The Gift of Acceptance – September 14, 2022

Please join me with authors Anthony Cephas, Margaret “Ms. Sam” Sansom, and Eva Zimmerman.

Anthony Cephas, author of “Jupiter’s Adventures: My New Glasses” – Anthony Cephas’s Jupiter’s Adventures: My New Glasses wants to show you all the big feelings that 4-year-old Jupiter experiences in this funny and heartwarming book. Whether he’s worried, nervous, happy, or anxious, both parents and children alike will relate to this beloved story. A perfect way to teach children about differences and the fear of the unknown.


Margaret “Ms. Sam” Sansom, author of “George the Alligator Finds a Home”What is a family of pets to do when a new – and seemingly frightening – pet is introduced to the group? Meet George the Alligator – an ice cream-loving, tailless alligator who is excited to meet his new family … but will his appearance scare them off? Margaret “Ms. Sam” Sansom’s debut book “George the Alligator” promises the young reader a beautiful journey with a unique new pet and a new friend to last a lifetime.


Eva Zimmerman, author of “Little Critters: Beyond the Pond”Little Critters: Beyond the Pond, provides parents, teachers, and counselors an opportunity to initiate and continue valuable conversations. Five little critters, a fish, an ant, a bird, a snail, and a butterfly reflect dilemmas, challenges, and feelings that, at one time or another, all children experience. Through the “Think About” pages and the invitation to draw, this book encourages children to express their own thoughts and feelings.

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