Happy Valentine’s Day! – February 15, 2023

Please join us with authors Michael Vecchione, C.M. Alongi, and J.W. Webb.

Michael Vecchione, author of “Fallen Angel”When a priest in the Vatican’s Office of Exorcisms in New York noticed the upheaval that was occurring in American cities after perpetrators of particularly heinous and insidious crimes had been acquitted after trial, something struck him about the dates of those crimes. His research revealed that the crimes all preceded satanic exorcisms he had witnessed or performed and struck at the very fabric of society. After additional research revealed eerily similar instances had occurred around the world, being an exorcist with a thorough knowledge of the Devil and his works, the priest concluded that Satan was directly responsible for the crimes and the chaos. In America, the Devil had been winning because crimes like those studied by the priest, resulting in criminal trials, were being lost by the prosecution. The reasons for the losses varied from Jurisdiction to jurisdiction. But a closer examination revealed that the Devil had used his wiles to affect the investigations and trials, thus ensuring the desired outcome would be achieved. Once Brooklyn became ground zero for the Evil One, a local prosecutor with the skill, personality, strength, and tenacity to take on Satan, to withstand his counterattacks and beat him, was recruited. Michael Gioca, Chief of the Rackets Division in the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office, was handpicked by a secret government agency to be that warrior. With crimes that had actually taken place in Brooklyn and investigated and prosecuted by the author as the backdrop, Fallen Angel, A True Crime Fantasy, is the story of Gioca’s war with Satan.


C.M. Alongi, author of “To Kill a Necromancer” – In a world of greed, gods, and monsters, paladins are chosen to do what no mortal human can. Granted divine attributes of their chosen deity, they protect the broken fragments of human civilization from any and all threats, often from necromancers, those born with the ability to speak with and raise the dead. Such a power inevitably corrupts and turns each and every necromancer evil. Right? Jinua has just received her first assignment as a paladin: to execute a necromancer terrorizing a small town with an undead army. But what should be a straightforward mission turns complicated when another necromancer reveals himself as an ally, flying in the face of everything Jinua’s ever heard about his kind. Can she trust him to help her on her quest, or is he an even greater threat?



J.W. Webb, author of “Dreamslayers: A Legends of Ansu Fantasy”Arraleen Caze’s rage knows no bounds. Quick to feed enemies to her pet panthers, the wealthy spymaster’s daughter is appalled when fools call for the destruction of her missing father’s land and the deaths of their people. So when her parent reappears, the arrogant assassin whisks him away from the impending carnage to plan their bloody revenge. Gujun the Slayer’s options are rapidly shrinking. On the run after offing the vile emperor that hired him, the killers on his trail leave little room for rest. And with his hopes of an easy retirement now well out of reach, he has no qualms about accepting a bounty for the infamous spymaster’s decapitation. Escaping into neutral territory with her father in tow, Arraleen is incensed when they are double-crossed and given up to a powerful sorcerer. And the closer Gujun draws to his quarry, the more he wonders if he’s on the side of good or evil. As fate dooms the two to fight blade-to-blade, will either emerge unscathed? Dreamslayers is the action-packed first book in the Slayer epic fantasy series. If you like sharp-tongued characters, gritty landscapes, and pure vengeance, you’ll love J.W. Webb’s whirlwind grimdark tale.