The Journey Within – September 7, 2022

Join us with authors Christine Milkovic-Krauss, Russ Colchamiro, and Michael Petrosino.

Christine Milkovic-Krauss, author of “Teddy Loses His Ears” – Teddy is a rescue cat who lost his ears from frostbite. Teddy has inspired a series of stories with his true-life adventures that share relatable messages of kindness and acceptance. Teddy hopes that his stories will raise awareness to the organizations that saved his life, and thousands of other animals’ lives every year.



Russ Colchamiro, author of “Hot Ash: An Angela Hardwicke Sci-Fi Mystery” – Intergalactic private Angela Hardwicke is Eternity’s most daring spy for hire…Following the mysterious and ill-timed death of her elderly husband, Camille Engquist was set to inherit the family’s real estate development company. But her stepkids stole it from her first. Or so she claims. As Hardwicke and her protégé Eric Whistler dive into the world of affordable housing, synthetic concrete, and corporate succession planning, their investigation put them face-to-face with the haves and have-nots, a new form of cocaine, a boundary-pushing neurobiologist, a majestic domed city and a violent conspiracy that stretches farther and deeper than they ever could have imaged. But the most insidious betrayals are sometimes closer to home.


Michael Petrosino, author of “Born to Serve With Love: Daily Prayer and Meditation Book” – The inspired writings from this book, have come from my faith in Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit of Truth! Since my enlightenment (spiritual epiphany) took place in a dark time in my life, while facing a lot of issues, many may doubt the inspiration that the Holy Spirit had on me or these writings; yet, it is very accurate and appropriate to give God all the Glory! Before I started these inspired writings, I had no peace or direction. Now the peace of the Lord has not left me, and I feel born again; a true spiritual rebirth, through faith in Christ Jesus! Most of these writings are inspired, with very little thinking involved. They come all of a sudden and I just write it out, as it comes! Actually trying to express it to the readers now, forms a challenge to me. Trying to explain a spiritual experience, is not an easy task; yet, it is a beautiful experience to go through! I have had the pleasure of sharing these writings all over the world and receiving positive reactions from many people! This book is a compilation of many writings over a 5 year period. The writings in this book consist of many virtues to live by, through faith in Christ Jesus; as well as sharing the love of Christ with the doubters and steadfast believers. Moreover, it is about becoming that which you seek in the world, so you search no more! The spiritual truth is, we never had so much, until we gave it all away! It’s the paradoxical reward of giving! Furthermore, my hope in putting this book together, is to reach more people in all kinds of situations and bring light into darkness for those who suffer; as well as make a good day better for many through faith in Christ Jesus!


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