Reaching Goals – April 14, 2021

Please join us with authors J.D. Cunegan, Danny A. Ingellis, and Vanessa Mariah.

J.D. Cunegan, author of “The Art of Reading: How Reading Can Help You Become a Better, More Productive Writer” – Sometimes, it feels like everyone’s got some advice for how to write. But what about how to read? A full library can be a writer’s best friend, and reading plays a far bigger role in the creative process and a writer’s productivity than you might think. Stephen King, an international bestseller and uber-productive wordsmith, said it best in his book On Writing when he argued for the importance of reading, and The Art of Reading dives deeper into just why that is.J.D. Cunegan (Bounty, Notna) examines how a healthy reading habit can feed and sustain a productive and successful life as a writer. The Art of Reading will not tell you how to write, but it will show you how reading can help you improve as a writer. After all, most of us fell in love with creating because of something we read, right?

Danny A. Ingellis, author of “Deferred Glory: Heroes of the Negro Baseball Leagues” -the lives, struggles, and desire of negroes to one day become professional baseball players in the Major Leagues. During this period of their lives, these players while playing in the Negro League endured tough traveling to ballparks in cities both in the South and North in order to play baseball. They suffered through segregation mostly in the South both on and off the field. These men withstood horrible treatment because of their dreams to become Major League baseball players. Eventually, these thirty-five players and executives were inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York. Unfortunately many were inducted posthumously.


Vanessa Mariah, author of “If a Kid Were President” – Ever wonder what would happen if a kid took Oval Office? Would we be tax-free or teach animals to read? Would there be cars in the park or a curfew after dark? There is only one way to find out, it’s time to take a look at what this book is about!



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