The Path to Peace and Happiness – December 2, 2020

Join us with authors John Krahn, Aisya Carroll, and Bernice Burgos.

John Krahn, author of “Living a Happier Life: At Every Age!” – Living a Happier Life – At Every Age! is a book for everyone who desires more happiness in their lives. It considers many different aspects of life where a better understanding and a different attitude will help lead to a happier life. Do you find yourself worrying too much? Are life’s challenges and hurts piling up on you? Do you sometimes feel worthless? Have you ever wondered why there is so much suffering in the world? These are just some of the questions this book seeks to answer. Living a Happier Life also looks at how you might make a positive difference with your life. Prayer and forgiveness are presented as vehicles to a happier life. As you grow older, you are shown how to do this with grace. Then, as you step from this life into eternity, you will learn how to do this with both peaceful acceptance and joy. Pure happiness awaits you in the presence of God. You are heaven bound through believing in the Lord Jesus Christ. The happiest time in your life still awaits you.


Aisya Carroll, author of “The Pressures of Becoming a Diamond” – Aisya’s character’s name is Tasha. The book setting takes place in the late 1990’s into the early 2000’s. She shares her experiences with homelessness, hunger, domestic violence and so much more. Tasha shares her experiences with low self-esteem, issues with colorism, and loneliness. Tasha watches her mother struggle with a drug addiction, which causes Tasha to be abandoned eventually. Tasha somehow pulls herself out of the vicious cycle, as she struggles to make it through high school without the basic necessities in life. Tasha shares her experiences with childhood trauma. Tasha reveals a shocking surprise of her existence in this world. Tasha demonstrates how the pressures of becoming a diamond are challenging. Many children experience childhood trauma and are silenced as a result of the trauma.


Bernice Burgos, author of “V Servi Dei”What do you do when the Ruler of the Underworld comes to Earth and gives you a mission out of the norm? You either take it or wind up back in Hell torturing the damned for eternity.  Don’t get me wrong torturing is fun, but it gets old quick. I couldn’t last another century doing that job. Besides, I earned my passage to Earth by being the most cunning and loyal Demon in Hell. Alright, maybe being a traitor to Eden boosted my evil streak. A Demons gotta do, what a Demons gotta do!

On Earth, I’m one of New York City’s finest homicide detectives, classic! But in reality, I’m Master Lucifer’s eyes and ears on the ground. I get bored pretty quickly thou and occasionally, for the right price, I moonlight for the Vs. Earth is crawling with Vampires, Witches, and freaks all fighting for the same seat at the table, POWER.  I have to admit, the Vs are on the top of their game and everyone on Earth is severing them in one way or another, even the Humans. V Servi Dei, Servant of the V, is what they like to call us. Except, that isn’t me. I serve one Master, Lucifer.



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