Happy Fall! – October 26, 2022

Please join us with authors Matthew Bonvento and Alex Grass.

Matthew Bonvento, author of “From the Galley: Stories and Recipes from American Mariners”One of the greatest pleasures in traveling the world is sampling dishes of exotic flavor. This book contains recipes that sailors have enjoyed at sea and ashore, home in New York, or in port in Singapore. This book highlights some of the best parts of going to sea. The views, the memories, and most of all, the food. Recipes, both easy and difficult, are contained herein for the cook of all skill levels. “From the Galley” includes recipes ranging from Grand Mariner French Toast to Hot Crab Dip, Italian Fisherman’s Soup to Country Fried Steak. From ship galleys ranging from enormous cargo ships to food fit for a rowboat, enjoy these victuals from mariners far and wide.




Alex Grass, author of “A Boy’s Hammer” – 20 years ago, Alan and his mother disappeared in a plane crash off the coast of Helsinki. 20 years later, a giant man with his whole body covered in tattoos appears amidst the rubble of an explosion at a Philadelphia oil refinery. He says that he’s Alan coming back from the dead. Alan’s genius billionaire Aunt Mimi agrees. And the first thing the reappeared giant has to do? Return to Helsinki, Finland. All the while, strange happenings are underway in Philly: A resurrected serial killer. Hidden (oc)cult conspiracies. Bizarre murders that defy the laws of space and time. Aunt Mimi in a miraculous trance state that grants her unseen visions of prophecy, and telekinetic powers. The only person capable of unraveling this mystery? Detective Jefferson O’Brady, a dissolute alcoholic with a photographic memory…and absolutely no friends on the force. Something’s going down in the City of Brotherly Love.