The Turbulence of Change – August 12, 2020

Join us with authors David Lange, author of new release “Quest: My Journey Through La Mancha” , Daniel Meier, author of “The Dung Beetles of Liberia” and Liz Box, Stephanie Dockweiler, and Janiva Jones, of QS2 Training and Consulting – “Something Is Different”.

Congratulations to David Lange, author of new release “Quest: My Journey Through La Mancha” –  Hope, kindness, faith, and the beauty of the human spirit. QUEST follows the true adventures of David Lange, a despondent New York teenager whose life changes forever after a “chance” meeting with a beautiful stranger during a summer trip to Spain, in 1982. Raised without religion and lacking self-confidence, he embarks upon an incredible quixotic journey to find and thank the woman who inspired hope within his heart. While his professional career as an Air Force officer takes him across the world and through combat in several war zones, an increasingly fantastic array of signs and portents, often verging on the miraculous, guide this would-be knight errant along a more spiritual pathway. Lange relies upon vivid descriptions from the pages of his diaries to bring to life the passion and enthusiasm of a man finding his way through the darkness and learning invaluable lessons about love, faith, gratitude, and hope. In a world that demands we follow the herd, the author strikes a forceful blow in the name of individuality and the power of forging one’s own path through life.

Daniel Meier, author of “The Dung Beetles of Liberia” – 2019 Grand Prize Winner, Red City Review – Based on the remarkable true account of a young American who landed in Liberia in the 1960s. Nothing could have prepared him for the events he was about to experience. Ken Verrier quickly realizes the moment he arrives in Liberia that he is in a place where he understands very little of what is considered normal, where the dignity of life has little meaning, and where he can trust no one. It’s 1961 and young Ken Verrier is experiencing the turbulence of Ishmael and the guilt of his brother’s death. His sudden decision to drop out of college and deal with his demons shocks his family, his friends, and especially his girlfriend, soon to have been his fiancee. His destination: Liberia–the richest country in Africa both in monetary wealth and natural resources,  It’s a novel that will stay will you long after the last word has been read.

Liz Box, Stephanie Dockweiler, and Janiva Jones, of QS2 Training and Consulting Something Is Different” – In such trying times and an uncertain world, this book is written to soothe Covid-19 fears in children. It explains to them why they can’t go to school, why they can’t see their friends, and why it isn’t safe for their parents to return to work. It helps them see while something is very different, we can all work through this as a team.



An On-The-Air Book Launch Trio August 5, 2020

Join us with authors Lawrence Bloom, Debbie DeLouise, and William Rostron.

Lawrence Bloom, author of “Fierce Resistance”In the 1930s and 1940s Jewish men and women served as a “fierce resistance” fighting the British government that had mandated Palestine. These resistance fighters fought for a cause in which they truly believed: a free and independent Israel at peace. This novel salutes those “fierce” resistance fighters and their indomitable spirit.



Debbie DeLouise, author of “Memory Makers” – Twenty-five years ago, Lauren Phelps and her sister Patty were kidnapped from their backyard on Long Island. Lauren escaped her captor, but Patty was killed. Ever since, Lauren has suffered from nightmares of the “Shadow Man.” Trying to recall his face and avenge her sister’s murder, Lauren, now a kidnapping investigator, enrolls in a clinical trial for a new memory drug. At the offices of Memory Makers in California, she receives the injections of the Memory Makers’ serum, and begins to experience flashbacks of repressed memories. Along with the flashbacks, she receives threats from an anonymous source that point back to her childhood trauma. Soon, Lauren becomes involved with a fellow trial participant who seeks to recall his own traumatic past. But can Lauren discover the identity of the “Shadow Man” before history repeats itself?

William Rostron, author of “Brotherhood of Forever: Band in the Wind The Final Chapter” – By October of 1967, all of the members of the band Those Born Free were dead or missing. They were gone, but not forgotten. In their wake, a cadre of diverse characters seek answers, and in doing so, find their existences irrevocably altered. Uncovering a treasure trove of old band tapes, each finds that the words and music of the lost speak to them—forever changing the paths of their lives. Brotherhood of Forever is an epic tale that relives the last fifty years of America through the eyes of a group of friends whose journey takes them from the streets of New York to the jungles of Vietnam, and from the fields of Woodstock to the pinnacles of rock and roll.





The Voyage of Self Discovery – July 29, 2020

Join us with authors Michael Palermo and Thomas Duffy.

Michael Palermo, author of  new release “Diary of a Drunk Driver” -In today’s society the problem of Driving While Intoxicated or DWI is more prevalent than ever! Why? For several reasons but the most obvious to me is that more people drink and drive, not just drink and then drive. Years back when the majority of the population worked and lived in the inner cities, the average Joe would finish work, head for the nearest bar and have a few and take the train home. Or, finish work, take the train home, find the local bar, and walk home! With the explosion of not only suburban living but businesses moving to the outer cities as well as moving into the suburbs themselves., the convenience of the automobile was and is undeniable! In addition, the media explosion has extended consciousness to all forms of DWI. The tragedy caused by a DWI crash can remain for years, not only for the victim for the families, friends, and anyone who is connected with such an incident. So, what happens when you caught Driving While Intoxicated? What are the sacrifices? What are the costs? What are the embarrassing failures? In Diary of a Drunk Driver, the author provides the complete and accurate tale of a man arrested for, convicted of DWI, and the entire journey from the moment of arrest until the release from probation eighteen months later.

Thomas Duffy, author of “Stockboy Nation: A Sequel” – Phillip Doherty is at a crossroads in his life. He has moved from New York to California. He is engaged to be married to his long-time girlfriend, Melissa, his career is going nowhere and his latest novel has flopped beyond a reasonable doubt. Phillip thinks his only way out of money troubles is to go back to retail by working for Milton’s World of Fun which was the company where he worked when readers first met him in the original book, Stockboy (2013). Life doesn’t work out easily for Phillip in a forever-changing world where things transform in the blink of an eye. This story is Phillip’s journey to discover a new normal for himself and, somewhere along the way, decide what he will do for work. When confronted with another romantic partner, he also must re-evaluate his relationship and decide who he really loves. Stockboy Nation aims to make you laugh, cry, and think in ways you’ve never done so before.



Finding Yourself – July 22, 2020

Join us with authors Heather Siegel and Lucinda Clarke.

Heather Siegel, author of new release “The King and the Quirky” – Thirty-four-year-old Heather Siegel is eccentric, artsy, and independent, and she doesn’t believe in romantic fairy-tales. At least not until she meets her opposite in Jon, a man of science, logic, and kingly ego. Not only does she fall for the idea of love and “soulmates,” she goes one step further—she moves to the suburbs of Long Island and invests wholeheartedly in marriage and motherhood. Naturally, it doesn’t take long before she finds herself lost and adrift. To regain a shred of her old self, she embarks upon a series of quirky and painfully humorous entrepreneurial and health adventures. Can you be a stay-at-home mother and still be a feminist? Should we believe in the “true love” narrative? These are questions posed within this high drama of the mundane, in which (spoiler alert) no murder happens, no affair unfolds, and no death, illness, or trauma is suffered.


Lucinda Clarke, author of “Walking Over Eggshells” – Walking Over Eggshells is an autobiography that tells the story of a mentally abused child, who married a “Walter Mitty” clone who took her to live in many different countries. They moved from England to Kenya, from Libya to Botswana and on again to South Africa. It took all her courage to survive in situations that were at times dangerous, sometimes humorous, but always nerve-wracking. She had a variety of jobs, different types of homes, and was both a millionairess and totally broke. At one end of the scale, she met royalty, hosted ambassadors, and won numerous awards for her writing and for her television programs. At the other end, she climbed over garbage dumps, fended off the bailiffs, and coped with being abandoned in the African bush with a seven-week-old baby, no money and no resources. She admits to being the biggest coward in the world, but her survival instincts kicked in and she lived to tell her story. This book will make you laugh and cry, but also it also explains the damage being brought up by a mother with a personality disorder that can inflict on a child. However, it is not all doom and gloom, and hopefully, it will inspire others who did not have the best start in life either. All names have been changed to protect both the guilty and the innocent – and that includes the author as well!


Stories From The Heart – July 8, 2020

Join us for an on-the-air book launch with authors Alvin Billings, Ann Chiappetta and Robert McNally.

Alvin Billings, launching his new release “Bronx Brat” – This is the story of Bernie, a Brat born and raised in the Bronx His story unfolds in the Bronx of the 1940s and 50s—a colorful mosaic of Italian, Irish and Jewish families. Local parks (especially the Bronx Zoo and Botanical Garden) were peaceful oases from crowded Bronx apartment houses. Bernie was highly intelligent and sought adult-level knowledge in local libraries. He had fierce protective love for his two younger sisters and a brother. His loving, but weak father surrendered to a dominant mother who kept control with screaming paranoia. Bernie related to World War 2 with a precocious understanding of current events and military strategy taught to him by his grandfather. He hid his learning from others and his teachers in order to ‘fit in’. Bernie’s escapades were in the tradition of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. He showed both bravery and bravado by saving his Dad’s life at age ten. That same year, he joined a secret American branch of the Haganah to send guns, disguised as toys, to Israel. They were packed with greeting cards to Israeli children. Finally, a shocking family tragedy confronted Bernie as he reached adulthood and entered the working world, never to live as a Bronx Brat again.


Ann Chiappetta, author of “A String of Stories: From the Heart to the Future” – A demon deer and a ghost cat. Sibling rivalry and sexual awakening. Self-image and self-confidence. The chance for an offworlder to breathe free at last on a new planet. Those are just some of the diverse themes of these remarkable stories. Some endings are happy, some are sad, and some are intriguingly open-ended. But once you step inside the author’s world, you cannot emerge unmoved. This collection includes general fiction, science fiction, suspense, and paranormal pieces. Some, like “Lafayette 10,” are crossovers. Others, like “Bad Medicine,” stay true to the genre for which they were originally written. There is a romantic theme to some, and all are character-driven. The three paranormal shorts are based on personal experiences. There are stories here that will appeal to many different types of readers, and that there’s at least one story for each reader. Short stories challenge the writer as much as, if not more than, a full–length book.


Robert McNally, author of “I Had Jelly on My Nose and A Hole in My Breeches: The Memory of A Boy on his Dangerous Journey” – This is the memoir of a modern-day Huckleberry Finn who delighted in youthful romances and wild adventures. His earliest memories are about living next door to a crematory and across the street from a cemetery on top of a hill during the Great Depression. This was perfectly normal to a child who had yet to reach the age of four. For an older child, this God-forsaken region might have seemed frightening, especially when witnessing the daily wanderings of Gypsies, beggars and hobos. For this youngster, these characters were a sight for sore eyes. The author has many interesting stories about the 1930’s and 40’s. For instance, one evening in 1945 he and his friends built a fire in a parking lot. The next day they returned to the area only to discover something terrible and startling in the burned-out fire. The adventures are exciting, humorous and well worth reading. You’ll have the feeling you are right there with him. Let the author take you on his dangerous journey.



Introducing Our New Writing Courses and Teachers – July 1, 2020

Red Penguin Books is so excited to announce its new writing courses. Join us with authors and teachers of the courses,  Margreit Maitland and Linda Trott-Dickman.

Click HERE to learn more.

Margreit Maitland, author of “Runaway at Sea” – A naïve plan to run away and cruel misfortune puts twelve-year-old Robert and his best friend Michael on a British naval vessel. When the boys are found huddling at the bottom of a lifeboat, they are forced into service and their hopes for an easy passage are crushed. Now they must figure out how to survive in this harsh maritime world and find a way out, without getting shot as deserters. Horrible squalls, a mysterious initiation at the Equator, and an untimely death during a perilous rounding of Cape Horn fill the months with adventure. An unexpected opportunity to escape suddenly presents itself and the boys muster the courage to desert. Immediately, they are lost in a dense and dangerous jungle and must learn a new way to stay alive.

Margreit is the author of Runaway at Sea” and often leads creative writing workshops for children and adults throughout the year. Her writing bridges that sweet spot between creative non-fiction, adventure, and historical fiction that is sought by many writers today.

Linda Trott-Dickman, author of “Road Trip” – A wonderful adventure filled with panoramic views of landscape, insightful views of humanity and reflective views of history, all combined in a delightful volume of verse. It will take you to places you will want to revisit again and again, and you never have to leave the comfort of your armchair. She has prefaced this journey with a poem by James Whitcomb Riley, and concluded with a poem of her own, written in his style, that makes you want to begin a new adventure, and sums up the whole of the parts in a very beautiful way.

Linda is the author of Robes: The Art of Being CoveredThe Air That I Breathe” and Road Trip”. She is the former Bard’s Laureate 2017-2019 for the Bard’s Initiative and has served on its board, and is the current coordinator of poetry for the Northport Arts Coalition (Northport, NY.) Linda has been teaching poetry to children for over 35 years.



Reinventing Ourselves – June 24, 2020

Join us with authors Harold “Hal” Spielman, Kay Renz, Dr. Cyrina Bullard, and cover artist, Tucker Eason.

Harold “Hal” Spielman and Kay Renz, authors of “Suddenly Sexual” 

Considering a new relationship? After loss or divorce, it can be really complicated, especially when you are over 50! Suddenly Sexual shares true stories of 25 couples “first a long time.” Funny, poignant, silly and raw, this book tackles real issues that affect mature relationships.

Written by the author of Suddenly Solo, which was featured on The Today Show, AARP, The New York Times and many other media outlets.

I remember standing there looking at her naked body as she lay on my bed. I knew what was coming. At least I hoped. But all the excitement and anticipation did not diminish a low voice inside my head. This isn’t my wife.

I cannot describe the emotion floating through me as guilt. My wife passed away over two years ago. But there was a flinching moment when I wondered if I was doing something wrong. As I undressed more thoughts:

How do I look?

What if I do something wrong?

What would my kids say?

Can I still perform?

Do I need a condom?

How do I start?

I was nudged from my self-centered thoughts by hands touching me in a new and very stimulating fashion. As I started to give in to the sensation, my head flooded again with a thought that almost deflated me. What if things don’t go perfectly? What if I don’t …

Thankfully, she sensed my concerns and whispered how much she wanted to be close. From there on I relaxed and went forward with my first time … in a long time.


Dr. Cyrina Bullard, author, and Tucker Eason, cover artist of “C3 Creating Conscious Connections” – How to live a life of design not one of default…Throughout our life, we all have different challenges, how can we allow these obstacles to facilitate growth and expansion, not contraction or fear? Cyrina Bullard Pharm.D., the author, will take you on a journey that begins with a lightning strike, jolting her to the ground. This was the first of the trilogy of nearly fatal episodes in her life. Personally revealing, authentic, and vulnerable, Cyrina shares some challenging details of her life, with the intention of inspiring you to enjoy your moments. She wants you to know that you are not a statistic and that you have the power to rise above your challenges and circumstances. Intentionally, Dr. Bullard weaves science throughout her interesting journey with the desire to help the world learn tools to be present for and to enjoy your life. In C3 Creating Conscious Connections, Cyrina shares resources, and tools to help you:-Become more resilient -Catch Happiness-Be present-Have Gratitude-and to Know without a doubt you have-P3: Purpose, Passion, and endless Possibilities. C3 Creating Conscious Connections inspires us to learn and implement scientifically proven tools to help optimize this gift called life!


An Adventure Awaits – June 17, 2020

Join us with authors Ann Patras and Sola Togun-Butler, Ph.d.

Join us for a fun and eye-opening visit with our authors to Africa … and back!

Posted by Red Penguin Productions on Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Ann Patras, author of the series “Into Africa”“More Into Africa”, “Much More Into Africa”  – When Ann and Ziggy Patras uproot from England in 1980 and head off with their three young children to live and work in deepest Africa, they have no idea what they are letting themselves in for. While prepared for sunshine and storms 13º south of the equator, the Patras family are ill-equipped for much else. Interspersed with snippets from Ann’s letters home, this crazy story describes encounters ranging from lizards to lions, servants to shopping shortages, and cockroaches to curfews.


Sola Togun-Butler Ph.d, author of “Where Do You Keep The Lions? An African Girl’s First Day of School in America” – Kemi an 8-year-old African immigrant girl is super excited about her first day of school in America! She has been dreaming about this day for weeks and can’t wait to meet her teacher and new classmates. However, her first day of school does not go as planned, when her classmates start asking her hurtful questions about Africa. Kemi is confused and doesn’t understand why her classmates have such negative questions and comments about the continent. With the help of her father, she understands the origin of those questions and decides to show her classmates a different side of her culture. This book is a perfect way to expose kids to cultural diversity and sensitivity by encouraging them to ask polite questions when curious about other cultures.



A Courageous Journey – June 10, 2020

Join us for an informative Between The Covers episode with author Dr. Christina Sally, PH.d and illustrator Lauren Nadler.

Join us for an informative Between The Covers episode with author Dr. Christina Sally, PH.d and illustrator Lauren Nadler.

This book – "I Know You And …" – provides an opportunity for families and people working with children to begin discussions about helping kids keep their bodies and private areas safe as well as identify their trusted adults.http:/

Posted by Red Penguin Productions on Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Mina takes us on a courageous journey through the ocean that teaches young children to recognize situations in which someone known to a child may want to sexually abuse them.  Most children are sexually abused by someone they know, or someone known to the family.  This book provides an opportunity for families and people working with children to begin discussions about helping    kids keep their bodies and private areas safe as well as identify their trusted adults.





An On-The-Air Book Launch – June 3, 2020

Join us with authors George Marzocchi for his exciting book launch,  Janet Metz Walter and Lonna  Hardin.


George Marzocchi, launching his book “Stained Glass”  – Oceanview, a quiet Hamlet on Long Island with white picket fences, manicured lawns, and little league. On the surface it appears that Oceanview is the idyllic American town. Beautiful sunrises, sunsets and ocean vistas, but like the ocean there’s an undercurrent. An undercurrent of murder, drugs and bribery.

Meet Detective Rodriguez, a DEA agent from Las Vegas. Some call him a loose cannon who walks a fine line between right and wrong. Detective Rodriguez is thrown into this ocean of organized crime, drug cartels and crooked cops. Will this ocean overwhelm him and pull him under or will he walk that fine line?  Will he use his wits and instinct to solve the case of his career or will he succumb to the forces against him?

When viewed through Stained Glass things aren’t always what they seem. The lines between right and wrong are blurred. Truth and lies merge into one and shatter your sense of what’s real.


Janet Metz Walter, author of “The 2 Carrot Ring and Other Fascinating Jewelry Stories” – It doesn’t often occur to people that jewelry has stories until you admire a piece of jewelry that someone else is wearing, and suddenly there is a story behind the jewelry. On the pages of this book are a lot of slices of life. You will get involved in the stories. They will make you laugh and they will make you cry. You will travel the world and travel back in history. And you might realize that you have some fascinating jewelry stories of your own!



Lonna Hardin, author of “Melody’s Song and The City of the Voice Snatchers” 

In this fantasy chapter books for kids, a fierce and feisty little girl sets out on a colorful adventure to find her true voice, save her city and overcome the evil Voice Snatchers. Fantasy books for kids age 5-7, fantasy books for kids age 8-10, and fantasy books for kids age 11-14 can be a great way to get kids innovative imaginations going.

The story teaches children how to find their voice, live their song, identify their passion and defeat the voice snatchers in their lives using music, message, and motivation. The book also teaches a valuable lesson about black history for kids.

Black history books for kids are missing one thing… current black history for kids. Children need to see books with black characters for kids that look like them still making history! A Black History Reader can get inspired through this culturally relevant, culturally responsive literature created to motivate children to become history makers and world changers! Black History Books or Black History Gifts For Kids will add even more value and meaning to your black history literature collection.

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