Spring Has Sprung – May 12, 2021

Join us with authors Cully Mack, Debbie DeLouise, and Melody Lipford.

Cully Mack, author of “A Voice That Thunders” – Immortals conquering as gods. A Shadow creeping closer… Can an apprentice healer be the key to ignite a war? Mirah looks for the best in everybody. But her naiveté is shattered when her clan is slaughtered, and she’s dragged into captivity. Vulnerable and scared, she has no choice but to accept her kidnappers’ offer to join their sect of lethal female fighters. Desperate to find stability in her chaotic new life, Mirah throws herself into training as a water mage and warrior. But as she discovers her unprecedented elemental control, her instructor warns that revealing her power will put her in mortal danger. With the fate of humanity at risk, will Mirah’s growing abilities spell her salvation… or destruction?

Debbie De Louise, author of “Time’s Relative” – It’s the fall of 1998, and librarian Samantha Stewart is looking for a new job. After seeing an ad for a high-paying position at a company called Virtual Software that entails research and travel, Sam investigates the company and learns that its president has gone missing and that it’s currently being run by the vice-president Greg Parsons. Before Sam makes it to the interview, she’s visited by a strange woman who introduces herself as Jane Oldsfield: a time traveler whose mission Greg Parsons is trying to prevent. Sam ignores the woman and goes on the job interview anyway. Soon, she finds herself involved not only with Greg Parsons, but also Philip Montmart, a chain-smoking detective with a vendetta for his wife’s killer, and the time-traveling Oldsfield and her feline accomplice. Witnessing world events that have yet to happen in her lifetime, including 9/11, Hurricane Sandy, Y2K hysteria, and the COVID pandemic, can Samantha figure out Oldsfield’s plans?

Melody Lipford, author of “Diary of Psalms: A Christian Poetry Chapbook – Welcome to my “Diary of Psalms, This is a seven-year collection of poems along with interactive reader journal/gratitude pages, cut-out bookmarks, verse cards, question/exercises pages, and more. Overall, this collection explores the experiences of one humble poet on her ever-evolving journey as a Christian, servant, and daughter of the King. My prayer is that these poems help demonstrate the everlasting love of our Heavenly Father amidst life’s joys and challenges. These poems explore a myriad of themes as a young girl growing in her faith and relationship with Christ from adolescence to young adulthood from depression, anxiety, family/friend relationships, and overall, finding true identity through the love of Christ. I encourage you to practice writing your thoughts to the Lord whether through poetry or writing your prayers or worries to Him in a simple journal. Regardless of age, poetry is a timeless expression of art and worship between a believer and Christ such as we see in the book of Psalm between King David and the Lord. This priceless exchange between myself and my Savior has now become an invaluable collection of His unfailing love and everlasting grace in my life. When storms arise in my life, I have an irrefutable record of God’s love and goodness that I can’t deny. It has given me strength when I’m weak. It is a humble reminder that when I am weak, He is strong. All glory to Him.


Celebrate Cinco De Mayo! – May 5, 2021

Join us with authors Rebecca Simon, Jason Gardner, and Argyro Graphy.

Rebecca Simon, author of “Why We Love Pirates: The Hunt for Captain Kidd and How He Changed Piracy Forever” – How the global manhunt for Captain Kidd turned pirates into the romantic antiheroes we love today.  During his life and even after his death, Captain William Kidd’s name was well known in England and the American colonies. He was infamous for the very crime for which he was hanged, piracy. Rebecca Simon dives into the details of the two-year manhunt for Captain Kidd and the events that ensued. Captain Kidd was hanged in 1701, followed by a massive British-led hunt for all pirates during a period known as the Golden Age of Piracy. Ironically, public executions only increased the popularity of pirates. And, because the American colonies relied on pirates for smuggled goods such as spices, wines, and silks; pirates tended to be protected from capture.  The more pirates were hunted and executed, the more people became supportive of the “Robin Hoods of the Sea”―both because they saw the British’s treatment of them as an injustice and because they treasured the goods pirates brought to them. These historical events were pivotal in creating the portrayal of pirates as we know them today. They grew into romantic antiheroes―which ultimately led to characters like the mischievous but lovable Captain Jack Sparrow. Simon has presented her research on the history of pirates around the world and now she’s bringing the spectacular story of Captain Kidd to her readers.


Jason Gardner, author of “A Flower in the Mouth” – A Flower in the Mouth is a book by award-winning photographer Jason Gardner, showing the culture, music, and rituals of the authentic, folkloric Carnaval festival in Pernambuco, Brazil. The 128pp book contains color and black & white images and interviews of the people shaping this dynamic culture, as well as writing from Jason’s experiences.



Argyro Graphy, author of “The Adventures of Bentley Hippo” – A loud knock at the front door has Bentley startled.  Who could it be? An excited Jaxon rambles on not making any sense.  Racing ahead pointing in the distance Bentley follows this silly monkey.  A large crowd has gathered making it impossible for Jaxon to see what the fuss is all about. Sprinting to the front of the line, Jaxon is stopped and directed to the back of the line by the ticket agent.  Frustrated, Jaxon looks around waiting for the right moment.  Determined, he makes a mad dash. Bentley has his hands full with this hyperactive monkey.  The illustrations and expressions will have you giggling in this entertaining and educational story.


Taking Charge of Life – April 28, 2021

Please join us with authors Milda M. DeVoe, Sydnie Beaupre, and Ali Skylar.

Milda M. DeVoe, author of “Book & Baby: The Complete Guide to Managing Chaos & Becoming a Wildly Successful Writer-Parent” – Partly a fascinating memoir tracing the development of the nonprofit Pen Parentis, partly an encouraging how-to manual, and lastly a valuable collection of helpful tricks, tips, and resources for parents who write, Book & Baby, The Complete Guide to Managing Chaos & Becoming A Wildly Successful Writer-Parent is an inspiring writing craft book that showcases the experiences of more than 300 authors including such powerhouses as Patty Dann, Daphne Uviller, Mira Jacob, and Min Jin Lee, to address the various stages of parenthood and how a writing career could be affected at every stage from infancy to grown-and-flown. Drawing on experiences gleaned from ten years of running the literary nonprofit that helps writers stay on creative track after starting a family, Milda M. DeVoe, founder of Pen Parentis, puts her Columbia MFA to good use in creating this fun, readable, helpful, and inspiring reference book for parents, caregivers and others who feel they need time, money, or energy to get back to their writing careers.


Sydnie Beaupré, author of “Dark One” – Readers of books written by Becca Fitzpatrick and Lauren Kate will love this take on Fallen Angels… When Khiara Banning was born, her soul— the purest of all souls— was inextricably intertwined with the outcome of the final battle between good and evil. However, due to her parents’ foolishness, she was cursed, cursed to be truly alone; no Guardian, no Soul Mate. But yet, when the fallen angel—Cael—heard the whisper of this and from the exact moment he first saw her, he knew with the core of his being that he above all others needed to protect her. Cael begged and pleaded with God to be appointed as her guardian and because He is fair, it was permitted. However, He ruled that if any mistakes were to be made, Cael would instantly be stripped of his title. Years later, the curse evolves in a terrifying new manner that not even God could have predicted. The only entity who knows the key to reversing the effects of her life, no… world-changing curse is none other than the Goddess, Morrigan, whose curse tainted Khiara in infancy. She alone has knowledge that could change Khiara’s fate forevermore. Can Cael’s perseverance, love, and angelic power surmount the poisonous evil influences that rise up as the final battle draws nearer? Will Khiara be able to endure the relentless onslaught? Her survival is crucial, as the fate of the world depends on it.


Ali Skylar, author of “Transforming “Ahh Crap” into a “Wholy Shift!” Created to inspire people with authentic, humorous, insightful, and gutsy explorations of everyday topics to help all of us move from sucky to soulful in our everyday lives.  Personal growth at the speed of life! The book was written in conjunction with a “workshop-on-the-go” for busy people seeking practical and powerful personal growth.



Overcoming Obstacles – April 21, 2021

Join us with authors E.G. Stone, Sean Valiente, and S.L. Harby.

E.G. Stone, author of “The One Who Could Not Fly” – Ravenna has grown up isolated and ostracized amongst the sylphs for her small wing size and her unusual coloring. She lives with the Intellecti, a collection of sylphs dedicated to learning, to facts, to history, to thought. But she feels most free when she runs through the trees of her beloved home. Until that is, she comes across beings that should have been a myth. Humans. Captured, Ravenna is taken from her home and into the vastness of the desert mainland. She is sold into slavery and thrown into a world that proves everything she knew about humans right: they are nothing more than the cruel, bloodthirsty beings that filled sylph myths with horror. Until that is, Ravenna makes a single mistake. She falls. Suddenly, the world is not quite what she knew. Ravenna is thrust into this world of humans and their schemings for power, their political machinations, their hopes, their dreams. Ravenna must decide whether humans are the nightmares of her people’s legends or just beings like her, finding their place in an unexpected world. And she must decide whether to save her world or to destroy it. The One Who Could Not Fly is an exciting fantasy adventure that asks questions about family, independence, and what it really means to fly.

Sean Valiente, author of “The Lightning Knight” -16-year-old Oliver Quartermain doesn’t believe in magic anymore. But who cares? He has it all: he comes from a rich and noble family and doesn’t have a care in the world. But how quickly that can all change. In the space of a few moments, Oliver’s life is turned upside down when he is tasked with protecting and saving the very magic he never believed in. But that’s not even the half of it. The only way to save magic is by training a young boy named Po Pondarion, who is destined to save the world. Not only does Oliver have to train the young and totally clueless Po, but he also has to battle an evil secret organization bent on destroying them, all while deciphering the secrets of a Magical Codex. Oliver enlists the help of his unlikely best friends, Roc and Yokel, as well as the Knight Angels, secretive vigilantes he’s only recently met, to help him train Po and save the world. That should be simple, right? Will this merry band of misfits be able to train the young Po in time for him to learn the secrets of magic and save its very existence forever? The Lightning Knight is a gripping epic fantasy that will have you on the edge of your seat, eagerly flipping to the next page. Let yourself become emersed in this rich and magical world and join Oliver and Po on the adventure of a lifetime.

S.L. Harby, author of “Shadows of a Dream” – Stephen’s existence has become a wash of malaise, from the job he despises to the life that somehow has spun out of his control. He has grown apart from his wife, her respect for him had faded many years ago. As an escape, once a week, he and his friends get together to play The Game, exploring the magical world of Taerh through role play. Stephen soon learns there is more to Taerh than he ever imagined. The Game, which he thought to be a construct of imagination, was actually based on visions of a world beyond his perceptions. In his dreams, Stephen sees the world of Taerh through the eyes of his ‘reflection’, Hollis, who lives a life that Stephen could only imagine. When tragedy strikes, Stephen must work with his reflection to unravel a mystery that spans both Taerh and Earth. New comrades in both worlds offer to aid them; although some are true allies, others are motivated by their own selfish desires. As Stephen draws closer to Hollis, he must track down the murderers of his closest friends before he joins them in death.

Reaching Goals – April 14, 2021

Please join us with authors J.D. Cunegan, Danny A. Ingellis, and Vanessa Mariah.

J.D. Cunegan, author of “The Art of Reading: How Reading Can Help You Become a Better, More Productive Writer” – Sometimes, it feels like everyone’s got some advice for how to write. But what about how to read? A full library can be a writer’s best friend, and reading plays a far bigger role in the creative process and a writer’s productivity than you might think. Stephen King, an international bestseller and uber-productive wordsmith, said it best in his book On Writing when he argued for the importance of reading, and The Art of Reading dives deeper into just why that is.J.D. Cunegan (Bounty, Notna) examines how a healthy reading habit can feed and sustain a productive and successful life as a writer. The Art of Reading will not tell you how to write, but it will show you how reading can help you improve as a writer. After all, most of us fell in love with creating because of something we read, right?

Danny A. Ingellis, author of “Deferred Glory: Heroes of the Negro Baseball Leagues” -the lives, struggles, and desire of negroes to one day become professional baseball players in the Major Leagues. During this period of their lives, these players while playing in the Negro League endured tough traveling to ballparks in cities both in the South and North in order to play baseball. They suffered through segregation mostly in the South both on and off the field. These men withstood horrible treatment because of their dreams to become Major League baseball players. Eventually, these thirty-five players and executives were inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York. Unfortunately many were inducted posthumously.


Vanessa Mariah, author of “If a Kid Were President” – Ever wonder what would happen if a kid took Oval Office? Would we be tax-free or teach animals to read? Would there be cars in the park or a curfew after dark? There is only one way to find out, it’s time to take a look at what this book is about!




Life is a Journey – April 7, 2021

Please join us with authors RK Mullins, Sarahlyn Bruck, and Brandy Lane.

R.K. Mullins, author of – “Confession Before Death” – Be careful who you are rude to. You never know when someone evil will retaliate. Thus, in the case of Kenneth Winston Wilson. How could he know one simple act, an accidental act of rudeness would haunt him in ways he couldn’t imagine.


Sarahlyn Bruck, author of “Daytime Drama” – Soap opera star by day, harried, single mom by night, Calliope Hart’s life is a delicate balancing act. When the network cancels her show, Callie’s world crumbles and she must decide whether it’s more important to fight to save the show or take a risk and start over from scratch.



Brandy Lane, author of “Where Beautiful Loves” – This book of love poems is a beautiful collection of unconditional love and adoration towards another person, in this case, a muse and mentor of the author. Full of imagery and adoration.




Uncovering Secrets – March 31, 2021

Please join us with authors Frankie Cruz, Merri Halma, and Anne Miles.

Frankie Cruz, author of “Unfit, Unhealthy & Unwell: The Truth, The Facts, The Lies The Fitness, Health & Wellness Industry Sell You” – The gargantuan fitness, health, and wellness industry are based on the premise that it helps others. We try to do all the right things to be fit and healthy, yet the obesity epidemic is still on the rise in first-world countries. We’ve all seen and used countless useless products, gadgets, programs, and books that are purported to know the ‘truth’. It seeped into our very culture. That’s why in Unfit, Unhealthy, and Unwell a group of internationally acclaimed industry veterans, renowned medical doctor Ari Bernstein and award-winning consumer psychologist Dr. Nia Williams finally reveal the tricks of the trade. These experts offer their candid opinions in a series of easy-to-read essays. Learn about the dark depths of the industry to protect yourself, and learn how it moves forward from here…

Merrie Halma, author of “Lynx on Fire: An Indigo Traveler’s Companion Novel” – Lynx is at home in his adopted world, though it is still new. The alchemist-blacksmith who rescued him from under the burning wagon buried that knowledge of Ohana, his birth world, to protect him. Called a demon cat for being different, a bonfire he witnesses awakens those memories. A bear warns Lynx to stay away from humans who have tormented him once and will again. Lynx finds himself in the land of werecats, humans, and bears, who claim they are gods of all animals. An inferno of doubt encompasses Lynx: Who really saved him from the burning wagon? Who set him on fire? Should he risk becoming the demon cat by embracing his true self?

Anne Miles, author of “Sorrowfish: The Call of the Lorica” – Sara Moore is having crazy dreams. The scary part? Waking up, with scratches and splinters. Is she losing it because of stress? Is she sleepwalking? Or is she going to another world in her dreams? No. Couldn’t be. That’s insane. Her twin sister, Marilla, is in a coma. One more unfinished sculpture will fully tank her grades. Goodbye bachelor’s degree, hello failure. Her mother will never let her live it down. It’s enough to make anyone sleepwalk. Choosing to defy the Conclave, Trystan, a bard from Pelegor, risks capture and mind control to find a magical lute through a shadow network. Dane, a wizard-luthier, meets a sinister stranger and barely escapes with his life. Together, guided by a fae only known as Sara, they will end an ancient curse and create a magical bond…or die trying.




We Are So excited To Welcome Wine, Women & Words Of The North Shore Book Club – March 26, 2021

Host Stephanie Larkin is thrilled to welcome the members of the “Wine, Women & Words of the North Shore Book Club,” along with featured guest Dina Santorelli, author of “In The Red.” 

Dina Santorelli, author of “In the Red” – When Kirk Stryker, a respected certified public accountant, is brutally murdered in his office in the Long Island village of Gardenia, all eyes are on rival Marty Benning, the handsome newcomer whose high-tech firm has been stealing Stryker’s business and attention.

Muriel Adams, a middle-aged mom who has given up on love, falls head over heels for the charming yet enigmatic Benning, despite the warnings of friends and family, and when Benning is arrested for Stryker’s murder, she is the only one to believe in his innocence.

Is Muriel blinded by love? Or is Benning playing her for a fool? In the Red is an emotionally charged contemporary thriller that follows the police investigation, media coverage, and political and economic fallout surrounding this high-profile crime, and, ultimately, uncovers a dark underbelly that reveals the dangerous places the heart can lead.

Wine, Women & Words of the North Shore Book Club thrives on supporting local authors and reads many types of genres. They are an Action Book Club, which means they help spread the importance of reading and literature throughout our communities.  Last year, they built a library for the South Oaks Children’s Psychiatric Hospital. The Nursing Manager noticed how successful they were and asked them to build three libraries for the adult units. Of course, they gladly agreed and are now putting their plan into action.

Here is more info about their Book Drive:

Besides helping our communities, their mission as a book club is to search for fun, new projects. They are always open to new ideas. They love reading all types of genres and enjoy having themed parties such as Galentines Day, Book Swaps, and Spring Fling. Also, one of their favorite things to do is meeting authors. They have hosted authors at local restaurants for dinner and have done several Zoom meetings. Through this, they have had the honor and privilege of meeting so many sweet, interesting, and talented authors. They feel so lucky to have each other in the book club and are able to depend on each other when they need to. Oh, and they love wine🍷too 😉!

Fighting for Justice – March 24, 2021

Join us with authors Chris Lodwig, Vincent Casale, and Mark Torres.

Chris Lodwig, author of “Systemic” – For generations, a sentient AI has watched over the world and solved all of humanity’s problems. It was an era of objectivity, social equality, and ecological recovery. It should have been a golden age. Now, three strangers are on a pilgrimage through the arid lonely sagelands and underpopulated cities of the Systemic era on their way to the seemingly innocuous town of Prower. There, they will uncover the secrets that lay buried beneath the town and learn the truth about their half-remembered pasts. In the end, they must choose between their sanity or solving humanity’s final and most intractable problem.


Vincent Casale, author of “Beat Cop: CPOP 1986” – The tale of young New York City policeman assigned to the newly implemented Community Patrol Officers Program. The concept of CPOP was to advance police /community relations by putting the cop back on the beat, door to door, store to store. The male protagonists are flawed men, using unnecessary cynicism and hedonistic night-life adventures to shield their emotions. The female lead, Ann Caputo, is born wired to believe she can make a difference in a professional world dominated by the male ego. Will that stay true when she can’t protect herself from a violent assault and the guilt that engulfs her?Frank Colleri and his policemen cohorts are a study in the psychology of young cops facing danger, enduring conflict, and learning empathy or staying devoid of feeling. They own issues of divorce, drinking, and machismo, all while witnessing the worst in life. When the Police Commissioner learns of sexual assaults occurring in his daughter’s neighborhood, he orders all CPOP members to help detectives with individual cases, by converging on and aiding crime victims.


Mark Torres, author of “Long Island Migrant Labor Camps: Dust For Blood” During World War II, a group of potato farmers opened the first migrant labor camp in Suffolk County to house farmworkers from Jamaica. Over the next twenty years, more than one hundred camps of various sizes would be built throughout the region. Thousands of migrant workers lured by promises of good wages and decent housing flocked to Eastern Long Island, where they were often cheated out of pay and housed in deadly slum-like conditions. Preyed on by corrupt camp operators and entrapped in a feudal system that left them mired in debt, laborers struggled and, in some cases, perished in the shadow of New York’s affluence. Author Mark A. Torres reveals the dreadful history of Long Island’s migrant labor camps from their inception to their peak in 1960 and their steady decline in the following decades.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day! March 17, 2021

Join us with authors Michael Ross, Kaffe Fassett, and Caroline Mendez.

Michael Ross, author of “Elfistra the Sorceress” – A column of white light, a portal, appears deep within an English forest. It throws Hugo off his horse and he lies dazed on the forest floor. Strange beings approach him as unusual sounding commands fill his head. One of the beings points at him and a numbness spreads throughout his body. The beings grab him under his arms and drag him back and through the portal. Why has this portal appeared? What does it mean to earth and its inhabitants? What dangers lie on the other side of the portal?


Kaffe Fassett, artist and author of “Kaffe Fassett in the Studio” – an in-depth look at the legendary designer’s creative output across multiple practices, including needlework, quilting, and knitting, exquisitely photographed by Debbie Patterson. With a collection of new quilting and knitting patterns and needlepoint projects, as well as never-seen-before photography of his London home, in this latest book, his bold sense of colour and his favourite designs will inspire your own creations at home.


Caroline Mendez, author of “Threads of Wisdom” – documents the journeys and best advice of ten women that lead marketplace and non-profit organizations, in their own words. Discover the nine unique attributes these faithful women leaders all have in common Follow their paths to leadership. Learn the most powerful lessons from their mentors. Uncover the specific ways they learned leadership. Study their management approaches and philosophies. Find out who influenced their leadership most. Observe and consider their faith at work practices. Gain insight into what they would like to have known at the beginning of their careers. Hear what they want other Christian businesswomen to know. Wisdom and advice FROM Christian businesswomen, TO Christian businesswomen