Be the Change You Need – December 16, 2020

Join us with authors Marci Quinn, Mel Greenberg, and Genesis Amaris Kemp. 

Marci Quinn, author of “A Teen’s Spirit: Changing the World Through Love and Kindness” – Find hope, purpose and peace in this inspiring book for teens which combines spiritual lessons based on love and kindness with simple ways to make a positive change in the world. This full-color book is filled with inspirational activities, people, quotes, poems, music lyrics and recipes that will help guide teens to fulfill their passion and purpose in life. The message that shines throughout is that love, kindness and doing the right thing can lead to a beautiful, purposeful, joy-filled life. When we learn to let love lead our way, a miraculous life awaits.


Mel Greenberg, author of “Running With Our Eyes Closed” -Samantha searches for her new identity after her three kids have left the nest and she’s forced to re-examine exactly what she wants. Samantha heads to Italy to meet her husband, Michael, and soon discovers he has secrets and an agenda of his own that could change their lives forever.

Life has had its way with them, and nothing is quite what they’d imagined it would be. Over seven days in one of the most romantic countries in the world, Samantha faces the past she thought she had overcome and begins to redefine her role as a woman, wife, and mother.


Genesis Amaris Kemp, author of “Chocolate Drop in Corporate America: From the Pit to the Palace” – In our daily lives, we are all faced with various trials—whether in the workforce or at home. However, when treated unfairly, it takes courage to stand and fight for what’s right. No matter your race, nationality, ethnicity, or background, you can rise to be the game-changer. When you use the power of your voice, you shake the atmosphere and cause a domino effect because others will choose to either follow suit or stand in solidarity.

On the pages of Chocolate Drop in Corporate America, Genesis has chosen to speak up for not only minorities but also anyone who has been slighted on the job in any way. From her personal testimony, you will learn how speaking up brought awareness so that long-lasting change could be made.


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