Join us for a fabulous episode of Between The Covers TV – July 26, 2023

Please join me with authors Lindsey Kinsella and Carren Strock.

Lindsey Kinsella, author of “The Heart of Pangaea” – Robyn has a vivid imagination, even for a twelve-year-old. Vivid enough to create herself a companion—but Ed isn’t your ordinary imaginary friend. Ed is a Dimetrodon, an ancient beast from a forgotten age. When her mother falls ill, Robyn and Ed delve into her subconscious, to the prehistoric kingdom of Pangaea, in search of a cure. But in a world of dinosaurs, pirates, and ancient magic, can they find what they seek? Can they even save themselves from the creatures which inhabit this mysterious land? The Heart of Pangaea brings the wonders of palaeontology to a vivid and magical fantasy setting. In this novel, the reader will dig up scientific discoveries and be gripped by a story rich with the meaning of friendship, family, and love.


Carren Strock, author of “Married Women Who Love Women”This accessible book offers support and advice for women in heterosexual marriages who discover, or are coming to terms with, their lesbianism or bisexuality. It also offers guidance for the single lovers of married women. In sharing the author’s personal story, as well as the descriptive experiences of others, this book provides validation and empowerment to multitudes of women in their search for their true identities. In this third edition of Married Women Who Love Women, the author gives women ways in which to structure and restructure their lives and their families after they realize their same-gender sexuality. Chapters consider questions such as how women make this discovery, reactions from loved ones, and the outcomes for marriages and families. Updated throughout with contemporary understandings of sexuality and gender, this book includes a wealth of information, fresh narratives, and stories offering insight into women’s experiences across the country. This is an essential read for women and their partners who are discovering their true identity, as well as therapists, helping professionals, and students of women’s studies, gender studies, sexuality studies, and LGBTQ studies programs.