The Battle of Good Against Evil – March 3, 2021

Join us with authors William David Ellis, PD Alleva, and Patricia Simpson.

William David Ellis, author of “Sherlock Holmes Series: Angels, Saints & Sinners” – Sherlock Holmes has entered the door of the supernatural. His associates are paranormal. He and Dr. Watson have braved ancient worlds and found them pleasant, and dangerous, and as always full of mysteries and evil that draws him. It will take every gift he has, all his deductive powers, and more to survive the evil that has targeted him. In the process his new friends will become family and the forces that oppose him will find themselves caught in the crosshairs of those who protect the great sleuth and that fit right well with London’s most famous detective.


PD Alleva, author of “The Rose Vol. 1: A Dystopian Science Fiction Thriller” – Sandy Cox believed WW3 was over. But for those Alien Vampires, war has just begun. Forty-eight hours after a World War 3 treaty is signed Sandy Cox awakens in an underground compound unable to move. Tied to machines, she screams for help but no one answers. At least no one human.  And they’ve taken her unborn child. Phil is a rebel freedom fighter who has had more than his share of Alien Vampires. Armed with The Blades, a sacred alien martial arts weapon, he enters the compound on a mission to find Sandy. But as he battles through the compound, Phil discovers Sandy has her own agenda. Finding her stolen child is all that matters.  But the Vampires have their own plan and Sandy’s baby is at the heart of their diabolical plot.  Joined by a crew of rogue soldiers, they must navigate the underground compound, combating genetically mutated humans, aliens, and monsters.  When battling Alien Vampires, one thing is certain…Get Ready To Bleed!

Patricia Simpson, author of “Apothecary: The Londo Chronicles Book 1” – In this riveting gothic romance, Joanna’s vow to protect her wayward sister leads to a hellish secret and a man who will shatter her world. Joanna Wilder’s vow to protect her younger sister is put to the test when Eva vanishes five days before her government-arranged marriage. She is afraid that Eva has run away with her forbidden lover—or worse—has disappeared into the darkness of Londo City, never to be seen again. Joanna ventures into the night, violating curfew and risking everything to search for her sister. Pressed into insurrection by the upcoming wedding, Eva’s boyfriend decides to blow up the Central Compound of Londo City. The explosion rocks Londo, and the ensuing rioters trample Joanna in the street. She drags herself to the clinic of Dr. Gabriel Stone—the only man who can save her life and the last person to see her sister alive. What Gabriel does to keep Joanna from dying is something he can never reveal without breaking his own vow, made to his powerful brother, the leader of Londo City. But the more Gabriel learns of courageous Joanna Wilder, the more he longs to tell her everything. As Londo City descends into chaos for the first time in 500 years, Joanna and Gabriel discover their long-held loyalties shifting—in ways that will transform them forever.



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