Discovering Truths – October 18, 2023

Please join me with authors Donna Keel-Armer, Michael Vecchione, and Susanah K. Pratt.

Donna Keel-Armer, author of “The Red Starfish”Kidnapped? Murdered? Or another publicity stunt? A gorgeous film star and her priceless starfish necklace disappear. What do the indecipherable clues she leaves behind mean? Desperate to find her missing friend, Cat Gabbiano abandons her home and business in (the) South Carolina (Lowcountry) to fly across the ocean to Italy where she and her best friend spent magical childhood summers. Will Cat solve the mystery of her friend’s disappearance or will she become the next victim? Woven against the alluring Adriatic coastline of Puglia, The Red Starfish mixes a dangerous cocktail of power, corruption, passion, and the forever friendship of two captivating women.



Michael Vecchione, author of “Fallen Angel Book II: The War for the Soul of Brooklyn”There’s a war for the very soul of Brooklyn … and the stakes are higher than ever! When perpetrators of particularly heinous and insidious crimes were acquitted after trial in an alarmingly large number across America, it caught the attention of a priest in the Vatican’s Office of Exorcisms in New York, who noticed that all preceded satanic exorcisms. His shuddering conclusion – Satan must be directly responsible for the crimes and their aftermath. In the United States, the Devil was winning, and causing anarchy, chaos, and the destruction of life.   The Fallen Angel series begins when Brooklyn becomes ground zero for the Evil One, and prosecutor Michael Gioca, Chief of the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Rackets Division, is handpicked by a secret government agency to take on and defeat the Devil. In Book 1, Gioca gets the best of his evil adversary time and again, so Satan must up his game if he wants to succeed in his mission, the destruction of Brooklyn. For decades family has been the cornerstone of the rich, vibrant, life in Brooklyn, the Borough of Churches. Without it, life there would crumble. The Evil One has recognized this and has taken aim at that essential institution. If you love crime, fantasy, and delving into the unknown, Fallen Angel-A True Crime FantasyBook 2, tells the story of the war for the soul of Brooklyn. Will Satan succeed? Or will Michael Gioca once again prevail?


Susanah Pratt, author of “How Do You Do, My Name is Sue!” – It was 2020, and I was looking for something to ease the self-enforced quarantine of the COVID-19 lockdown. An attractive brochure from Hutton House Lectures arrived in the mail. I signed up for a ZOOM course called Write a Chapter of Your Life, given by Lisa Pulitzer. Writing for that course stirred so many memories of the 90 years of my life that I decided to extend the chapter into a book. Those memories saw me grow and develop from a depression baby born in 1933 into a naïve bride just out of high school. Suddenly, I was a housewife and a mother of four children, born over five short years, and then widowed at age 39. I began as a girl with virtually no knowledge of how the world worked, and eventually became an independent woman with a curiosity about life. I have traveled to many wonderful places on five continents. Then, at age 84, I entered into a new way of life with a second marriage. Our combined family of 60 children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren are very important to both of us. In this memoir, I have set forth some of the memories of my life’s journeys in hopes that a reader might get a glimpse of me as a growing, evolving woman, and appreciate some of the experiences and observations I have been able to recall.