Overcoming Obstacles – March 10, 2021

Join us with authors Christiane Joy Allison and Susan Menchell.

Christiane Joy Allison, author of “Infinitus: The Infinitus Saga Book 1” – The Global Fellowship rescued the Earth from the chaos of hundreds of nations at war. Now, united in peace, all Community citizens have free access to food, housing, education, and medical care. In return, for a few hours a day, they contribute their brainpower to the worldwide computer system known as the GRID. Those who don’t contribute are the disconnected, shirkers who live destitutely and on the edge of starvation in a world where GRIDcoin is beyond their reach. Gina Mallorey is a young freedom-loving tech dealer living in the Dregs on her own terms, hiding her disability from the Community. When an explosion forces her into the GRID, powerful forces make her a target. The Community operative sent after her hides a genetic secret of his own, but only time will tell if he’ll choose to befriend or foe.



Susan Menchell, author of “Lucky the Starfish” – As a sister to a mentally retarded older brother I felt different from other kids. This book comes out of my resolutions that differences aren’t always a bad thing. Lucky The Starfish finds that his differences are a good thing.Living in New York and having worked for 36 years as a registered nurse, I have experienced countless events in my life and career, making house calls to the elderly, working in shut-in environments, and caring for people after surgery.

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