Merry Christmas! – December 22, 2021

Meet authors Deborah Hawkins, author of The Best of No Small Thing: Mindful Meditations, Mike O’Keefe, author of Burnt to a Crisp: A Detective Paddy Durr Novel, and Mary Helen Sheriff, author of Boop and Eve’s Road Trip.

Deborah Hawkins, author of “The Best of No Small Thing: Mindful Meditations”No Small Thing – Mindful Meditations ( was launched in 2010 with the intention of reflecting on experiences that generated feelings of gratitude in order to create a positive mood and orientation to life.  As of the fall of 2019, over 500 reflections (mindful meditations) have been published along with over 100 tips that can be employed in a gratitude practice.


Mike O’Keefe, author of “Burnt to a Crisp: A Detective Paddy Durr Novel” – Detective Paddy Durr is back in Burnt to a CrispMichael O’Keefe’s third installment in the Durr series. This time out, life hasn’t gotten any easier for Paddy and his heroic wife, Mairead. She is near death from 9/11 cancers, contracted from her time volunteering at Ground Zero after the attacks nineteen years earlier. Paddy is distraught, operating under the prospect of losing her.


Mary Helen Sheriff, author of “Boop and Eve’s Road Trip” Eve Prince is done—with college, with her mom, with guys, and with her dream of fashion design. But when her best friend goes MIA, Eve must gather together the broken threads of her life in order to search for her.

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