Uncovering Secrets – May 11, 2022

Join us with authors Michael Camarillo, Nathan Tudor and Raven Oak.

Michael Camarillo, author of “Keeper 829: Book 1 of The Keeper Program”In 2098, a shadowy organization called The Institution governs a harmonious collective society. The new, faithless world is a veritable Eden. Or is it? Nesha Gray looks human but she’s not… A letter and a stranger thrust Nesha into a darker reality where humans are a crop for reaping. In a world of betrayal, deception, and genetic engineering, Nesha finds her purpose isn’t what she thought. Only questions remain… Who is coming? Are humans worth saving? Who are the real enemies?



Nathan Tudor, author of “The Empire’s Lion: The Imperial Adept Book 1”As an Adept, Reiva blasts fire from her hands and leaps over walls. But when her first solo mission leaves her half-dead amidst a heap of massacred allies, she gets just one chance at redemption. The Empire orders her to crush the one kingdom she thought she would never see again: Talynis, the land of her birth, the land she left in chains. Standing in her way is the Wolf, a vicious assassin hell-bent on killing Adepts—and a single cut from his cursed blade will destroy Reiva’s magic forever. Even if she can survive, victory may come at a price too high to pay…



Raven Oak, author of “Amaskan’s Blood: Book 1 in the Boahim Series” – Her name was Adelei. She was a master in her field, one of the feared Order of Amaska. Those who were a danger to the Little Dozen Kingdoms wound up dead by her hand. The Order sends her deep into the Kingdom of Alexander, away from her home in Sadai, and into the hands of the Order’s enemy. The job is nothing short of a suicide mission, one serving no king, no god, and certainly not Justice. With no holy order to protect her, she tumbles dagger-first into the Boahim Senate’s political schemes and finds that magic is very much alive and well in the Little Dozen Kingdoms. While fighting to unravel the betrayal surrounding the royal family of Alexander, she finds her entire past is a lie, right down to those she called family. They say the truth depends on which side of the sword one stands. But they never said what to do when all the swords are pointing at you.


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