Happy St. Patrick’s Day! March 17, 2021

Join us with authors Michael Ross, Kaffe Fassett, and Caroline Mendez.

Michael Ross, author of “Elfistra the Sorceress” – A column of white light, a portal, appears deep within an English forest. It throws Hugo off his horse and he lies dazed on the forest floor. Strange beings approach him as unusual sounding commands fill his head. One of the beings points at him and a numbness spreads throughout his body. The beings grab him under his arms and drag him back and through the portal. Why has this portal appeared? What does it mean to earth and its inhabitants? What dangers lie on the other side of the portal?



Kaffe Fassett, artist and author of “Kaffe Fassett in the Studio” – an in-depth look at the legendary designer’s creative output across multiple practices, including needlework, quilting, and knitting, exquisitely photographed by Debbie Patterson. With a collection of new quilting and knitting patterns and needlepoint projects, as well as never-seen-before photography of his London home, in this latest book, his bold sense of colour and his favourite designs will inspire your own creations at home.



Caroline Mendez, author of “Threads of Wisdom” – documents the journeys and best advice of ten women that lead marketplace and non-profit organizations, in their own words. Discover the nine unique attributes these faithful women leaders all have in common Follow their paths to leadership. Learn the most powerful lessons from their mentors. Uncover the specific ways they learned leadership. Study their management approaches and philosophies. Find out who influenced their leadership most. Observe and consider their faith at work practices. Gain insight into what they would like to have known at the beginning of their careers. Hear what they want other Christian businesswomen to know. Wisdom and advice FROM Christian businesswomen, TO Christian businesswomen



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