Join us for an episode full of valuable insights – March 6, 2024

Meet Amy Bernstein, author of upcoming new release, Wrangling the Doubt Monster: Fighting Fears, Finding Inspiration, Sandy Modell, author of Murder and Corruption in Florida and Maureen McNeill, author of Tinker Street.

Amy Bernstein, author of upcoming new release, “Wrangling the Doubt Monster: Fighting Fears, Finding Inspiration”a source of hope and inspiration for anyone who worries whether they’re good enough, talented enough, and brave enough to take creative risks—from starting a company to writing a book to opening a bakery. This timely book speaks to the doubter who lurks in all of us. It offers much-needed encouragement and validation that readers will turn to again and again. In a world where social media fosters so much self-criticism and competition, WRANGLING THE DOUBT MONSTER offers up a kind and gentle antidote to negative energy. Bernstein’s core thesis is that self-doubt cannot be banished—but it can be managed in ways that free up the creative spirit.


Sandy Modell, author of “Murder and Corruption in Florida” – On March 20, 2016, my unarmed son, Ryan, was shot and killed. After two separate investigations, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office has determined it to be a murder. The state attorney for the Twentieth Judicial Circuit, Amira Fox, refuses to file charges, but refuses to explain her decision. An Associated Press reporter remarked that in 30+ years of reporting, this is the only time he’s ever seen a state attorney unwilling or unable to explain a charging decision. Former prosecutors, countless legal experts, a former state attorney, and a myriad of experienced journalists have reviewed the case, and they all see a murder. Amira Fox is the only one that doesn’t see a crime. The story that follows is the explanation for the corruption and self-dealing behind that decision. It’s a hard story for the father of a homicide victim to write, but I believe it’s the path to justice for Ryan.



Maureen McNeill – author of “Tinker Street” – the prequel to Anna Magdalena (2022), has arrived from Emperor Books! Struck by love for a boy as beautiful as a Michelangelo, fifteen year old Maggie digs her heels in. She’s got what Willa Cather called “luck-making power of desire.” She’s a rebel in the best sense of the world. Growing up in Woodstock of the 1990s, the daring performance artist Anna Magdalena is called Maggie. Raised as a “love child” in a communal household in the magic of the Catskills, her mother refuses to reveal her father’s name. Hoping to coax him into plain sight, she performs scenes from King Lear on the town green and exhibits her miniature portraits of townsfolk at the Woodstock library. Strangers approach with details of her birth, claiming her as their own but she’s no fool. Artists she calls fairy godmothers rally around. On her way to New York City, Dylan’s Man in the Long Black Coat appears and the whole wide adult world opens up.