Tales From The Dark – October 9, 2019

Join us with authors Michael O’Keefe, Rachel Rawlings, and Carol Hoenig.


Michael O’Keefe, author of “13 Stories: Fractured, Twisted, and Put Away Wet” 

A collection of short fiction from crime-noir maven, Michael O’Keefe, author of the Detective Paddy Durr novels. Gangsters, dead poets, zombies, serial killers, and other malcontents come together in an eclectic assortment of contemporary fables and morality tales which span the genres. Full of ironic twists and outlandish premises,13 Stories is guaranteed to leave the reader breathless in anticipation for what happens next.




Rachel Rawlings, author of “Ink It Over: A Touch Of Ink Novel”

Tattoo artist by day and warding witch by night, Adeline uses magical inks, a tattoo machine, and the help of her best friend Lars to permanently imbue spells of protection onto her clients. Thanks to the Magistrate’s greed and failure to protect its citizens, her services were in high demand.

But when Nicholas Marks walks through the door of her tattoo studio looking for an appointment, one of Adeline’s wards isn’t the only thing he’s after. Forced into working for the Magistrate, he’s been tasked with bringing her in.

With her cover story blown, Adeline has two choices: Run as far and as fast as she can, or stay and fight. Though she’s not ready to give up the only life she’s ever known, putting her trust in a traitor may end up being the worst decision she’s ever made.


Carol Hoenig, author of “Of Little Faith”

The Vietnam War is on the nightly news and women are burning bras in the fast-changing world of the 1960s. Laura, a thirty-year-old newspaper columnist wonders why her choice as a feminist couldn’t be to have a baby without marriage. She must not only justify herself to forward-thinking friends, but also to her deeply religious siblings. Brother Eric, a compassionate minister, is struggling to find his own faith. Sister Beth, an angry and disapproving fundamentalist, is determined to hinder her sister in the name of her religion.



Click HERE to learn more about a book festival and mini-con for authors and fans of paranormal, urban fantasy, steam punk and horror.





A Potpourri of Books – September 25, 2019

Join us with authors Rosanna Guardavaccaro (“Peter Saves For a Rainy Day”), Linda Frank (“The Mystery of the Lost Avenger”), Rose Anne Raspanti (“Blossom and the Tricky Mirror”) and Jerry Aylward (“Nassau County Police Department”)

Between the Covers – "A Potpourri Of Books Books" 09/25/19

Between the Covers – "A Potpourri Of Books Books" 09/25/19. Between the Covers is aired live before a studio audience on Strong Island Television from Paradise Studios, Long Island New York.

Posted by Strong Island Television on Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Peter received many gifts – a teddy bear…a piggy bank…Peter Saves for A Rainy Day is the first in a series of children’s books to educate and inspire children to Save for a Rainy Day.

The wreckage of a World War II plane is found in the mountains of Appalachia. It mysteriously crashed in 1943 on its way to a naval base. Inside the plane is a note, written by Annie Tillery’s great-grandmother, Charlotte, who was in love with a fighter pilot. Young Charlotte tested the planes and flew them to naval bases; her fiancé flew the planes in battle.

While investigating the crash site, NCIS finds the note in the plane, which they trace to Charlotte and then to her surviving family members, Annie and her mother Carol. The mystery begins. Why did the plane crash, and what does Charlotte’s note mean? Annie and her mother decide to dig into Great-Grandmother’s past by way of the aged family attic.

There, they find love letters written by Charlotte and her Navy pilot fiancé. There is a code to be broken in those letters and The Mystery of the Lost Avenger to be solved. As they explore, Annie suspects Charlotte’s ghost is reaching out to tell her something, but what? She enlists the help of her boyfriend, newly licensed pilot Ty Egan, but Annie feels she may be the key to her great-grandmother’s top-secret life.

Blossom and The Tricky Mirror by [Raspanti, Rose Ann]

Blossom and The Tricky Mirror is a heartwarming story about a young girl’s journey to overcome self-doubt as she learns the importance of self-compassion. Blossom’s is celebrating her birthday with a big party, yet as her guests arrive she is overcome with insecurity and self doubt. Readers will be moved by Blossom’s struggle and celebrate her triumph as she overcomes her fear and sees her true reflection in that tricky mirror. Blossom will empower children and adults to think kind self thoughts and see spirit and beauty mirrored back.

That Bully in My Head

That Bully in My Head was rude and quite the pest;
It chitter chattered night and day and never took a rest.

The things it said were horrible, yes it was awfully mean;
A sneaky little coward – heard but never seen.

That bully thought it knew me, pretended to be on my side;
I started to believe it, then heard it laughing as I cried.

I mentioned it to my parents just the other day;
I was a little nervous – but found the courage anyway.

They did not seem a bit surprised – and quickly calmed my fear;
Daddy knelt on bent knee and whispered in my ear.

Daddy says he knows that bully, but it has a different voice;
Then Mommy said I should NEVER believe it and that I have a choice.

So now I’ve learned to shut it up with kind words in my head;
That bully has lost its power – And now I listen to myself instead.

The Nassau County Police Department was created in 1925 out of an urgent need for a professional law enforcement agency to provide swift, reliable, and trusted protection for its citizens. During those unprecedented times, Greater New York was rapidly encroaching on Nassau County’s western border, and the escalating crime rate in this bucolic island setting was due in large part to the Volstead Act, which ushered in the mob-infused Roaring Twenties, with its related violent and turbulent unrest. After the rebellious 1920s and the Great Depression followed a long dark period of global hostilities and impending threats of homeland invasions from foreign enemies in World War II. The founding members of this department, equipped with little other than their dedication, bravery, fortitude, and self-sacrifices, established a strong foundation for one of the finest police departments in the country today.




On-The-Air Book Launch Celebration! – September 18, 2019

Join us with authors Linda Springer for her book launch, Jacqueline Grey, Thomas Duffy, and Joe Satriano.

Between the Covers – "Celebrating Books" 09/18/19

Between the Covers – "Celebrating Books" 09/18/19. Between the Covers is aired live before a studio audience on Strong Island Television from Paradise Studios, Long Island New York.

Posted by Strong Island Television on Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Celebrating the Book Launch with Linda Springer, author of “There’s Always Hope: A Mother’s Her-Story of Multiple Chemical and Electromagnetic Sensitivities”

“Linda, what’s going on with your son’s health?” was the question I would hear from friends and family back in 2010.

I would give them a small tidbit, a small factoid about what was going on, but few knew all of the horrible details of my son’s bizarre illness, which came upon him suddenly and unexpectedly with a plethora of strange symptoms seemingly out of nowhere.

“When I write my book, you will know all of the details” was my typical answer to the question of Bret’s health.

There’s Always Hope, A Mother’s Her-story of Multiple Chemical and Electromagnetic Sensitivities is that book!

It’s a Mother’s story of her son’s illness, the despair and helplessness of not knowing how to treat her child when conventional doctors have no answers. It’s finding those answers, working towards a physical healing, and then going on a spiritual journey of hope and enlightenment.

Jacqueline Grey, author of “Ghost House: A Fairy Tale”

One night in a haunted house thrusts Andrew Hollenbeck into the center of a sixty-year-old curse. In his dreams, he meets a mysterious stranger named Caius. With each recurring dream, the connection between them grows. But it is one thing to fall for someone you cannot have, it is something else entirely to fall for a person who doesn’t exist. Or does he?

Details from Andrew’s dreams are seeping into reality, in the form of books he’s never seen before and a terrifying creature called the Snake. He wants to believe that Caius could be real too, but waking Caius with a kiss would only be the beginning of their story.

Caius is a sorcerer who cursed people in the past, and he’s been trapped in the dream as punishment for his crimes. Andrew doesn’t think Caius is evil, but if he were to awaken, would he be the charming man Andrew knows? Or a villain in disguise?

Thomas Duffy, author of “The Separation”

In the distant future, there is a separation of the sexes at birth for the good of society. Financial needs, above all else, have led to such drastic measures. The Separation is the story of the life of a male named Finn. The book traces his life at birth and continues past his “education” as well as beyond the time when he ultimately learns of the opposite sex. What will result from the revelation of a female society? Finn may wish he never found out. This is a story of the consequences of needs, desires and answers to questions that sometimes should not be asked.

Joe Satriano, author of “In Sickness and In Health” and founder of The Susan Satriano Memorial Scholarship Foundation will discuss a fantastic upcoming fundraiser that you won’t want to miss!


Uncovering Secrets – September 11, 2019

Join us with authors Donald Firesmith, Guy Harris and Jan Alexander.

Between the Covers – "Uncovering Secrets" 09/11/19

Between the Covers – "Uncovering Secrets" 09/11/19. Between the Covers is aired live before a studio audience on Strong Island Television from Paradise Studios, Long Island New York.

Posted by Strong Island Television on Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Jan Alexander, author of “Ms. Ming’s Guide to Civilization”

Ming, born in a bleak outpost of Sichuan province, finds an unexpected glimpse of the world beyond when she meets a talking monkey with golden eyes and supernatural abilities—the immortal Monkey King, with whom Ming’s destiny is inextricably intertwined. Determined to become a writer, Ming finds her way to New York, but she becomes employed by a crime ring to make ends meet and returns to China on the lam. Hope arrives in the form of her American friend Zoe. Together, they travel to the village of Ming’s birth, where the clouds writhe like phantoms and the rain never stops, and where Ming and Zoe join forces with a certain down-and-out immortal who has an ambitious plan to save the world from capitalism run amok. When a nation of tycoons and financiers suddenly and inexplicably decide that the key to happiness lies in sharing one’s wealth and pursuing a contemplative life, nobody suspects the newly formed tech company run by Ming, Zoe, and William Sun.


Donald Firesmith, author of “The Secrets of Hawthorne House”

Fifteen-year-old Matt Mitchell was having the worst summer imaginable. His misery started when his mother died in a senseless car accident. Matt’s grieving father, unable to remain in the family’s seaside cottage, moved Matt and his twin sister as far as possible from the ocean they loved.

But their relocation to the small town of Hawthorne, Indiana only made Matt’s life more difficult. Three bullies at his new high school dedicated themselves to making him miserable. To top it off, Matt heard that the recluse living in the dilapidated Victorian mansion next door was none other than Old Lady Hawthorne, the town’s infamous witch and murderer of wayward husbands.

Then, Old Lady Hawthorne’s niece and her three children moved in next door, and something extraordinary happened. Matt met Gerallt, the strange boy destined to become his best friend. And when Matt learned the Hawthornes’ family secret, it changed his life forever.

The Secrets of Hawthorne House is the story of an unlikely friendship, the clash of two radically different cultures, hidden magic, and a search for the lost Hawthorne treasure.

Guy Harris, author of “Cleave”

No marriage is perfect right? Although we may portray it to be from the outside looking in, it’s always helpful to know that someone else may have gone through a similar experience. CLEAVE is a memoir that details how Guy overcame some of the many obstacles we all deal with, not only through marriage, but also through relationships!!!! As women we sometimes withhold our inner thoughts from our significant other that can lead to causing a war, sometimes even creating an addiction….. Does this make the author an expert, not at all, but through faith and family she survived and thrived and you can too!!!!

Amazon Paperback & Digital Copy

Forging Ahead – August 28, 2019

Join us with authors Robert Bryan, Jane Vassil, and Mark Torres as they discuss their books about overcoming adversity and forging ahead.

Between the Covers – "Forging Ahead" 08/28/19

Between the Covers – "Forging Ahead" 08/28/19. Between the Covers is aired live before a studio audience on Strong Island Television from Paradise Studios, Long Island New York.

Posted by Strong Island Television on Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Robert Bryan, author of “Dark Nights” – Police Officers are the modern-day embodiment of medieval knights, going to work each day with a noble cause to protect and serve society. The profession requires cops to see people at their worst. They see death, tragedy, crime, and despair on a daily basis. The very nature of the tasks cops perform, and the things cops see skews their sense of humor. Sometimes, a sense of humor is the only defense mechanism in a police officer’s tool box. Stripped of the ability to laugh, or forced to be politically correct in a politically incorrect work environment can be hazardous to one’s health. Coping becomes an essential component of a police officer’s arsenal. One of the primary coping mechanisms utilized by cops is humor. A cop can find something funny about almost anything, regardless of how tragic the circumstances. Dark humor involves making light of a serious, disturbing or taboo subject matter. It is sometimes viewed as morbid, cruel, offensive, and graphic in nature and is yet, still found funny. This is the story of the author’s twenty-year police career with the New York City Transit Police and NYPD as he worked with some of New York City’s darkest knights – those cops who did and said the funniest things under the most difficult circumstances.

Jane Vassil, author of “Martha and Me” -Six-year-old Martha is smart, sassy, and speaks differently than those around her. She does not think anything is wrong with her, but unfortunately, the world does. During the day, her classmates tease her about the way she talks. At night, Martha retreats into her imagination and finds happiness in her pretend play as a teacher who loves all her handicapped students.

Martha has real dreams. She is a good child who helps her mother with chores around the house and loves listening to her babysitter, Rosa, tell fairytales. But when Martha’s teacher asks her to read her paper in front of the class one day, all the other students laugh and bully her. Martha is naturally devastated. She must learn to overcome her challenges, believe in herself, and practice kindness. But will she ever be able to find a friend who accepts her just as she is?

Mark Torres, author of “Adeline” – From the author of the widely acclaimed debut novel A Stirring in the North Fork, Mark Torres’ next installment, Adeline, is a fast-paced, gripping tale about the mysterious death of an innocent young woman wrongly committed to a notorious mental asylum in 1977. The ever-determined Savoy Graves returns to try and unmask the sinister fiend, only to find himself plunged deep into the dangerous and dark world of a maniacal secret society willing to guard its identity at all cost. Will Graves achieve justice for this long-buried unsolved murder? And if so, what personal sacrifices will he be forced to make?




Summer Reading – August 21, 2019

Join us with authors Lisa Diaz Meyer, Linda Trott Dickman, and Maryann McMahon discussing a variety of books.

Between the Covers – "Summer Reading" 08/21/19

Between the Covers – "Summer Reading" 08/21/19. Between the Covers is aired live before a studio audience on Strong Island Television from Paradise Studios, Long Island New York.

Posted by Strong Island Television on Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Lisa Diaz Meyer, author of “All Roads Shattered” – the third book of Lisa Diaz Meyer’s All Roads Collection contains two short story sagas, five multi-genre, dark fiction short stories and twelve macabre poems.

Linda Trott Dickman, author of “The Air That I Breathe” – a collection of poems that invites us to drink deeply of the ether she experiences on her journey, there, and back again. A testament to the spirit that is in the very air we breathe.

Maryann McMahon, author of “Tooty the Tenderhearted Tooth!” –  an entertaining tale of a kindhearted tooth who lives inside a dark tunnel (the mouth) with 31 of his closest friends. Throughout this animated and engaging tale, children will learn about the different parts of the tooth, how to take care of your teeth and what happens on a visit to the dentist.








Everyone Has a Story…July 31, 2019

Join us with authors  Amanda Montoni and Heather Siegel with a varied group of books this week.

Between the Covers – "Everyone Has A Story" 07/31/19

Between the Covers – "Everyone Has A Story" 07/31/19. Between the Covers is aired live before a studio audience on Strong Island Television from Paradise Studios, Long Island New York.

Posted by Strong Island Television on Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Amanda Montoni, author of “Thoughts While Singing” – reaching into the depths of her deepest emotions and finding the diamond in the rough, herself. In her most personal work yet, Montoni expresses the importance of self-love not only through words but through music, dance, her love for theatre, and even silence

Heather Siegel, author of “Out From the Underworld”Heather Siegel was six years old when her mother disappeared, sending her father into a tailspin that took Heather and her siblings down with him—from a comfortable suburban home to a barely habitable basement apartment, a dark world they soon found themselves fighting to return to from the exile of foster care, then fighting even harder to escape.










Light Up Your Life – July 10, 2019

Between the Covers – "Light Up Your Life"" 07/10/19

Between the Covers – "Light Up Your Life" 07/10/19. Between the Covers is aired live before a studio audience on Strong Island Television from Paradise Studios, Long Island New York.

Posted by Strong Island Television on Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Join us with authors Andrea Roche (Nights Arose – an exciting tale of a woman who must find her matriarchal heirloom in order to be spared a voodoo curse), Raykel Tolson (Undefiled – a woman trying to find love and romance, despite her jaded background), and Maureen Calamia (Creating Luminous Spaces – Maureen shares her ground-breaking method using feng shui and biophilic design to achieve greater harmony in our lives).


The S**t Show – June 19, 2019

We are delighted to have authors Linda Fostek (Sh*t happens: Creating Your Plan to Survive and Thrive When Faced with Life’s Personal and Natural Disasters) and Georgie-Ann Getton-McKoy (The Art of Getting Sh*t Done).

Disasters affect us all. It doesn’t matter if it’s a natural disaster that forces your family to evacuate on a moment’s notice or your home is flooded or destroyed. It could be a personal disaster like death, divorce, or health. It could even be any number of little things that go wrong in our lives on a daily basis; a flat tire, a broken pipe, or a broken light-switch that can create chaos in your life.

Getting sh*t done isn’t a science with some magic formula, it is an art. We all have limited resources and are tasked with the job of creating the rainbow of our lives.