Join us for an Inspiring Episode – October 12, 2022

Please join us with authors Felice Zaslow and Dr. Christopher Salute.

Felice Zaslow, author of “From Here: Lessons in Love and Loss from 9/11” – Felice and Ira Zaslow’s love story spanned almost four decades, from the beaches of Far Rockaway to a comfortable suburban existence on the south shore of Long Island. She taught sixth grade at the local middle school while he commuted daily to Lehman Brothers in the World Trade Center. As their sons grew up, they appreciated each day, looking forward to more time as a couple. Then came the morning of September 11, 2001. Through the days, weeks and months that followed, Felice had to find her way through unfathomable trauma, on a path she had to forge herself, seeking guidance and role models along the way. This remarkable and inspiring memoir puts a very personal face on a national tragedy, facing down the darkness by looking for the light that is always present.


Dr. Christopher Salute, author of “The College Admission: Life Hacks for the Process from Application to Graduation”Thinking about going to college? Think again… Think more… Now, think one more time. College isn’t just four years of work and fun. It’s four years to mold the next 40. *Eye Roll* I know I know… I sound like one of those “boomers.” But, check this out… You’ll wake up one day and BOOM… you’ll be 50, wondering if you made the best choices about… partners, kids, work, and yes… even the college you chose. Is a four-year traditional higher education even right for you? If it is… what else should you consider? From finances to first internships… I’ll walk you through success stories and failures (mostly from my own life) of students, colleagues, and mentors. This book is meant to guide you from application to graduation and beyond. It’s one of many you should read as you transition into adulthood and begin a long journey of growth, failure, and fun. This is… the beginning of your journey. It’s the beginning of your path to “getting your shoes dirty.” This is a book to make you rethink what you know about going to school for another four years. This is… The College Admission.