Welcome to the Launch Pad – The Countdown to Publishing Your Book – May 31, 2023

Meet Bette Lee Crosby, author of “Beyond Betrayal,” Robb Grindstaff, author of “Slade,” and Wilnona Marie, author of “A Thoughtful Collection” – all contributors for “LaunchPad – The Countdown to Publishing Your Book.”


Bette Lee Crosby, author of “Beyond Betrayal” – Bette Lee Crosby is the USA Today bestselling author of twenty-four novels and recipient of numerous literary awards. Often hailed as a masterful storyteller, her novel Baby Girl was named Best Chick Lit of 2016 by Huffington Post, and her 2019 release Emily, Gone won the International Book Award for Women’s Fiction. Her most recent release is The Fault Between Us, a historical novel based on a true story. Crosby, a lover of dogs and all things Southern, laughingly admits to being a night owl whose guilty pleasure is late-night chats with fans and friends on social media.






Robb Grindstaff, author of “Slade”In addition to a career as a journalist, newspaper editor, publisher and media executive, Robb Grindstaff has written fiction most of his life. The newspaper biz has taken him and his family from Phoenix, Arizona, to small towns in North Carolina, Texas, and Wisconsin, from seven years in Washington, DC, to five years in Asia. Born and raised a small-town kid, he’s as comfortable in Tokyo or Tuna, Texas. The variety of places he’s lived serve as settings for the characters who invade his head. He has four novels published with Evolved Publishing – SladeTurning TrixieHannah’s Voice, and Carry Me Away. His novels are best classified as contemporary Southern lit. In 2022, Evolved also launched June Bug Gothic: Tales from the South, a collection of Robb’s short stories. Robb is also a sought-after fiction editor, with editing clients from around the world, including agented, traditionally published, and best-selling independent authors. His articles on the craft of writing fiction have appeared in various writer magazines and websites. He also has taught writing courses for the Romance Writers of America (even though he’s not a romance writer), and Romance Writers of Australia (even though he’s not Australian), and is an instructor at the Novel-in-Progress Book Camp. Robb now resides in the Ozarks of Missouri, where he writes and edits full-time.



Wilnona Marie, author of “A Thoughtful Collection” – Wilnona is an, are awarded poet and member of The And I Thought Ladies. The And I Thought Ladies also have novels in romance, women’s fiction, and noire mystery.  She is a co-founder of 25 Hottest Authors Magazine & The And I Thought Literary Magazine, as well as the Thoughtful Book Festival. In early 2020 they served as judges on the scholastics writing and arts award. The pair have turned their writing career into a media empire.  Ranging from the written word to starring a reality show about authors which aired on channel 18 in four markets, as well as Amazon. They are principals in the Documentary.  Create, Aspire, and Inspire as well as How to Become a Lady? These shows share a place under the AITL umbrella alongside the four podcasts and the Inspirational Women in Literature Media and Journalism Awards.