Happy Holidays! – December 21, 2022

Please join us with authors J.R. Konkol, Rick Bobrick, and Amanda Montoni.

J.R. Konkol, author of “Citadel of the Fallen”Deep within the rainforest, a group of teenage students barely survive an encounter with an ancient boar. In doing so, they stumble upon a series of events that threaten to destroy their entire civilization. The Black Tide, the annual rampage of millions of giant ants through the rainforest, has been coerced by the Demon Queen to take a path that will send it tearing through the farmlands that support the Citadel, their home. While the adults frantically race to prepare for the coming disaster, one survivor, Malcolm, experiences violent visions of the past. He learns that he’s no longer alone in his own body. His revelations lead his friends to discover that many of the leaders within the Citadel are similarly possessed. Citadel of the Fallen is the exciting start of the much larger story told across the Rebirth of the Fallen series. Vivid and terrifying, but with an emotional depth that will keep readers yearning for more, JR Konkol weaves a complex tale, with a delicate balance of cinematic action, and political intrigue.


Rick Bobrick, author of “Bears Don’t Share!”Bears Don’t Share is a fun-filled, action-packed, outdoor adventure story that features a compelling competition between an iconic mountain man and his furry frenemy. Their boisterous and bruising battle for blueberries culminates in a clever and unexpected plot twist. Children will be left wondering who really won and who lost while taking special delight in the vicarious thrill of outsmarting a grizzly bear!



Amanda Montoni, author of “Bella The Buck-Toothed Ballerina”Bella is a 6-year-old with a dream, but others think her dream will never come true because of one flaw – her buck teeth. The resident bully in class, Maddie, makes it her mission to point out Bella’s buck teeth, and discourages her from being a ballerina. In this story with the encouragement of her teacher, Miss. Annie, Bella quickly learns that what makes her different makes her beautiful, and better yet, is her superpower!