Surviving the Journey – June 29, 2022

Please join me with authors Deborah Jarvis, Philip Asmundson, and Lindsey Kinsella. 

Deborah Jarvis, author of “The Crystal Pawn: Book One of The Keyralithian Chronicles” – Deirdre Hawes had never thought of her life as extraordinary until one day she met the father she never knew and thus began the adventure of a lifetime. Armed only with the knowledge that she is heir to magical gifts that would allow her to call on the aid of the long-vanished dragons, she finds herself drawn into a web of intrigue and murder where the powers behind the throne are aligning to make sure she doesn’t succeed, no matter the cost. Deirdre soon finds her life in the hands of those she’s been told not to trust, but trust them she must if she is to have any hope of not only completing her quest but surviving to make the journey home. Together with several loyal friends, she makes her way south. As they travel further, she discovers that not everyone is as they seem and that preconceived notions of what is good and what is evil are often mere simplifications of a much more complex truth. When forces long-allied with the crown begin to show their true intentions, it is up to Deirdre and her companions to figure out a way to evade their traps and make their way below the Southern Mountains and across the desert to the jungle where the dragons are said to reside.

Philip Asmundson, author of “The Tuar Turns Trilogy: The Four Forces”Alexa’s birthday gifts weren’t typical—a prophetic destiny and untold superpowers. Now she feels like the world rests on her shoulders. And it does. Saving it drew a target on her back. How does she protect the ones she loves and save the universe from destruction? Now her training takes her and her friends to creatures and worlds previously thought of as only mythological. If she fails in her training and quest, more than her species is at risk. Can she and her loyal crew find and defeat the powerful weapons protecting the Four Forces and reunite them in time to save the universe? You’ll love this second book in the sci-fi fantasy coming-of-age saga because the action continues with each turn of the page. Take a wormhole to the adventure today.


Lindsey Kinsella, author of “The Lazarus Taxa” – 68 million years in the past. Deep time; the true final frontier. But all is not as it seems. Which should be feared most? The dinosaurs… or the people? The Lazarus Taxa follows the first scientific expedition through time to the Late Cretaceous, where a dark conspiracy soon begins to unravel.

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