Join Us On An Adventure! – March 23, 2022

Join us with authors Carly Furino, Bill Schoening, and Danielle Scott.

Carly Furino, author of “Libby The Ladybug Learns Helpfulness” – Libby the Ladybug is a sweet and loving little ladybug who wonders why she does not have any spots on her back like the rest of her ladybug friends. She tries to earn spots but doesn’t quite get it right. The funny thing is, when Libby doesn’t try so hard, amazing things happen! Enjoy the adventures of Libby the Ladybug and see the wonderful lesson of helpfulness that she learns along the way.


Bill Schoening, author of “Stories, Sports, and Songs” – Long before he hit the big time as the play-by-play voice of the Texas Longhorns and San Antonio Spurs, sportscaster Bill Schoening paid lots of dues. “Stories, Sports, and Songs” is a collection of 101 tales that chronicle Schoening’s unlikely and often humorous radio journey. It started with the childhood dream of a 4th grader in inner-city Philadelphia and continued to small market stations in rural areas of Central Illinois and West Texas. Along the way, he wrote melodies and lyrics about his life experiences. Schoening’s broadcasting career now spans over four decades, and he has spent half of those years with the Spurs, describing four NBA titles during his 21 seasons.


Danielle Scott, author of “Nice Girl” – Chloe finds herself in the South of France during peak summer season. Unlike everyone around her, she isn’t there for the glitz and glamour of a summer vacation in the Cote D’Azur. What brought her there? What is she running from? Follow Chloe’s story as it takes her from one Mediterranean summer locale to another. Can she outrun whatever she’s left behind in New York before it catches up to her?

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