Hello Fall! – October 4, 2023

Please join me with authors Lâle Davidson, Catherine Manett, and Rick Bobrick.

Lâle Davidson, author of “Beyond Sight”In scenic Saratoga Springs, where the past and present collide, dark secrets awaken, and the ghosts of capitalism wreak havoc on the young. Julie Sykes, a young woman with long-repressed supernatural powers, is inexplicably drawn to the enigmatic Damian Quinn, but when a malignant spirit possesses him, she must unlock her powers to save him. It all begins innocently enough when Julie and Damian explore an abandoned Victorian house built by a wealthy black farming family during the Gilded Age. Now slated for suburban renewal, the house mysteriously resists demolition. Little do Julie and Damian know that their actions will awaken vengeful spirits and set off a chain of events with dire consequences. As they fight for survival using a blend of energy work and quantum mechanics, they unwittingly unleash the powers of Henry Hilton, a dead white millionaire who came into his fortune by sinister means and scandalized the country when he banned Jews from his Grand Union Hotel in 1877 in Saratoga. Meanwhile, no one will tell Julie how her father died or why she can’t find any pictures of him. Will Julie succeed in saving Damian before he kills someone? Will she discover the cause of her father’s death? Or will they both be consumed by the relentless forces that haunt them? Luminous and heart-poundingly suspenseful, Beyond Sight traces how the ongoing struggle between the privileged and the marginalized haunts us to this day on both the physical and the spiritual planes.



Catherine Manett, author of “Runaway Home: Tempered – Peter and Hayley are two young adults who’re set to age out of Long Island’s foster care system together. It’s an exciting time for the two, and life should be fun without rules and the watchful eye of a foster parent. However, with the news of their foster mother’s terminal illness, Peter has decided to adopt Danny, a thirteen-year-old boy also in her care. Now, Peter’s life isn’t the same. The three must continue to live together in a new apartment. Peter hopes he has created the perfect family, despite their differences. He soon learns what a tremendous burden he’s taken on at the young age of twenty-one. Being the sole breadwinner and a new parent means giving up the opportunity to live a carefree life with Hayley. As she continues to struggle with addiction, Hayley competes with Danny for Peter’s attention and affection. When that seems to fail, she turns to her new boyfriend and opioid dealer, Tristian, to fill that void. Peter and Tristian clash immediately. With the prospect of his plans for a perfect family falling apart, Peter begins to hallucinate and flashback to a past he fled on a Scottish Island many years ago.



Rick Bobrick, author of “Anything You Want!” illustrated by Lauren SullivanAnything You Want! is a modern-day fable that features Davy Crockett and his furry frenemy, the greedy grizzly bear. A battle of wits quickly unfolds when these two rivals are granted three wishes – with no compromise in sight. A break in the fourth wall invites children to be a part of a story that explores the wonder of words and the wisdom of wishing, while providing a simple reminder that there is magic all around us – but only if we believe.