New Year – New Book! – January 11, 2023

William J. Rostron, author of “The Other Side of the Wind” – In 1968 she went in search of America … America didn’t want to be found. After personal disaster ends all her hopes and dreams in New York, Maria Romano sets out alone in search of a new life. Her quest for meaning takes her through numerous adventures and misadventures that create a lifetime of both beautiful and haunting memories. It is a journey that takes her from the blues clubs and political turmoil of 1968 Chicago to the music scene of San Francisco, and the madness of Las Vegas. Now in her later years, she must reconcile what it all meant in order to move on. Her past has finally caught up with her…with a vengeance. By the best-selling author of the Band in the Wind trilogy. (Band in the WindSound of Redemption, and Brotherhood of Forever). Written as a stand-alone novel, The Other Side of the Wind may be read enjoyably either before or after that series of novels.