Join Us For a Thrilling Episode – May 26, 2023

Join us with authors M.A. Beasley, Janet Rudolph, and J.P. Quinn

M.A. Beasley, author of “The Warrior Angel” – Gracie and her eight-year-old son Lucas are out doing some last-minute Christmas shopping when a nasty car wreck interrupts their night. Lucas nearly dies when Gracie’s mother, Teresa, arrives at the hospital with a too-good-to-be-true suggestion. Say this prayer, and I promise your son will live. Her mother has always been very religious and quite superstitious about things. Gracie says the blessing is mainly to get her mom to drop it and be there for her and her son. The prayer works. It’s ten years later, and Gracie is haunted by something. She learns that the “prayer” she said wasn’t one at all. She had unknowingly made a bargain with a demon. In return for saving her son, Gracie now owes him a soul. Either she offers one, or he will take Lucas. The closer the deal’s anniversary, the scarier things get for Gracie and Lucas. Affiliations with this demon go back even further than she knew. Family secrets are coming out. She doesn’t know if she wants to know. This demon will stop at nothing to get what he is owed. How far will a mother go to save her son?


Janet Rudolph, author of “Desperately Seeking Persephone”Desperately Seeking Persephone is a thrilling autobiography that includes explorations of mythic worlds, fantastic adventures, encounters with extraordinary people, and the visitation of an archangel. It begins as Rudolph sets out on a quest for healing after a childhood of abuse and sexual assault. Her travels reveal a vision of what’s possible when seeking out the mysteries inherent in the world. This is the tale that could have been told if Indiana Jones had met Joseph Campbell. Rudolph forges her own pathway out of trauma and depression by using the Greek Goddess Persephone’s mythic trip to the Underworld as a map. Along the way, Rudolph earns two shamanic initiations, described in vivid detail. The shamanic journey is ultimately about discovering wholeness and harmony; wholeness of self, of relationships, of interacting with the natural world. Through the craft of storytelling, Rudolph reveals esoteric spiritual tools and processes that form a primer of shaman-craft. This is a journey that is personal, global, and accessible to all. Desperately Seeking Persephone is a humorous, engaging heroic journey with surprising twists and universal appeal. The adventures, themselves, offer a template of healing for anyone looking for their own pathway out of darkness and suffering.


J.P. Quinn, author of “When The Fans Go Home”Whether you are from the Ricky Bobby era of, “if you ain’t first you’re last,” or from the more recent decades of the “participation trophy kids,” When the Fans Go Home takes an easy-to-understand evidenced-based approach to healthy competition. This book is relatable to the most elite athlete as well as the casual fan of sports. It’s a guide to understanding healthy ways to compete and accepting loss as not only inevitable but a way to grow and get better for upcoming competitions. The second part of the book talks about my own personal experience as an aging adult competing with fans of baseball at a Dreamweek Camp with the Baltimore Orioles in Florida, which I now call home. So come, share this adventure with me, and find out how one of my most significant losses would emerge into one of my greatest wins and inspire the birth of a book.