Facing Challenges – December 8, 2021

Meet  Crystal Cherie, author of “House of Pluto: Divine Houses Book 1”, Brenda Cortez, author of The “Howl The Owl Series”, and AnnMarie Knorr Fischer, author of “Raven Naelo and the Fall of the Guardians.”

Crystal Cherie, author of “House of Pluto:  Divine Houses Book 1” – Robin Marie Luxley is bad luck. But she doesn’t want to be. She just wants to go through her teenage years like a normal girl: go to school, listen to music, and maybe find true love. Instead, she spends her time watching everyone around her die—as if death seems interested in her in particular. And she’s gotten used to the dark. Bad things happen. But when her aunt dies, things change. A stranger wearing black appears in the hospital room to warn her: she’s not at all who she thought she was. And maybe she really isn’t bad luck. Maybe someone is targeting her family instead. Secrets unravel, and Robin must unlearn everything she thought she knew about being human in order to track down whoever has been killing her family, or she’s next.



Brenda Cortez, author of “Howl Competes at the Transplant Games” – Howl loves going to the Transplant Games and looks forward to this amazing event which takes place every other year. The Transplant Games of America is an Olympic-style event for transplant recipients, living donors, and donor families, to meet and compete in fun games. Howl is a transplant recipient, and he enjoys competing in swimming and other fun games. He also loves hanging out with his friends Blaze, Spark, and Bella. Howl can always count on them to cheer him on to the finish line! Exchanging team pins is another fun activity they enjoy. The challenge of trying to collect all the pins, from all the different teams, is as much fun as the opening ceremony and cheering on their favorite teams!



Rachel and AnnMarie Fischer, authors of “Raven Naelo and the Fall of the Guardians”Raven Naelo’s black dragon abilities aren’t the only things she can’t control in life. She learns this the hard way as her journey continues with Gideon in hiding from the High Council. Pressure builds as she and the Mortal Guardians take the reins of the protectors of the realm. But when the necromancer takes her sister’s corpse and a fellow guardian, the rescue attempt doesn’t go according to plan.  To defy your king is treason, but to defy your father is heart-wrenching. Raven acts against King Naelo’s wishes and sets sail to the Abyss Realm with a new crew; pirates, bounty hunters, and … Draakgoons? Will the princess remember the king’s warning about balors? Or will history repeat itself and, like her father, will she lose her head!?


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