Women Who Make A Difference – March 4, 2020





Celebrating the book launch with author Lois Cooper, author of “Game Changers” – Impact is defined as “having a strong effect on someone or something”.  Synonyms include exerting influence and making an impression. All of the women featured in this book have made an impact, to many or to some – numbers don’t matter.  It’s the power of the things they have done that make them Game Changers. All are unique and have made an impact in different ways – they are leaving a legacy. All are women that you want to get to know.  I certainly enjoyed learning more about them myself! 


Between the Covers – "Women Who Make A Difference" March 4th, 2020

Between the Covers – "Women Who Make A Difference" March 4th, 2020. Between the Covers is aired live before a studio audience on Strong Island Television from Paradise Studios, Long Island New York. www.ParadiseStudiosNY.com

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Lois Cooper, author,  will be joined by three of the game-changing women:

Dr. Lisa Zakiya Newland, who is a Full-Time Professor and Chairperson of the Department of Social Work at Molloy College in Long Island, where she also serves as Faculty President (2018-2020).

Theresa Sanders is the lead coordinator for the State of Black Long Island Equity Council and Research Initiative and one of Long Island’s Power Fifty people, in addition to teaching at SUNY Old Westbury.

Joining us via SKYPE, Marsha Haygood, founder and is President of StepWise Associates, LLC and co-author of The Little Black Book of Success: Laws of Leadership for Black Women.


Love is in the Air – February 12, 2020

Join us with authors R.L. Maco for her book launch,  Anthony Sciarratta, and Skype guest Sandra Leigh.

Between the Covers – "Love Is In The Air" February 12th, 2020

Between the Covers – "Love Is In The Air" February 12th, 2020. Between the Covers is aired live before a studio audience on Strong Island Television from Paradise Studios, Long Island New York. www.ParadiseStudiosNY.com

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Celebrating the book launch with R.L. Maco, author of “A Yearn To Discern” – What is Discernment? More importantly, do we need to Discern in our everyday life?

The answer is Yes!!! Discernment is about successfully navigating your way through the daily chaos of life. How does Discerning accomplish this task? It’s simple: Discernment is the ultimate navigation system that is superior to any other navigation system you will ever encounter.

Discernment is an important skill that works its magic best behind the scenes. Just as knowledge is power, Discernment is Power with a Capital P because it involves the purposeful use of knowledge. In a nutshell, Discernment arms you with the power to take control over your life with clarity and focus. And on an even grander scale, Discernment, in many instances, takes you off someone else’s path and places you on the path that was designed especially for you. If you are not Discerning as you make important decisions and choices in life, then you may as well be playing Russian Roulette with your life. Why would you want to do that?!

It is my hope that this book will help you navigate life’s twists and turns by way of Discerning more. Through examples, exercises and by sharing some of my life experiences and lessons in Discernment, this book demonstrates why everyone should invest time in developing the ability to Discern. Why? Because through Discernment you will achieve maximum fulfillment and true purpose in life.

The benefits of learning how to Discern are endless, particularly in today’s global society laced with all the trappings of rapidly changing technology, social media, changing morals, values, ethics and culture. Discernment is the gift that keeps on giving and it’s about time you unwrap and use this precious gift that God has given to one and all.


Anthony Sciarratta, author of “Finding Forever: A 1970s Love Story” – In 1970s New York, a neurotic Italian-American man is inspired to write a novel about his love affair with a quirky Broadway actress who inspires him to pursue his life-long dream.

Michael Coniglio is at his wit’s end. His girlfriend, Angela, announces in front of the local coffee shop crowd that she has a new lover. The emotional fallout leads him to lose his office job, giving his boss the long-awaited excuse to fire him. Michael goes home to his parents looking for support and professes his childhood dream only for his father to remind Michael that he will never amount to anything.

Just as Michael is about to give up on life, he meets a woman who changes everything. The chatty and quirky Elvira Vaughn brings flavor to his world. The innocent, bright-eyed, artsy young woman ran from an abusive home to become a Broadway actress in crime-riddled New York City. Suffering from the depression of her past, the now thirty-year-old looks to a higher power for an answer. Can Michael and Elvira overcome the demons of their past and find their way into each other’s hearts?

Finding Forever is the humorous love story of two old souls that finally collide, reminding us that love exists even in the darkest of times


Sandra Leigh, author of “Shift” – The king is dead! Long live the King!The king of Elanthus and all his children are dead, and the coronation of his brother is imminent. While the country is still reeling from the tragedy, all of the nobles of the land must come to swear their fealty to the new king. It is the perfect time to forge new alliances to strengthen the Houses, and so the nobles bring with them their unmarried children, in hopes of advantageous marriages. After all, there are royal matches to be made.For the country raised, the capitol is a frightening place, full of noise and smells and the unfamiliar. It is the home of a new and oppressive religion that seeks to objectify and infantilize the female and overshadow the faith of the Great Mother. It is the slow fading out of the feudal system, full of people who are beholden only to themselves and the crown. It is the centre of politics and back-handed compliments, where what a person shows is nothing at all what they feel.Caelerys is the only daughter of one of Elanthus’s four dukes, sent to the capitol to her eldest brother who has lived at court since she was born, in hopes of his finding her a suitable match. She is an accomplished huntress, archer, and horsewoman; fair of countenance and… painfully shy amongst strangers. Her brother Willam is overprotective, taciturn and generally at a loss as to how to deal with this female creature who is now his responsibility. Cae can handle herself in the wilderness and wood, but a royal court is a different kind of forest, with altogether more dangerous and insidious beasts than any she has ever known. Enemies lurk, seeking advantage, both ancient and newly made, and highly skilled in social warfare.Not dreaming of the faery tale romance, determined only to find ‘someone who’ll suit’, Cae finds instead that hearts never listen to reason. She knows the faery tale never comes easy, knows the price of failure as well as victory. It is hard won, and long suffering, and always inevitable.The kingdom is old, and secrets have been long lost; things which refuse to be forgotten; things which can become violent if denied, and no oppressive, newfangled religion can change that… for long.




And The Groundhog says… We Have an On-The-Air-Book Launch Celebration! – February 5, 2020

Join us with authors Margreit Maitland for her book launch, Skype guests Allen Stanfill and Sophia Henry.

Between the Covers – "And The Groundhog Says… We Have An On-The-Air Book Celebration"

Between the Covers – "And The Groundhog Says… We Have An On-The-Air Book Celebration" February 5th, 2020. Between the Covers is aired live before a studio audience on Strong Island Television from Paradise Studios, Long Island New York. www.ParadiseStudiosNY.com

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Celebrating the Book Launch with Margreit Maitland, author of “Runaway at Sea” –  A naïve plan to run away and cruel misfortune puts twelve-year-old Robert and his best friend Michael on a British naval vessel. When the boys are found huddling at the bottom of a lifeboat, they are forced into service and their hopes for an easy passage are crushed. Now they must figure out how to survive in this harsh maritime world and find a way out, without getting shot as deserters. Horrible squalls, a mysterious initiation at the Equator, and an untimely death during a perilous rounding of Cape Horn fill the months with adventure. An unexpected opportunity to escape suddenly presents itself and the boys muster the courage to desert. Immediately, they are lost in a dense and dangerous jungle and must learn a new way to stay alive.

Allen Stanfill, author of “Children of the Cursed” – In a kingdom in turmoil, people only care for riches and power. As a war breaks out between countries, a godly power is awakening. Two boys train at the Academy to become Knights of Valor. Best friends, one is filled with light while the other leans towards darkness. They both have the power to change the world – or destroy it – in their battle for what they believe is right.

Sophia Henry, author of “Saints (Saints and Sinners Duet Book 1)” – Moscow 1989…Food shelves are empty. Streets are lawless. And a ruthless Russian Mafia leader offers to keep me safe…for a price. When my twin brother defects from Moscow to play hockey in America, a ruthless Russian gang sets their sights on me as part of an extortion plot. The leader of a rival operation offers to keep me safe…for a price. In exchange for their protection, he wants my body. And as badly as I want to say no, body over life seems like a better deal. But as I slip deeper into his world, the rival gang’s leader demands more from me. Now he wants the only thing I’m unwilling to give him…my heart.



Monsters Everywhere – January 29, 2020

Join us with authors Paul J. Mila, Deborah Burns, and Tracy Auerbach.

Between the Covers – "Monsters Everywhere" 1/29/20

Between the Covers – "Monsters Everywhere" 1/29/20. Between the Covers is aired live before a studio audience on Strong Island Television from Paradise Studios, Long Island New York. www.ParadiseStudiosNY.com

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Paul J. Mila, author of “Gracie Green Turtle Finds her Beach – Gracie Green Turtle Finds Her Beach is the second book in the series, Harry Hawksbill’s Sea Turtle Adventures! Gracie Green Turtle returns to the beach where she was born to make a nest and lay her eggs. However, something is wrong with her chosen beach! She must find a new beach quickly, and Harry Hawksbill is the only sea turtle who can help. Vibrant photos set this book apart from other children’s books. Author and diver Paul Mila uses his vivid underwater photos to bring this story to life.


Deborah Burns, author of “Saturday’s Child” – An only child, Deborah Burns grew up in prim 1950s America in the shadow of her beautiful, unconventional, rule-breaking mother, Dorothy―a red-haired beauty who looked like Rita Hayworth and skirted norms with a style and flair that made her the darling of men and women alike. Married to the son of a renowned Italian family with ties to the underworld, Dorothy fervently eschewed motherhood and domesticity, turning Deborah over to her spinster aunts to raise while she was the star of a vibrant social life. As a child, Deborah revered her charismatic mother, but Dorothy was a woman full of secrets with a troubled past―a mistress of illusion whose love seemed just out of her daughter’s grasp.

In vivid, lyrical prose, Saturday’s Child tells the story of Deborah’s eccentric upbringing and her quest in midlife, long after her parents’ death, to uncover the truth about her mother and their complex relationship. No longer under the spell of her maternal goddess, but still caught in a wrenching cycle of love and longing, Deborah must finally confront the reality of her mother’s legacy―and finally claim her own.

Tracy Auerbach, author of “Sons of Fire” – When Keegan’s father, the Demon King of Fire, attempted to produce an heir, a surge of light energy interrupted the process. One tiny piece of the newly forming demon broke off. That piece is Keegan. For years, he has attempted to lay low, watching from the shadows while his monstrous brother Aidan, the true Prince of Fire, is groomed for the throne.

Keegan’s shaky status quo is shattered when one of his father’s power-plays goes horribly wrong. He is cast to Earth and forced to work with a suddenly powerless Aidan. The two brothers must cooperate to complete an impossible task and avoid being cast forever into the abyss. As if having to spend time with his beastly other half wasn’t bad enough, Keegan must adapt to living on Earth, wielding his new human vessel, and dealing with his demonic appetite without harming the human creatures for whom he has always cared.

As Keegan and Aidan work to save themselves, questions arise. What exactly was the King of Fire up to, that sparked their Master’s interest enough to cast them from the Demon Realm? Can Aidan be trusted in his new human form, complete with emotions, or is he the same unfeeling creature he’s always been? And why are so many demons suddenly invested in the outcome of the brothers’ trial? The only thing Keegan knows for certain is that whether he succeeds or fails at the task, the consequences for the Demon Realm and for Earth itself will be catastrophic.



A New Beginning to a New Year – January 15, 2020

Join us with authors Bernadette Walsh, Pastor Nancy Rakoczy, and Jack Bilello  – “A New Beginning to a New Year”

Between the Covers – "A New Beginning To A New Year" 1/15/20

Between the Covers – "A New Beginning To A New Year" 1/15/20. Between the Covers is aired live before a studio audience on Strong Island Television from Paradise Studios, Long Island New York. www.ParadiseStudiosNY.com

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Bernadette Walsh, author of “Johnny Be Good” – Peggy Lynch has too many children and too much to do. Unlike the pampered wives in her affluent Long Island suburb, Peggy’s not married to a doctor or a lawyer. She’s married to an uneducated Irish immigrant twelve years her junior and has to work two jobs to help make ends meet. In between the carpools, the laundry, and the food shopping, she also has to make sure her youngest son takes his ADHD medicine so he doesn’t flunk out of high school. Maybe if her lazy husband would get off his ass and help around the house, she’d have time to connect with her children and be the type of mother they deserve. But Peggy lacks that luxury because if it wasn’t for her, the whole family would fall to pieces. www.bernadettewalsh.com

Years have passed since Peggy ruled the house and Veronica is no longer her mother’s obedient little girl. Moving into her childhood home with her husband and infant twins, she’s starting a new life and should finally be happy. Right? Wrong.

While cleaning out her old bedroom, Veronica finds a letter from her deceased mother. If Veronica were smart she’d burn it and leave her family secrets buried with the dead. But as her mother so often said, Veronica’s never been that smart.

She rips open the envelope and proves her mother right…

Pastor Nancy Rakoczy, contributor to “T&T Clark Handbook of Christian Theology and Climate Change”  The T&T Clark Handbook of Christian Theology and Climate Change entails a wide-ranging conversation between Christian theology and various other discourses on climate change. Given the far-reaching complicity of “North Atlantic Christianity” in anthropogenic climate change, the question is whether it can still collaborate with and contribute to ongoing mitigation and adaptation efforts. The main essays in this volume are written by leading scholars from within North Atlantic Christianity and addressed primarily to readers in the same context; these essays are critically engaged by respondents situated in other geographic regions, minority communities, non-Christian traditions, or non-theological disciplines.

Structured in seven main parts, the handbook explores: 1) the need for collaboration with disciplines outside of Christian theology to address climate change; 2) the need to find common moral ground for such collaboration; 3) the difficulties posed by collaborating with other Christian traditions from within; 4) the questions that emerge from such collaboration for understanding the story of God’s work; and 5) God’s identity and character; 6) the implications of such collaboration for ecclesial praxis; and 7) concluding reflections examining whether this volume does justice to issues of race, gender, class, other animals, religious diversity, geographical divides and carbon mitigation.

This rich ecumenical, cross-cultural conversation provides a comprehensive and in-depth engagement with the theological and moral challenges raised by anthropogenic climate change.

Jack Bilello, author of “Bonds of War” – Jesse VanTwelves kept his “rendezvous with destiny” during the savage, furious sea battle for Guadalcanal in November, 1942. Still plagued by the demons of the war, Jesse is tormented by the knowledge that out of seven hundred men aboard his ship, The USS Juneau, he is one of ten to have survived the instantaneous destruction of his ship and the most brutal, intense suffering imaginable.
Consequently, he has failed his only son, Donnie, himself hounded by the dark shadows of the Vietnam conflict. Father and son, in conflict, can’t escape their feelings of defeat, failure and guilt.
Jesse revisits the heartland, Waterloo, Iowa, for a re-dedication ceremony. There, via a flashback, he gives the present the slip and revisits the past. He returns to the fullness, spontaneity and goodness of beginning and learns some important truths about himself, his buddies, the fallen, and above all, his son Donnie.


As The Page Turns – December 18, 2019

Join us with authors Mark Lord, Joel Harris and Bob Verneuille “As the Page Turns”.

Between the Covers – "As The Page Turns" 12/18/19

Between the Covers – "As The Page Turns" 12/18/19. Between the Covers is aired live before a studio audience on Strong Island Television from Paradise Studios, Long Island New York. www.ParadiseStudiosNY.com

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Mark Lord, author of “The Theater and I: A Chat with Facebook Friends” –  Must the show always go on? How do you feel about blind casting? What one piece of theatrical memorabilia would you most like to own? Have you ever thought about how YOU might answer each of these questions? Each week, for nearly two years, one theater aficionado and his diverse circle of friends have taken to social media to offer their thoughts on these and other (sometimes) burning issues. The most memorable comments–some surprising, some poignant, some hilarious—have been compiled here, combining for an insightful look into the always intriguing world of the theater. Interwoven throughout the questions and answers is the compelling true story of how a single night at the theater changed a man’s life forever, along with some one-of-a-kind encounters with the likes of Harold Prince and Ethel Merman. Who could ask for anything more?

Joel Harris, author of “Public Parts” – A failed escape? Or a Mob hit arranged by crime boss Meyer Lansky to silence him and save Lepke Buchalter, Bugsy Siegel and Albert Anastasia from the electric chair? Either way, Murder Incorporated hitman turned major crime snitch Abe “Kid Twist” Reles, “the pigeon who could sing but not fly,” encountered the one law he could not evade: The Law of Gravity. Thirty years later in the early 1970s, Larry Levine takes over at PUBLIC AUTO PARTS, in Brownsville, Brooklyn, when his father is forced into abrupt retirement in Florida to avoid questions about the demise of his old friend, Reles. Someone is talking. Larry knows a little of his father’s link to the Mob, but not nearly enough, as he is left to face a relentless police detective, John Mannion, who wants answers and an equally relentless Mob boss, Carmine, who wants cooperation. While trying to protect his father, end Mob sway at Public Parts, deal with Laurie, his dissatisfied wife, and Ann Riordan, his new, beautiful, and enigmatic young assistant, the business burns to the ground. Indicted for arson and other charges, he is defended by Brownsville’s own Harvard trained Bernie the Attorney, once a renowned Mob mouthpiece, now turned Orthodox Rabbi, whose time has long past. Ultimately, Larry’s fate is in the hands of his assistant, whose reluctant testimony about the extent of their relationship and where they were on the night of the fire could save Larry from prison but could also destroy her engagement and his marriage.

PUBLIC PARTS is a black comedy of corruption and error cloaking a classic tale of love and betrayal, death and redemption; a might-be-true legend of its time and place, and Larry is the last man able to tell the tale.

Bob Verneuille, author of “One Thousand Days” – A long-ago walk on Lucas Brook remembered . . . a time when life was unambiguous . . . the certainty of youth . . . a path followed . . . discovery . . . the betrayal of false friends . . . a certainty eroded. Sometimes, reaching back far enough to a time of certainty can help you understand who you are in the present, and maybe who you’re not. At times I felt as though I was in the mindset of my earlier self and at others like a stranger in a strange land. Was it a dream; a reality; a butterfly or a man? This story is about the end of an era, as viewed through the lives of a few Long Island youths living on a mountain at the end of Vermont”s communal movement. There, they chance upon a historical discovery, find an unknown old-growth forest and encounter the world’s largest cannon—so this a historical novel. But these tales are based on memories and are as accurate as four-decade-old memories can be. Remembrances although culled over several years, are rarely stored in volumes; they are just snippets, sometimes triggering new memories. Maybe this is a memoir. Yet as memories fill in, the influence of a muse is not always clear, as descriptive fiction is added linking it all together. I confess a small portion has been influenced by extreme creative license. So, perhaps this is a straight-up fiction. Especially since all of the names have been changed. Besides some fiction will provide cover for those who want it. Either way, enjoy the ride.





Words To Inspire You – December 4, 2019

Join us with authors Janet Rudolph, Elaine Donadio, and Nicholas Shatarah with “Words to Inspire”.

Janet Rudolph, author of “When Moses Was a Shaman, When Eve Was a Goddess: A Shamanic View of the Bible, and One Gods: The Mystic Pagan’s Guide to the Bible” – The Bible is full of awe-inspiring magic while also serving to record some of history’s most human stories. Its roots are steeped in the quintessential riddles surrounding life’s origins and mysteries. When Moses Was a Shaman delves into Moses’s most famous legends to unlock hidden shamanic knowledge. This book explores how the stories of Moses’s life have had an indelible influence on modern-day human experience. Come to discover a radically new and inspiring take on some of the oldest tales of the Bible. Take a deep dive into some of the most breathtaking moments of Moses’s life including: The hidden mysteries of his early years. His mystical discovery of the Burning Bush. His thrilling life journeys across esoteric, otherworldly thresholds. The dramatic parting of the Sea of Reeds . His personal interactions with divinity. His connections with fire, serpents, seeds, Venus, and the moon.

Elaine Donadio, author of “The Ocean’s Way (The Montgomery Kids Series)” – What begins as a light-hearted adventure ends as a commitment, when eleven-year-old New York City girl Holly, uses her passion for poetry to win a grant writing contest to study marine life in Florida during Christmas vacation with her best friend, Jasmine. Holly looks forward to leaving the gray, winter skies of New York City behind. She imagines a carefree, fun in the sun adventure, but her optimism is short-lived. Her fear of public speaking is highlighted as Holly learns she must present her findings at a school assembly program. Jasmine’s family problems and her fear of flying and swimming create obstacles to Holly’s idyllic expectations. The contrast between the girls is heightened by revelations of their family lives and their different approaches to the world around them. Holly, the gentle poet, overcomes her fear of public speaking as she continues to grieve her father’s death. Jasmine, the seemingly self-assured realist, battles her fears while dealing with the consequences of her alcoholic mother’s neglect. Their friendship grows stronger as the girls accept each other’s differences and limitations. Environmental issues are understood and an appreciation of the balance of nature and the interaction between the animal world and the environment is gained, with visits to biomes and ecosystems, as they interact with dolphins, alligators, swamp wetlands and manatees. Holly vows to raise money to help stranded marine mammals as they participate in the heart-wrenching rescue of stranded pilot whales on Florida’s Gulf Coast. Throughout the story, questions are asked and answered in detail, as well-researched facts are embedded in the dialogue and action. Since Holly writes poetry, some facts are written in unrhymed verse. Holly is particularly drawn to this world and expresses interest in returning someday. She realizes the difference one person can make and hopes to be a catalyst for awareness and positive action. The girls accept awards for their multi-media presentation at their school assembly. When Holly is asked to make closing remarks, she walks on stage with confidence. She recites her poem, “The Ocean’s Way” which makes an analogy between the ebb and flow of the tide and the questions and answers churning in her head. She overcomes fears and personal disappointments to reach her goals. Holly now understands how keeping the environment in balance ensures the continuity of all species.

Nicholas Shatarah, author of “Silent Words: Poetry and Prose” – Nicholas Shatarah is a writer, poet from Long Island, New York. Silent Words is Nicholas 3rd installment, following his books Today Tomorrow & Everyday and “us”. Silent Words is more than poetry, it’s affirmations, stories, and quotes. Nicholas hopes you can relate to his stories as one of your own.


So Much to be Thankful For – November 27, 2019

Join us with authors William John Rostron, Kieran Larkin, and LaToya Guy Harris via Skype.

Between the Covers – 11/27/19

Between the Covers – 11/27/19. Between the Covers is aired live before a studio audience on Strong Island Television from Paradise Studios, Long Island New York. www.ParadiseStudiosNY.com

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William John Rostron, author of “The Band in the Wind” and “Sound of Redemption” series   1990 – On a moonlit evening in Key West, Florida, the “Journal of Johnny Cipp” is found on a secluded beach. It has been more than twenty-three years since the author disappeared from his home 1500 miles away. His opening journal entry is cryptic in its message.
“Unlike the lyrics to the rock classic, ‘The Summer of ‘69,’ the Jimmy in my band didn’t quit, and my Joey didn’t get married. In my life, they died. In fact, except for me, they all died . . . and I have never before told our story.” Thus begins the saga of the lone survivor of a series of tragic events decades earlier.

1967 – Southeast Queens, New York is in turmoil. Amid the escalating chaos, five young men form a band in hopes of escaping the mounting violence, poverty, and drugs surrounding them. Johnny Cipp, the driving force behind the group, wants to lead them to fame and fortune. Instead, he takes them down a path where one misstep can result in destruction.
It is said that if you remember the 1960’s you were not really there. However, this was not a time of peace and love for everyone. In Johnny Cipp’s neighborhood, it is a time of violent upheaval – and he remembers every moment of it. His journal weaves an intricate tale of five young men who attempt to escape their chaotic situation with their only available weapons—their love and loyalty for each other . . . and their music. As the band bonds both musically and personally, they come to realize what success means to each of them. To one, it will be a release from the abusive beatings of his father. For another, it will be a chance to be with the girl of his dreams. A third member’s goal is a secret. For all of them, their music holds the promise of a brighter future. With each motivated to escape their present situation, they push toward establishing themselves as a professional band.

In June of 1967, they got their big break, and it was the beginning of the end.

Band in the Wind takes place during the mounting racial tensions of the decade, in a time when New York City’s identity is under transformation. At its heart, this is a story about the turbulence of adolescence unfolding during an equally turbulent period in America’s history.
Steeped in 1960s rock and roll atmosphere, and outfitted with a killer soundtrack, this novel will be perfect for fans of A Bronx Tale, Not Fade Away, Stand by Me (“The Body”), The Commitments, and Eddie and the Cruisers.

Nicholas Shatarah, author of “Silent Words: Poetry and Prose” – Nicholas Shatarah is a writer, poet from Long Island, New York. Silent Words is Nicholas 3rd installment, following his books Today Tomorrow & Everyday and “us”. Silent Words is more than poetry, it’s affirmations, stories and quotes. Nicholas hopes you can relate to his stories as one of your own.

LaToya Guy Harris, author of “Cleave: A Christian Woman’s Journey Toward Rebuilding Her Marriage” – No marriage is perfect right? Although we may portray it to be from the outside looking in, it’s always helpful to know that someone else may have gone through a similar experience. CLEAVE is a memoir that details how Guy overcame some of the many obstacles we all deal with, not only through marriage, but also through relationships!!!! As women we sometimes withhold our inner thoughts from our significant other that can lead to causing a war, sometimes even creating an addiction….. Does this make the author an expert, not at all, but through faith and family she survived and thrived and you can too!!!!


Words of Wisdom – November 20, 2019

Join us with authors Joel Salomon, Robert Fouch, and David Wind via Skype.

Between the Covers – 11/20/19

Between the Covers – 11/20/19. Between the Covers is aired live before a studio audience on Strong Island Television from Paradise Studios, Long Island New York. www.ParadiseStudiosNY.com

Posted by Strong Island Television on Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Joel Salomon, author of “The 9 Money Rules Millionaires Use: Only The Unconventional Ones” 

An enlightened reading filled with gripping personal stories written by someone who wants to help others. A must-read if you want to make, have and attract more money. It is a mixture of spiritual tools and practical ideas and exercises for increasing money flow. The book will show you how to cut through the financial jungle of confusion and multiply your money without working so hard, so you can do more of the things you love to do with those you love. It clearly lays out a simple methodology that millionaires use to create their wealth in an unconventional way.



Robert Fouch, author of “Christmas Carol and the Shimmering Elf”

The battle for Christmas, and the world itself is about to begin. When Christmas Carol, a Defender of Claus, is suddenly yanked into a portal by her Elven grandmother, she doesn’t immediately understand what’s happening. But all becomes clear when she and the Ancient One emerge on the other side of the portal in what’s supposed to be the North Pole: everything’s changed. Carol’s father is gone. The Defenders of Claus don’t exist. The Elf kingdom has been destroyed. And Santa’s a broken shell of himself. The jolly world Carol knew has turned into a terrifying place, where the magic of Christmas has been eliminated and everyone lives in fear of the all-powerful Supreme Leader. Someone has traveled back in time to change history, and Carol’s pretty sure she knows the culprit. Carol and her grandmother, with the help of two ragged boys who have lost everything in the rebellion against the Supreme Leader, track down the only Elf capable of helping their enemy travel through time. The bitter, shimmering creature reluctantly agrees to send Carol back, and she lands in the mid-1800s when Santa was just getting started and the very first Defender of Claus was found. She must protect Santa and the original Defender and undo the damage her enemy has done or risk returning to a present-day that has never known Christmas.

David Wind, author of “The Indie Writer’s Handbook: Designed for Independently Published Authors”

Learn how to be a professional writer and survive outside the traditional publishing world. When walking through the publishing minefield, having the right guide is your best chance for survival. A step-by-step guide for professional Indie writers from final draft to publication and launch marketing, with publishing, editing, cover, and design resources dedicated to moving writers out of the “self-publishing stigma” associated with vanity press publishing and into the world of professional Indie writing and publishing.


A “Scary” Good Time – October 30, 2019

Join us with authors Nicole Christensen, Jacqueline Grey, and Melissa Kuch.

Nicole Christensen, author of “From Crisis to Calm: A Patient Advocate’s Take on Healthcare Coordination”, #1 New Release on Amazon in Medical Homecare Books.

Are you overwhelmed and underprepared? Feeling confused or even guilty? Concerned that you could miss something? Don’t have all the answers? Stop, Breathe and Browse these pages for insights and information on navigating the healthcare journey for yourself or your loved one. Most of us are, were or will be a caregiver. This fact does not make it easier but this book will help you understand how to put care plans in place, guide you to health care options, equip you to potentially prevent healthcare errors, and help you access the peace of mind you need Caregiving is a journey that can be both beautiful and frustrating (sometimes at the same time). The truth is it is devastating seeing someone you love sick, hurt or facing declining health. Care Coordination and patient advocacy is the guidance you need for the journey. Read and discover how to bring calm into your caregiving journey.

Jacqueline Grey, author of “Ghost House” 

One night in a haunted house thrusts Andrew Hollenbeck into the center of a sixty-year-old curse. In his dreams, he meets a mysterious stranger named Caius. With each recurring dream, the connection between them grows. But it is one thing to fall for someone you cannot have, it is something else entirely to fall for a person who doesn’t exist. Or does he?

Details from Andrew’s dreams are seeping into reality, in the form of books he’s never seen before and a terrifying creature called the Snake. He wants to believe that Caius could be real too, but waking Caius with a kiss would only be the beginning of their story.

Caius is a sorcerer who cursed people in the past, and he’s been trapped in the dream as punishment for his crimes. Andrew doesn’t think Caius is evil, but if he were to awaken, would he be the charming man Andrew knows? Or a villain in disguise?


Melissa Kuch, author of “The Hypothesis of Giants Series”

From Book 1: For the past fifteen years no one questioned the Sacred Hour in the town of Candlewick. Until one night a mysterious conch shell sounds throughout the Sacred Hour, only to be heard by two young teenagers. Aurora Alvarez is a misfit amongst her peers, desperately trying to fit in but failing to live up to the expectations of her parents and society. She unexpectedly discovers she is fated to ally herself with none other than rebellious Boreas Stockington, who allegedly escaped from the impenetrable Candlewick Prison. These two young teenagers must embark on a perilous adventure where they need to help Otus, a thirty-foot giant, prevent a cataclysmic event from occurring—the Geometric Storm. The journey will take them far from the safety of Wishbone Avenue and into the depths of the unknown and the secrets of the past. However, nothing could prepare these unlikely heroes for facing their own inner demons and the realization that Aurora and Boreas are on this quest together, whether they want to be or not.