Spring Has Sprung – May 12, 2021

Join us with authors Cully Mack, Debbie DeLouise, and Melody Lipford.

Cully Mack, author of “A Voice That Thunders” – Immortals conquering as gods. A Shadow creeping closer… Can an apprentice healer be the key to ignite a war? Mirah looks for the best in everybody. But her naiveté is shattered when her clan is slaughtered, and she’s dragged into captivity. Vulnerable and scared, she has no choice but to accept her kidnappers’ offer to join their sect of lethal female fighters. Desperate to find stability in her chaotic new life, Mirah throws herself into training as a water mage and warrior. But as she discovers her unprecedented elemental control, her instructor warns that revealing her power will put her in mortal danger. With the fate of humanity at risk, will Mirah’s growing abilities spell her salvation… or destruction?

Debbie De Louise, author of “Time’s Relative” – It’s the fall of 1998, and librarian Samantha Stewart is looking for a new job. After seeing an ad for a high-paying position at a company called Virtual Software that entails research and travel, Sam investigates the company and learns that its president has gone missing and that it’s currently being run by the vice-president Greg Parsons. Before Sam makes it to the interview, she’s visited by a strange woman who introduces herself as Jane Oldsfield: a time traveler whose mission Greg Parsons is trying to prevent. Sam ignores the woman and goes on the job interview anyway. Soon, she finds herself involved not only with Greg Parsons, but also Philip Montmart, a chain-smoking detective with a vendetta for his wife’s killer, and the time-traveling Oldsfield and her feline accomplice. Witnessing world events that have yet to happen in her lifetime, including 9/11, Hurricane Sandy, Y2K hysteria, and the COVID pandemic, can Samantha figure out Oldsfield’s plans?


Melody Lipford, author of “Diary of Psalms: A Christian Poetry Chapbook – Welcome to my “Diary of Psalms, This is a seven-year collection of poems along with interactive reader journal/gratitude pages, cut-out bookmarks, verse cards, question/exercises pages, and more. Overall, this collection explores the experiences of one humble poet on her ever-evolving journey as a Christian, servant, and daughter of the King. My prayer is that these poems help demonstrate the everlasting love of our Heavenly Father amidst life’s joys and challenges. These poems explore a myriad of themes as a young girl growing in her faith and relationship with Christ from adolescence to young adulthood from depression, anxiety, family/friend relationships, and overall, finding true identity through the love of Christ. I encourage you to practice writing your thoughts to the Lord whether through poetry or writing your prayers or worries to Him in a simple journal. Regardless of age, poetry is a timeless expression of art and worship between a believer and Christ such as we see in the book of Psalm between King David and the Lord. This priceless exchange between myself and my Savior has now become an invaluable collection of His unfailing love and everlasting grace in my life. When storms arise in my life, I have an irrefutable record of God’s love and goodness that I can’t deny. It has given me strength when I’m weak. It is a humble reminder that when I am weak, He is strong. All glory to Him.


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