Secrets Galore – July 6, 2022

Please join us with W.L. Hawkin, Thorsten Nesch, and S.A. Schneider.

W.L. Hawkin, author of “Lure: Jesse and Hawk” – Hawk is a wounded healer bent on losing himself on the Chippewa reservation. Jesse’s a vegan nature photographer trying to find herself on that same wild land. When Hawk shoots the deer Jesse’s photographing, passions flare. Then, Jesse hears that Hawk’s friend is dying and sets off alone on horseback to warn him. He deserves the chance to say goodbye she never had. But danger lurks everywhere near the small Midwestern town of Lure River. Jesse’s just discovered the fragile bones of a missing Indigenous girl in her shed and drawn the unwanted attention of two local men. Can Jesse find Hawk before they find her? Ruby Little Bear’s tragic tale weaves through the narrative, reminding us that one moment can change everything.


Thorsten Nesch, author of “I Am You Am I”She comes from a rich family in Vancouver and enjoys horseback riding, he lives on the wrong side of town and calls boxing his hobby. Two very different teenagers changing their bodies accidentally and have to live the life of the other. The funniest body switch comedy you will read. The author Thorsten Nesch lives in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. He is an award-winning and traditionally published author. His novels are read in schools throughout Europe.

S.A. Schneider, author of “Embracing the Magic: Town Magician Series Book 1” – Young Samual longs to perform magic of his own. And what’s worse, he can’t seem to convince anyone that their beloved Town Magician is a trickster without an enchanted bone in his body. When a wicked wizard challenges the pretender to a duel, Samual vows keep his village safe by forcing the fraudster to rise to the challenge. Determined to prevent disaster, he secretly shadows the phony protector during his training with the Grand Wizard. And when they barely escape an attack by dire wolves, Samual realizes he must partner up with his bitter rival. But keeping the truth hidden any longer may not help them outwit a powerful sorcerer. With his town in grave danger, can Samual protect the ones he loves from the forces of evil?


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