second book in this gritty urban fantasy noir series.






Finding Hope – June 1, 2022

Please join us with Amanda Muratoff, Judy Stanigar, and Mariam El Houli.

Amanda Muratoff, co-author of “Embrace of the Shade” – Amarie’s legendary magic could incinerate her enemies, but it’s her sword she trusts. While running from the men who killed her family, she learns of an ancient text locked within the Great Library that might be the final key to understanding her curse. During the daring theft, a stranger inserts himself into her scheme. Kin’s roguish good looks and boundless charm threaten to distract her, but she has no intention of landing in the city jail. Kin’s life, riddled with shadows and death, is as dark as his soul. He embraces his power, given by a wicked master, but when he meets Amarie… She shatters the walls he’s built, piercing his solitude with vibrant light. But if she learns he hunts the power cursing her family, he will lose her forever. Trusting him could risk her heart and her life, but it might be the only way to destroy the world’s most sinister evil. Unless Kin’s master finds her first…



Judy Stanigar, author of “Marika’s Best Laid Plan” – Marika is a social worker trying to heal her drug addict clients, but she can’t seem to mend her damaged self. She avoids love because love sits too close to death. Her choices have left her carefully ordered life a lonely, disconnected one. Everything is about to change. Big-hearted, quirky, emotionally walled-off Marika embarks on a plan that ultimately forces her to confront the very thing she’s spent her life avoiding: love. Marika’s Best Laid Plan is story about the power of connection and hope, the things without which life is unbearable.




Mariam El Houli, author of “The Olive Tree”Nisma is like any other 16-year-old. She goes to school, she fights with her brothers, and she loves her grandmother, Nazik. But, life for Nisma isn’t as simple as boys and books: Nisma is an Islamic Palestinian in Israel, and her new friend, Hannah, is a Zionist. When Hannah’s mother is attacked and Nisma invites the pair to live in her family home, she has no idea of the chain of events that she has set in motion. What unfolds will show Nisma that in a country shrouded by corruption, bigotry and segregation, love and compassion is her best chance at survival. A love letter to the Palestinian people, Mariam El Houli’s The Olive Tree is a heartbreaking and gripping debut – a tale of friendship, strength and loss, and the fatal consequences systematic prejudice can have on a country’s people.




New Year, New Beginnings – January 5, 2022

Meet Jane Taylor, author of “Dragon Tempest: Season of the Dragon Book 1,” James Battestelli, author of “(A Resolution) To Die For: Book II of Resolution” and Stephen Christiansen, author of “Istobarra Commencement: Orbbelgguren Book 1.”

Jane Taylor, author of “Dragon Tempest: Season of the Dragon Book 1” – Everyone thought monsters were things of pure fantasy. We were so very, very wrong. The end of life as we knew it didn’t come with a nuclear blast of light. It didn’t come with the deadly impact of a hurdling asteroid. No. It came in a wave of illness that swept the world with fear. With all the humans in quarantine, quiet settled over the planet for months. Beasts hidden away for millennia ventured out of their buried caverns to investigate the sudden stillness. Leviathans, serpent kings, and dragons came forth from the bowels of the Earth, and they saw no reason to go back to their sleep after the humans tried to reemerge. The season of the dragon began with fire and fury and would end with a new world order. One in which these giant terrorists held all the power. Every military institution across the globe was rendered to dust by these intelligent creatures. And then came their demands: humanity’s complete surrender and servitude. Being a slave is not in my DNA and yet I have been called upon to negotiate a peace treaty with these monsters. The only problem is every fiber of my being opposes their terms. If I blow this mission, the human race won’t be given another chance.



Stephen Christiansen, author of “Istobarra Commencement: Orbbelgguren Book 1 – Medri Jabbress Olis’inth, a female dark elf necromancer, finds herself ensnared in a web of intrigue and conspiracies. In her journey through the underworld she uncovers more and more of a grand plot while discovering more about herself and where she fits in with her new life. Yasrae Do’tlar retains the blasphemous secret of his house. His only hope in keeping his house and his life alive is in the trust of a battle captive. Valas Velkyn, leader of the House of acquisitions from the city of Malzebowan, has found that one of his most trusted contacts has been assassinated. His investigation leads to a discovery of grand proportions, the likes of which can only lead to war. Enter a world of plots, lies, deception, and murder.


James Battestelli, author of “(A Resolution) To Die For: Book II of Resolution” – This is what happens some 19 or so years after Dylan had a mental breakdown in the fall of 2001 as a Freshman at Temple University (In “Shook”). Find out if he settles into his life, or if he is still struggling to find his true self in the great big world. What happened after the grim resolution that he made on New Year’s Eve?







The Path to Peace and Happiness – December 2, 2020

Join us with authors John Krahn, Aisya Carroll, and Bernice Burgos.

John Krahn, author of “Living a Happier Life: At Every Age!” – Living a Happier Life – At Every Age! is a book for everyone who desires more happiness in their lives. It considers many different aspects of life where a better understanding and a different attitude will help lead to a happier life. Do you find yourself worrying too much? Are life’s challenges and hurts piling up on you? Do you sometimes feel worthless? Have you ever wondered why there is so much suffering in the world? These are just some of the questions this book seeks to answer. Living a Happier Life also looks at how you might make a positive difference with your life. Prayer and forgiveness are presented as vehicles to a happier life. As you grow older, you are shown how to do this with grace. Then, as you step from this life into eternity, you will learn how to do this with both peaceful acceptance and joy. Pure happiness awaits you in the presence of God. You are heaven bound through believing in the Lord Jesus Christ. The happiest time in your life still awaits you.


Aisya Carroll, author of “The Pressures of Becoming a Diamond” – Aisya’s character’s name is Tasha. The book setting takes place in the late 1990’s into the early 2000’s. She shares her experiences with homelessness, hunger, domestic violence and so much more. Tasha shares her experiences with low self-esteem, issues with colorism, and loneliness. Tasha watches her mother struggle with a drug addiction, which causes Tasha to be abandoned eventually. Tasha somehow pulls herself out of the vicious cycle, as she struggles to make it through high school without the basic necessities in life. Tasha shares her experiences with childhood trauma. Tasha reveals a shocking surprise of her existence in this world. Tasha demonstrates how the pressures of becoming a diamond are challenging. Many children experience childhood trauma and are silenced as a result of the trauma.



Bernice Burgos, author of “V Servi Dei”What do you do when the Ruler of the Underworld comes to Earth and gives you a mission out of the norm? You either take it or wind up back in Hell torturing the damned for eternity.  Don’t get me wrong torturing is fun, but it gets old quick. I couldn’t last another century doing that job. Besides, I earned my passage to Earth by being the most cunning and loyal Demon in Hell. Alright, maybe being a traitor to Eden boosted my evil streak. A Demons gotta do, what a Demons gotta do!

On Earth, I’m one of New York City’s finest homicide detectives, classic! But in reality, I’m Master Lucifer’s eyes and ears on the ground. I get bored pretty quickly thou and occasionally, for the right price, I moonlight for the Vs. Earth is crawling with Vampires, Witches, and freaks all fighting for the same seat at the table, POWER.  I have to admit, the Vs are on the top of their game and everyone on Earth is severing them in one way or another, even the Humans. V Servi Dei, Servant of the V, is what they like to call us. Except, that isn’t me. I serve one Master, Lucifer.





Join Us For Our First On-The-Air Book Club – August 19, 2020

Join us at Between The Covers with our first Book Club guests, The Shayna Maidels. We will be discussing Kristen Hannah’s The Great Alone. SPOILER ALERT! Yes – we will be discussing the WHOLE book, so if you haven’t yet read it, please BE AWARE!

If you have read the book already, great! If not click the book below to purchase so you can follow along with us!

Kristin Hannah – author of, The Great Alone, a desperate family seeks a new beginning in the near-isolated wilderness of Alaska only to find that their unpredictable environment is less threatening than the erratic behavior found in human nature.

Alaska, 1974. Ernt Allbright came home from the Vietnam War a changed and volatile man. When he loses yet another job, he makes the impulsive decision to move his wife and daughter north where they will live off the grid in America’s last true frontier.

Cora will do anything for the man she loves, even if means following him into the unknown. Thirteen-year-old Leni, caught in the riptide of her parents’ passionate, stormy relationship, has little choice but to go along, daring to hope this new land promises her family a better future.

In a wild, remote corner of Alaska, the Allbrights find a fiercely independent community of strong men and even stronger women. The long, sunlit days and the generosity of the locals make up for the newcomers’ lack of preparation and dwindling resources.

But as winter approaches and darkness descends, Ernt’s fragile mental state deteriorates. Soon the perils outside pale in comparison to threats from within. In their small cabin, covered in snow, blanketed in eighteen hours of night, Leni and her mother learn the terrible truth: they are on their own.



Light Up Your Life – July 10, 2019

Between the Covers – "Light Up Your Life"" 07/10/19

Between the Covers – "Light Up Your Life" 07/10/19. Between the Covers is aired live before a studio audience on Strong Island Television from Paradise Studios, Long Island New York. www.ParadiseStudiosNY.com

Posted by Strong Island Television on Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Join us with authors Andrea Roche (Nights Arose – an exciting tale of a woman who must find her matriarchal heirloom in order to be spared a voodoo curse), Raykel Tolson (Undefiled – a woman trying to find love and romance, despite her jaded background), and Maureen Calamia (Creating Luminous Spaces – Maureen shares her ground-breaking method using feng shui and biophilic design to achieve greater harmony in our lives).


Writing For A Cause – April 17, 2019

Between the Covers – "Writing For A Cause" 04/17/19

Between the Covers – "Writing For A Cause" 04/17/19. Between the Covers is aired live before a studio audience on Strong Island Television from Paradise Studios, Long Island New York. www.ParadiseStudiosNY.com

Posted by Strong Island Television on Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Join our best selling author Steven Taibbi along with fellow authors Joe Satriano and Lisa M. Strahs-Lorenc as they share their darkest hours and how they evolved into books to help others.

About Our Authors

They’ve been cutting into Steven Taibbi since the day he was born, and they still haven’t stopped. According to the doctors, Steven should have died years ago, and several times since. Born April 26, 1953, he was cyanotic—doctor-speak for what was commonly called blue baby, meaning his heart wasn’t pumping efficiently enough to properly oxygenate his blood. As if that wasn’t enough, he was also born with three birth defects, requiring three operations. There would be more operations to come—many more. Over time, he needed not one, but two heart transplants, feeling immensely grateful while struggling with survivor’s guilt.

Inspired by her husband’s battle with Pancreatic Cancer, and the effects on her family, Lisa M. Strahs-Lorenc wanted to help others affected by this deadly disease, in addition to raising money for 2 worthwhile organizations. She and Fred shared a life together for 33 years, and raised 2 beautiful children, Sari and Ryan. Raised on Long Island, New York, she met Fred at Syracuse University where she was studying Early Childhood Education, and he was studying Architecture. He later became a defense liability attorney representing architects and engineers. Lisa works for a non-profit organization that establishes partnerships between the academic and business communities to prepare students for the 21st century with careers needed on Long Island.

Joe Satriano grew up in Brooklyn, NY under the Italian wings and watchful eyes of two wonderful parents, moved out on my own for a while, met the girl of my dreams, got married, and then started a family and new life out in the ‘burbs on Long Island in Oceanside. I have lived a charmed life and am thankful for everything that it has to offer. In Sickness and In Health: A Memoir of Love allows you, the reader, to share in my and my wife’s experiences.