Twists and Turns – May 26, 2021

Meet Joanne Rock, author of “A Nine-Month Temptation”, Kevin Albin, author of “Stonechild”, and Anthony Tonelli, author of “Legacy: Book One of the Dominion Series.”

Joanne Rock, author of “A Nine-Month Temptation” – She’s having a baby with her boss’s brother in this scandalous Brooklyn Nights novel by USA TODAY bestselling author Joanne Rock! One night rocked their world. Now can they tame their passion for their baby’s sake? Ever since their mind-blowing encounter months ago, fashion CEO Roman Zayn hasn’t stopped hungering for Sable Cordero. But as a rising star in his brother’s design studio, the intoxicating celebrity stylist is strictly off-limits. Even when Roman discovers Sable is pregnant and steps in to offer support, further intimacy between them feels forbidden. But resistance to an attraction like theirs just may prove futile…

Kevin Albin, author of “Stonechild” – Where do we go to when we die? Imagine human consciousness embedded in the molecules of a statue. So, when the statues of London come to life, it is a spectacle like non-other, and they come with a specific message, and an offer we cannot refuse. As the world reels in this wonder of science and religion, Molly Hargreaves has other plans and she sets out to prove that things are not as they seem. Chased, captured, and confined, Molly, confronts the statues and her own fears. But who can she convince? The people are welcoming, the Government has succumbed, and the police try to act, but how do you shoot stone and metal? Be prepared to be run ragged around London on a mystery worthy of the great Sherlock Holmes.

Anthony Tonelli, author of “Legacy: Book One of the Dominion Series” – As the American Revolution rages on in the colonies, operatives from The Dominion are there to give birth to democracy in the United States as part of a bigger plan to spread freedom throughout the world. What the colonists don’t know is that some of the most prominent figures rebelling alongside them have traveled back in time from the 22nd century to secure a victory for the colonies. When The Console, the machine that sent them back in time malfunctions, it leaves the operatives trapped in 18th century America. The operatives fight to stay alive long enough to get back home, while their team in the 22nd-century works furiously to bring them back safely. The operatives must try to get back home while still carrying out their mission to free the colonies or risk drastically altering history and freedom as we know it forever. If their mission fails they will come back to an America that never gained its freedom, the America they departed from will no longer exist. As time begins to run out in both centuries, a sinister plot is uncovered that may bring down The Dominion and leave their operatives stranded in a war zone 400 years in the past. The future of America and of democracy in the world hangs in the balance.



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