Navigating the Shadows of Life – February 7, 2024

Join me as I chat with authors Gerald Everett Jones, Merilee Kaufman and Richard Sparks.

Gerald Everett Jones, author of “Preacher Stalls the Second Coming: An Evan Wycliff Mystery – The most controversial Preacher Wycliff mystery yet! Fourth in the multiple-award-winning mystery series

A crazed scientist knocks on Evan’s door with a bizarre warning – the Deep State may be planning to fake the Second Coming of Christ with advanced virtual-reality technology. Meanwhile, a faith-healing evangelist is luring poor and homeless people to a religious retreat with promises of ample food, then exhorting them to prepare for the End Times by starving themselves to death. Evan can’t ignore these unbelievable stories when a young woman from his church disappears inside the cult leader’s farm.

Previous novels in the Evan Wycliff series have won 9 book awards, including Mystery Gold and Silver in the New York City Big Book Awards in the same year.


Merilee Kaufman, author of “Valleys and Mountains: Navigating  ~  A Memoir” -Have you ever traveled life’s treadmill of disasters: hit valleys such as parental split and career aspirations? Then, did serious diseases such as insulin-dependent diabetes and heart disease become your everyday partner? Ascending mountains, the author has achieved academic and artistic accomplishments, developed lasting friendships, and found love. Award-winning writer/poet/actress and vocalist Merilee Kaufman has ascended to the top, sharing a marriage of 50 years and coping with her husband’s Parkinson’s Disease. Share the strength of this creative woman, and let her heart-warming account inspire your life.

Richard Sparks, author of “New Rock, New Role”The perfect blend of the gaming world and epic fantasy. With millions watching on live stream, Daxx and his teammates Krystal and Grell win the role-playing Games (RPG) Grand Championship. But winning the game was was a piece of cake compared with what comes next. Daxx wakes up to find he’s turned into his own avatar and is in the middle of a wilderness he doesn’t recognize. Armed with a crappy sword he has no idea how to use and dressed in beginner-level gear he must figure out how to survive quickly because he can already hear the blood-thirsty howls of wild animals from the jungle that surrounds him. Thus starts a fantastic epic fantasy adventure. Once the three friends finally find each other, they need to puzzle out their new world, gain skills, combat enemies, and make alliances with all kinds of characters and creatures from the different territories of this new world in order to survive.